RF Video Shoot and Undercover with New Jack (2004)

This was filmed in 2004

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein

It runs at one hour and fifty-two minutes long

The interview starts with New Jack saying that unlike his previous two RF Video shoot interviews, he does not work for ECW or anyone else right now. He then tells Feinstein before he asks his “stupid, motherfucking questions” he wants to talk about a few things.

Jack says that he wants to talk about Paul Heyman. He mocks Heyman, at one point impersonating Heyman saying “Have I ever lied to you” as Jack then tells a story about Heyman telling the locker room backstage at a PPV that his money got seized at the border, because they thought it was drug money so they could not get paid. At that time, the locker room was three months behind on pay.

The next Heyman story from Jack was when Heyman told Jack to go down to Georgia and turn himself in on charges then he would send him money to avoid going to jail. Jack said he told Heyman if he didn’t send the money in three days he would get locked up and Jack ended up sitting in a jail cell for nine weeks. After that, he returned to the arena and cut a promo about missing the ECW fans and the crowd turned him face, something that was not planned at all.

Heyman story #3 is Jack saying when Sandman got naked in the ring in Pensacola, FL, he only got sent home for a few days. Then when Taz got charged with sexual assault in a tanning booth in Pittsburgh, Jack said Heyman paid the girl not to go to court because Taz was one of his top guys. Jack then said that Heyman told them he was going to California and not coming back until he signed a new TV deal for ECW but in reality he was out filming the movie “Rollerball.” He talks about how Heyman would tell all the boys he was the “Captain of the Ship” and would go down with them but in reality he was jumping off of it behind their backs as Jack calls Heyman a “cocksucking motherfucker” adding how he even got some of the others to believe what he was saying and even how Heyman is preventing guys from getting work in the WWE because he has heat. Jack said if he saw Heyman in the WWE, he’d smack the shit out of him and if he even saw his momma he would run over her with his car. Jack said he would even tie Heyman’s daddy to a fence and “let a bull butt-fuck him.” Jack goes off on Heyman while spewing off all sorts of profanities.

Jack then selects Tod Gordon as his next target. He goes off on him for smoking crack and fucking some chick while he was on the side and how no one wanted word of this to get out because Gordon was a respected businessman in Philadelphia.

He then talks about how if you “played the game” the ECW office would get you over and then would eventually let you go to “the fed.”

We get another Heyman story as Jack tells us that one show in New York, Heyman called him up before it started. Heyman told Jack that the New York Athletic commission said last time they ran a show there, Jack hit on the guy’s fourteen year old daughter as Jack said the claim was ridiculous and how he has a 17 year old daughter himself. Jack then said the reason Heyman called him with this info was that he was owed money as Jack then told Heyman he was showing up in the parking lot for his money, as he was owed about $8,000 at the time. Jack called his bluff and told Heyman that ifhe gave him $6,000 he would go away. So, Heyman sent someone down to give Jack money, which turned out to be $500. Jack told the person that Heyman lost his mind then as he was there, the athletic commissioner walked by so Jack asked him he heard that he was mad at him for hitting on his daughter. The athletic commissioner told Jack that if he hit on his daughter at the last show he would have been pissed off at him but added that the problem was that he did not have any children to begin with.

Jack then said that during a PPV in Los Angeles, Heyman called him while he was in Dayton, OH. Heyman told Jack that he was at the police station because a woman claimed that Jack raped her and asked for a phone number to call him back on but not his cell phone. Jack said that Heyman told him the woman accused him of beating her up after not paying her for sex as Jack told Heyman that he was all the way in fucking Dayton, noting how it was all bullshit as a result, then hung up the phone.

He goes off on Heyman again, saying that when ECW first aired on TNN, he would not feature him on TV but only did so when he was trying to get kicked off the air then blamed Jack’s style of wrestling for that as Jack said Heyman is full of shit as he was the one who edited the shows. Jack then accused Heyman of making him the “sacrificial lamb” so he could file bankruptcy then go over to the WWE, stating Heyman gambled all his money as Jack tells a story of how he got Heyman and Taz gold cards at Harrah’s and one night they got snowed in and while at the Casino, they only got about $50 limits on their cards because Heyman gambled away $17,000 in one night, noting how they keep track of everything on those cards. He then tells Heyman that he will make sure he gets a copy of this interview, adding how he will mail him one when it comes out.

Jack goes off about how the WWE hired Heyman at $52,000 because if he made anymore than that he would not be protected from people who were trying to sue him as he accuses Heyman of stealing ECW away from Tod Gordon by coming into the company with his connections then steering everyone in the company to his direction. He then points out how Heyman doesn’t give a fuck about anyone and how he is in his 30’s and still lives at home with his parents so as a result, “he ain’t shit.”

The focus now switches over to Bubba & D’Von Dudley. He first said that they were not even the original Dudley’s, just “tryouts” as he calls them, but that Bubba “takes it up the ass” and that D’Von is a “white man dressed as a nigga” and they ain’t shit either. He then said that he used to be tight with D’Von in the locker room, even letting him live at his house at one point, but that D’Von was “sweating” this rat he was fucking, noting that he didn’t care if he fucked her down the line as she was with Stevie Richards too at one point but that he was trying to get with her while they were together and that was wrong. Jack refers to Bubba as the “puppet master” as he tells D’Von what to do and he does it while adding when they got split up in the WWE they weren’t worth shit then says that they bit off his ring gear (wearing camouflage), his music (the missile drop), and D’Von tried to get with his woman and that is why he doesn’t like him. He says Bubba is a “momma’s boy” and hopes that if he has kids they are born “defective” and that when the WWE releases them, he warns them both that the same people they shit on the way to the top will be waiting for them on the indy scene as he challenges them both to “put them up” if they cross paths.

Jack then lets Feinstein ask questions. The first is how he ended up in XPW. Jack said that he got there due to Vic Grimes as he talks about cracking his skull and other injuries suffered from a fall they took off of a balcony during a match in ECW. He said they were going to work a program together there and that was when he tossed Grimes 40 feet off of a scaffold, who missed the floor by several inches. He said that XPW was shit and just another paycheck.

He calls XPW the “backyard of backyards” as he said Rob Black would tell them before the show to have good matches, cut themselves (as Jack motions sideways across his forehead) and that they will have fun when the show ends. Jack said he was a mark and tells a story of how he once had a kid dressed like Sabu run in during the middle of a Sabu match and how he sent people over to Messiah’s house where they cut off his thumb as Jack says he can’t even jerk off with that hand anymore. When asked what it was like to work with Messiah, Jack said he was a young kid who tried but also has as much of a future in business than he does at flying to the moon.

Jack then talks about Black and how he made the shittiest and generic pornos and no mind for the wrestling business but thought he knew what he was doing and just a “mark with money.”

On working for Gary Yap in EPIC Pro Wrestling and how he would dodge him as he owed him money as he talks about the only way he got his money from Yap and other promoters was when he threatened them or his family. Jack said he sent some guys he knew to Yap’s girlfriend’s strip club that she danced at told the manager that they would beat the girl with a bat unless Yap paid Jack and an hour later Jack got a call that his money was at Western Union.

Jack then tells a story about Yap sending him a plane ticket but not the right one as he had multiple layovers and the airline lost his bag containing his wrestling gear. He told Yap to buy him some clothes to wear for the match and he did and Jack wrestled then promised to pay for him to fly back to Atlanta but Yap avoided him and Jack had to fly himself as he said he only got paid for that at the end after having his girlfriend threatened.

He worked in 3PW for Blue Meanie and Jasmin St. Claire as Jack calls her a skank then counters Jasmin’s claim of him snorting coke with her getting fucked by over 350 guys in one day as he would rather be in the snorting coke line as he said he heard Jasmin had to “ice down her pussy” after the gangbang shoot. He talks about being asked to put over Bam Bam, who he had no problem with, but Jack said he put Bam Bam over several other times, including the high school auditorium he graduated from and didn’t want to do it again. He then said he was on a flight from Atlanta to Philly, that Jasmin ended up giving him the wrong information for, that got delayed due to the weather in Philly. Jack then said he kept calling Jasmin hourly to give her updates and then realized he was not going to make it then the next day on the internet, Jasmin posted that New Jack double booked himself and that was why he did not arrive and that the Blue Meanie, who Jack refers to as a “bitch-ass” and how his claim to fame is the boyfriend of Jasmin and how Bam Bam was shooting on Jack in the ring about how he didn’t want to job to him as Jack said in reality Bam Bam was probably pissed that he couldn’t get any cocaine that night as Jack also said he was snorting cocaine “like a hoover” at that time. Jack then wishes for Meanie to “die of AIDS.” He says that Jasmin as a pussy the size of the “Delaware River.” He then laughs and tells Rob that he wanted a shoot and the only thing missing is a gun.

When asked about going to TNA, Jack said that he was close with Bill Behrens, who got him into the company. He got there and was with other ex-ECW guys and said that he came out and was made to look like a joke, noting out everytime he came out he ended up getting carried out to the back and how Mike Awesome and Justin Credible came in and got to look good as Jack said he didn’t want to make it a racial thing but wanted to know why he was the one who got stretchered out. Jack also said that Jarrett got mad at him for the language he used and asked what he could say, which was “bitch” and “ass.” Jack then said that Jarrett and Shane Douglas would come out and swear constantly.

On the backstage segments with Shark Boy, Jack said that he was either drunk or high for every single one of them. Jack then talks about the “Hard 10” tournament (A tournament that featured hardcore matches that were judged on a point system based on various types of weapon shots) and how they came to him and wanted Jack to wrestle the Sandman in a “Hard 20” match. He then talks about Jeff Jarrett and how he brought Sting in as his partner but used it as an attempt to put himself over as Jack tells Jarrett that he is not over and never was over at any point and if it wasn’t for his dad he wouldn’t have been shit.

After TNA, Jack went to work with CZW. He said Zandig wanted him to come in and work an angle together ending with Jack turning heel. Jack then told Zandig that he could “fuck his grandma” in the ring and get cheered, pointing out that the crowd would cheer for him no matter what. Jack recalls Zandig trying to get a job in ECW but was unable to make it so he created his own as Jack said CZW couldn’t draw flies if it was a “pile of shit.” Jack says the only reason people come to his shows is because its all those fans have. He talks about Zandig being afraid to face him in a match after he stapled gun him in a match and Jack told someone that he would pay him back for that. Jack then talks about how Zandig is the owner, booker, a wrestler, and everything else and in way over his head.

When asked about the Mass Transit incident, Jack said Transit came to him asking to “look good” as he was in his hometown. The Gangstas won the belts prior to the show. Jack said he told Heyman he would cut his head off and said he used a surgical scalpel to cut the kid from ear-to-ear. After the match, Heyman switched Jack to a new hotel and had him fly out a few days after the show then nine months later, Jack got indicted but got acquitted in court. He talks about Transit died a year ago and how his parents tried to sue him after he died. Jack said that Transit was fat when he met him and it didn’t just happen overnight (Gulas died after complications from gastric bypass surgery).

Feinstein asks him about an appearance on a radio show when he talked about the WWE talking to him about coming in and working with the Dudley Boyz. Jack said that Heyman called him about coming in but Jack sensed it was bullshit and that the WWE only wanted him for the rights to his name as they could keep it when he left. Jack said that he got his name over and is not signing that away.

Jack said that Dreamer is not “hardcore” no matter how much they want to portray him in that way. He says that he is “too pretty” but likes Dreamer a lot and is not saying this as a way to put him down.

He claims to be retiring at the end of the year due to chronic pain and seizures. He says that he would rather retire before ended up “retarded.” (Jack retired in 2013).

On Frank Goodman and USA Pro Wrestling, Jack jokes that his shows last forever but that he pays him well. He says that the show drew but lasted forever. On working with Louie Ramos, Jack said he is nice and respectful but he will not make a living in wrestling and to not quite his day job.

Jack says he does not keep in touch with Mustafa and does not want to as he is an idiot who did not understand what they had as a team. Jack said that Ricky Morton told him once that he and Robert Gibson couldn’t stand each other but that they knew what they had together and made it work.

He said the only thing he misses about ECW were the “hoes” at the Holiday Inn as he had girls running up and down the halls naked as he had rented the top floor. He then says that ECW will never be duplicated and how you had to be a “soldier” to survive the company at that time.

When asked about his health, Jack said he got surgery on his back but he has no sight in his eye due to the balcony fall, which he still gets treated for today. He then says in the morning he gets out of bed to take a piss then puts on his ankle and neck braces and how it will not get any better. Regardless, Jack says he has no regrets about anything in his career.

Jack is asked about the biggest misconception people have about him as he said people think he is the person they see on TV in real life. Jack talks about how he was tried to help many wrestlers but does not want any thanks for that then says he does not care about what the fans think of him as their job is to buy a ticket, merchandise, enjoy the show then take their “dumbass” home.

He then tells Heyman that he is one of the “lowest motherfuckers” on the planet and got away with “almost murder” as Louie Spicolli and Bobby Duncum died under his watch and Jack doesn’t blame pills but rather Heyman for letting them get lost in the shuffle as he wishes Heyman nothing but bad luck and that he “suffers like a motherfucker” before he dies.

On Missy Hyatt, Jack said they “hung out” for a few weeks until one day Missy went to the police day and said her roommate “Missy Hyatt” was missing. When the detective asked for her name, she said it was “Melissa Hiatt,” which was her name. The detective then asked Missy if she was on any medications as she said that she was on a “whole lot of shit” then dumped her pills out of her purse onto the counter then turned in either her doctor that prescribed them or someone forging scripts as I couldnt tell what Jack was saying and he had written over 2,000 scripts and was facing charges and as a result killed himself as Jack blames Missy for the guy’s death as he wishes to run her over with a lawnmower for being pathetic and that she is 40 years old and does not realize that her day has passed.

When asked about the incident with Gypsy Joe, Jack said that he was asked to wrestle Joe, who looked to be about a 100 years old. Joe told Jack that he invented hardcore and could teach him a few things as he talked about beating up Taz and Steve Austin. During the match, Joe refused to sell anything then busted his nose with a headbutt and after that Jack beat on Joe for real. Jack said some fans were calling him a “nigger” repeatedly and after brutalizing Joe, the promoter came out and called the match as Jack accused Joe of killing the business with comedy matches.

Jack then introduces us to his protégé Kwame, who is a bouncer at a strip club in Philadelphia, and found out that they are related as he is on camera for about a minute.

About his favorite rib, Jack tells a story about sharing a room with Jason Knight and how Jack glued the phone handle to the receiver then called it with his cell phone as Jason picked it up and it got stuck to him. He then glued Jason’s shoes to the ceiling, toothbrush to the sink, and the soap to the soap dish and the remote to the nightstand as it was facing the wall. Jack then said that he is cool with Jason and likes him, even if others do not.

Now the video switches from the hotel room to the RF Video offices as we get the “undercover” part of the tape. Jack said he just got out of jail as he talks about being in a match in a guy who was green and the guy was shooting on him in the ring. He also said the guy (William Jason Lane) told him before the match that he only “got color” hardway too. Jack said that he stabbed the guy in the head and neck of the neck and after stabbing him several other times the match was stopped and Jack was in jail for nineteen days and the charges were dropped because it happened in the ring. Jack claims you cannot get charged for that and that the wrestler did not even press charges as the cops took Jack away. He then says that if you want a crash course in the business the best thing to do is get into the ring with a veteran and show in disrespect, as you can either get your ass beat or stabbed, which is what he prefers as Jack claims that he has “soft hands.”

When he got to jail, Jack said no one knew what he was put in red, as that meant you were violent and that was his second time he was charged with violence. Jack said while in jail he mostly kept to himself and said he kept on making up reasons for why he was there as he was paying a lawyer to get him out and he didnt want to talk to the others. He said some of the inmates knew who he was but Jack did not want to entertain them.

Jack says that some states, like New York, are giving him a hard time about getting work in the state as Jack said its bullshit that he had both cases acquitted. He then said the way the case was handled in the media was bullshit as it portrayed him as someone like Jeffrey Dahmer then said it has hurt him a lot financially as others are afraid to get in the ring with him. Jack said he is down about $9,000 due to paying lawyers. As he is talking, he receives a phone call from Hack Meyers and quickly rushes him off of the phone.

He then talks abut the police pressing charges for the stabbing, even after the wrestler dropped them. Jack said he would never knowingly stab someone on camera if he was going to go to jail. He then said Lane got back in the ring after the stabbing thus proving that he was not afraid for his life.

Jack talks about how he found out who had his back as only a few people reached out to him while he was in jail as he declares that he doesnt give a fuck about anyone.  He says that he is going to do some work in Los Angeles and just did some stuff with the Goodie Mob. Jack also says that he is wrestling in Puerto Rico.

We then see the tape of Jack stabbing Lane, even providing commentary. As the wrestler made his entrance, Jack said that before the match he told Jack he had been wrestling a hardcore style for years in Florida but when they talked Jack realized that he didnt know what any of the terms met, not even kayfabe. He even jokes how all the fans in attendance were dressed as chairs and how well the show was promoted (There looked to be about 15 fans in attendance). The match starts as the guy fucks up a lockup then stiffs Jack with a punch to the back of the head before he tried to dump him to the floor then Jack stabbed him several times as Jack told the guy to get the promoter after he was unable to do the match. Jack again stresses that the guy told him he knew how to work and wanted to get color. The guy comes as Jack was holding up the guy, telling him that he was hurt. The tape ended after that as Jack said that was how he got put away and says when you book New Jack not to expect arm drags and stuff like that. Jack then says that he has nothing else to say as he wants to leave and to go the “titty club.” He then plugs the newest album from the Goodie Mob as the interview ends.

Final Thoughts: This shoot was something else. First off, the first 20 minutes that features Jack going off on people was incredible. As far as what he says, it is shocking. As far as that being believable, who knows but I do know that after many shoot interviews that feature people talking about being lied to by Heyman, a lot of them state Heyman would call them up with a lie then purposely avoid them afterwards. Its a common theme among Heyman lies.

The “undercover” part of the shoot, with footage of Jack stabbing the indy wrestler, I really dont know what to make of that. It seemed like part of it was for Jack to clear his name so to speak to those who saw the reports about him on the news. Part of it also seemed as an attempt to market himself as an unpredictable wrestler. Another part of it seems to be Jack’s personality and how he seems to be getting off of doing shit like this to people who were not expecting it, regardless the situation.

Another thing I took away from this shoot, which is highly controversial, is that Jack knew the independent scene was gravitating towards the “workrate” crowd and saw this as the way to market himself. And it worked has Jack has done all sorts of shoot interviews with various companies since. Jack got the business and could market himself, something a fan or someone who loathes him should be able to understand. Jack amped up the shock value here (like the constant wishing or suffering and death for various people and their families) but I think its clear Jack has a few screws loose.

I recommend this shoot, as it is quite the interview. Its really a spectacle to say the least. Even if you are not a fan of his, I would recommend this to you.

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