Mike Reviews – WCW Uncensored 1997 (16/03/1997)

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Last week we had a look at an episode of WWF Monday Night Raw from March 1997, so this week why don’t we have a look at the other show in town to see what WCW was up to during this period? I’ve actually watched this show quite a bit as I had it on bootleg DVD in the pre-Network days (Getting WCW pay per views in the UK was a nightmare for a long period as the official releases were super hard to track down. Thankfully Extreme Central UK in Manchester had this one for sale) and thus used to dip into it quite a bit.

WCW was easily atop the American Wrestling Mountain in 97 owing to the hot New World Order storyline, fantastic wrestling in the mid-card and the fact the WWF kept bungling any real attempt at a fight back. Of course eventually the New World Order would outstay their welcome, the great wrestlers in the mid-card would never get out of the mid-card and the WWF would stumble across the hottest feud in wrestling with Stone Cold Vs Mr. McMahon, but until then WCW was the undisputed king of Yank Grappling.

Uncensored was traditionally the WCW show where they threw stuff at the wall to see what would stick, with the “non-sanctioned” motif allowing them to book some slightly more out there matches than they would on other events (Such as the cage match debacle from the 1996 event). In keeping with that theme, the Main Event of this show is a big battle royal where WCW takes on both the nWo and The Horsemen. Originally The Horsemen team was supposed to be Roddy Piper and a slew of random guys, but that died a death in the ratings so Piper just recruited The Horsemen instead.

There isn’t really much in the way of big marquee bouts besides that one, with Rey Mysterio Jr actually finding himself in the Semi-Main, which was super rare back during this time period. However, if memory serves there are a couple of really good bouts on the under card and there’s a BIG angle to close out the show, so there should be plenty for us to get our teeth into!

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Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – WCW Uncensored 1996 (24/03/1996)

Hello You!

Andy PG suggested this one, describing the Main Event as “the Cage Match from Heck” (I may have cleaned that up a little bit). I have actually seen this show before, but it’s been a while since I watched it and I was intrigued to give it another look.

This is showing up on a Monday instead of the usual Saturday slot as I had a G1 review to post on Saturday and Rick had one up on Sunday, so I decided to post this up on Monday so as to not over-saturate the place with too much of my stuff and to also try and not step on Rick’s toes too much. Feel free to check mine and Rick’s archives if you want to catch yourself up on the G1 action.

For those not au fait, these reviews are essentially me trying my own hand at what the fine folk at Wrestle Crap do, where I watch a show that is widely considered to be awful in a quest to see whether it deserves it’s stinky reputation or not.

This show took part in a strange little era for WCW, as Nitro had started in the autumn of 1995 but they hadn’t yet brought Kevin Nash and Scott Hall over from the WWF to give the company the big shot in the arm it needed. As a result they were still mostly doing the same old “Hulk Hogan Vs a group of cartoonish heels” routine that had been going on in some form since the 80’s.

Wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko had started making their way into the mid-card at this point, which usually meant you were likely to have a good match or two on these shows, whilst Ric Flair and Randy Savage were going for a more realistic storyline of Flair nicking Randy’s ex-wife and then spending all her alimony to get the Macho Man all good and agitated.

As a result the company had a kind of confused feel to it, with the gimmicky Hogan stuff feeling kind of out of place when contrasted with the more serious wrestling going on elsewhere on the card. This imbalance would eventually be addressed when the New World Order showed up later in the year, as it made the Main Event scene serious again and not just a parade of wacky gimmick bouts with outlandish Saturday Morning Cartoon villains trying to take down Hulkamania.

The big angle for this show was that Kevin Sullivan and his Dungeon of Doom had teamed up with Ric Flair and his Horsemen stable in an effort to finally kill off Hulkamania once and for all, leading to a ludicrous 8 on 2 Main Event where the two groups aligned to take on Hogan and Savage in a three tier cage match. Oh yes, you might want to attach a nose peg, because it’s likely that things are going to get stinky!

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Six of the Best – WCW Uncensored

Uncensored has tended to have a bit of bad rep amongst the wrestling community, normally because it often produced some of the very worst matches of the year from WCW. For instance, the awful Doomsday Cage match of 1996 and the horrendous main event between Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage from the 1998 version of the event stick long in the memory.

Despite this however, there were some good matches over the years at Uncensored, and I’ll be looking at some of them today. Uncensored was ultimately an attempt from WCW to cash in on the hardcore wrestling craze started by ECW in the mid 90’s, with the caveat that WCW wasn’t going to be prepared to take things as far as the Philly outfit, thus essentially missing the point of the whole craze to begin with.

Thus, none of these matches listed here are especially “Extreme”, but some of them did push the envelope as far as WCW was willing to go at the time, so they have that going for them at least. As usual, WCW’s strong mid card cast will feature heavily here, as they were the people you often relied on to bring something decent to the pay per view arena.

As always, these are just my own personal picks. This isn’t supposed to be some sort of objective list or anything. If I leave out a match that you think warrants inclusion, then please feel free to put it down in the comments section below. As with previous lists, I’ll be listing the matches in chronological order.

So without further to do, let’s take a look at Six of the Best for WCW Uncensored!

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WCW Wednesday: Part XVIII – the Uncensored and Egomaniacal Edition!

Last week, we addressed the first ever Uncensored PPV from WCW. This week, while addressing the second annual show, we will explore the egomaniacal nature of Hulk Hogan and his use of creative control.

Before we begin with the show, allow me to ask you a simple question:

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WCW Wednesday: Part XVII – Only Partially Uncensored Edition!


Back on March 19, 1995, WCW held their first March PPV and called it Uncensored.  While within the same timeframe as WrestleMania, WCW wanted a piece of the PPV pie in March so they created something unique to generate PPV grabs.

What tricks did WCW pull for their initial Uncensored card:

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Uncensored 2000

Uncensored 2000
Date: March 19, 2000
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Attendance: 5,000
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Mark Madden, Tony Schiavone

We had to get here eventually. This is one of the lamest sounding shows I’ve seen in a very long time and it’s not something I want to sit through again. The main event is Jeff Jarrett vs. Sid for the World Title, but the real big match is Hogan vs. Flair, because we only did that last year at this same show so it’s high time to do it again. Let’s get to it.

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Repost: The SmarK Rant for WCW Uncensored 1996

(2015 Scott sez:  I actually don’t have the original file for this one stored on OneDrive for some reason, so I had to use Google-Fu and find it on 411 from the original 2003 posting.  Thankfully I created a new Word document for posterity as well.  For those of you who care about that sort of minutia of my life. Also, to those who want a full re-rant, fuck you.  In the most loving way.  That is all.)  The SmarK Retro Rant for WCW Uncensored ‘96 – I decided to finally redo the rant for this one when I was sick, so that it couldn’t do any more damage to me than it already has. The way I figure it, the cold medication should be enough to fight off any mental or physical illness I may suffer from watching it again. I may, however, need to stop and vomit at various points, so I’ll be sure to give you fair warning before I do. By the way, in a kind of cosmic warning to me, the tape arrived broken, probably as a way for the universe to try to keep me from sacrificing myself by watching this again, but I was able to transplant the reels into a fresh casing, because that’s the kind of thing you learn to do after years of trading tapes on the ‘net.  (Man, those were the days.  Thankfully the Great VHS Purge of 2004 was coming and I would soon convert everything over to DVD once and for all.)  – Live from Tupalo, MS. – Your hosts are Tony, Dusty & Bobby. – Opening match, US title: Konnan v. Eddie Guerrero. It’s full blown mulletude for Eddie here. They fight over a lockup to start and head to the mat, where Konnan rides him with an armbar and stays on it. Eddie escapes with the flying wristlock and Konnan bails. Back in, Eddie starts working on the leg with a toehold, and then a figure-four, after teasing a headstand on the ankle. Konnan makes the ropes. They exchange rollups and each get two. Eddie takes him down into a chinlock and quickly into a surfboard, but Konnan takes him down into a kneebar. He turns it into a Boston Crab, which the crowd can better understand, but Eddie makes the ropes. Back up, Konnan counters an armdrag, but Eddie gets one of his own, and they do another stalemate sequence. Really nice. They back off and work the crowd, but Eddie’s attempts work better. Eddie dropkicks him down and they go up, as Eddie brings him down with a rana for two. Camel clutch, but Konnan powers out. He grabs a headlock, but Eddie counters out, and they do another stalemate sequence that ends with Eddie on the floor, but he evades a highspot attempt. Back in, Eddie grabs a headlock, but Konnan escapes with an armbar. Eddie comes back with a monkey flip and a headscissors to put Konnan out, and he follows with a plancha. This is the type of match where Mike Tenay would have been invaluable. Back in, Eddie slingshots in for two. Eddie uses a headscissors on the mat, but Konnan rolls over into a leglock, and then hits him with rolling germans, but Eddie reverses to a rollup for two. Another rollup is reversed by Konnan for two. Clothesline puts Eddie down as Konnan is obviously blown up by this point. Eddie gets a rana for two. Konnan gets Splash Mountain for two. He’s got NOTHING left. He goes up and Eddie follows, but Eddie ends up on the floor and Konnan follows with a weak tope suicida. Back in, Eddie reverses a suplex, but gets clotheslined for two. Konnan goes up again, but Eddie brings him down with a superplex for two. Eddie goes up to finish, but Konnan slams him off, which Eddie reverses into a cradle for two. Awesome. Konnan slugs away, but Eddie tries a leapfrog, so Konnan hits him in the nuts and pins him at 18:26 to retain. This was ALL Eddie after about the 10 minute point. ***1/2  (I obviously had much less hatred for Konnan in my heart even 12 years ago.  I guess time does heal all wounds and shitty booking.)  – Lord Steven Regal v. Fit Finlay. Finlay was just The Belfast Bruiser at this point. Fit pounds away with STIFF forearms in the corner to start, but Regal takes him down and gets his own. He runs into a knee and Finlay drops an elbow for two. He stomps away with glee and gets a short-arm clothesline for two. Vicious kick to the back, but Regal fires back with a forearm and grabs a cravat on the mat. Regal pounds the palm into his nose, but Fit rams a knee into his forehead to escape and drives another knee before tossing him. He drops Regal on the railing and then wraps the arm around the post. He keeps working the arm as Regal comes in, and cranks on an armbar. Regal knees out of it and slugs away with forearms, then blocks a rollup attempt with a dropkick for two. He grinds a forearm into Fit’s head on the mat, but Fit takes him down with another armbar, but Regal knees out of it and controls on the mat again. He chokes away and fires off more forearms, but Fit headbutts him down and drops a knee. Slam and senton gets two. He hits the chinlock, but Regal fights out, so Fit drops him with a lariat for two. He brings Regal to the apron and rams the throat into it, then sends him into the railing again. They keep brawling and end up back in the ring again, fighting over a suplex on the apron, which ends with Fit hitting the floor. Regal follows with a Cactus elbow and heads back in, then pounds him with boots on the way in. Elbow gets two. Regal goes to the headlock, but Fit kicks in the shoulder to escape in super-stiff fashion. Regal takes him to the corner and gives him a soccer kick to the nuts to retaliate, then drops an elbow for two. More kicks to the back, but Fit goes to the eyes and drives a knee to the back of the neck to block a sunset flip. Regal goes back to the arm and crossfaces him a few times, but Fit backdrops him out of the corner and pounds the kidneys with forearms. Regal takes him down for two. Regal slugs him down and keeps pounding on the apron, but Fit gives him a straight shot to the jaw to drop him. Good lord. Fit takes him into the apron and they brawl on the floor, won by Fit. Back in, Fit sends him into the turnbuckle, but Regal alley-oops him to the floor as a defense mechanism. They slug it out on the floor and Regal sends him into the Doomsday Cage, and then they head back, but the Bluebloods run out for the DQ at 17:30. Really bad finish to a horrifically stiff match. It wasn’t GREAT as a wrestling match or anything, but as a total war of attrition, it was amazing, something out of a UFC almost. *** (I’m pretty pumped that the Nitro rematch is coming up soon too!)  – Col. Rob Parker v. Madusa. (That’s Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, you know.)  Parker gives a clean break out of the corner to start, which has Dusty in amazement. Another try, but Madusa takes him down with an armdrag. Parker comes back with an airplane spin, but she reverses to a sunset flip for two. Slam and he bails, getting advice from Dick Slater (who was Debbie Micelli’s real-life husband at that point). (What, no secret advice joke?  I really must have been feeling shitty that day.  Here, I’ll throw in a freebie:  “That advice?  Never do a southern rebel gimmick in a New York-based wrestling promotion.”)  Back in, he takes her down with the choke, but misses an elbow and gets dropkicked. He bails again and she follows with a bad plancha. Back in, she gets a german suplex for two, but Slater puts Parker on top for the pin at 3:43. Total freakshow. DUD – Retirement match: Diamond Dallas Page v. The Booty Man. OK, quick word of explanation. This was supposed to be the blowoff of the DDP-Johnny B Badd feud, which had been going for the past million PPVs, but Marc Mero got fired from WCW (on purpose) and jumped to the WWF, leaving the storyline without an ending, so they repackaged Ed Leslie again, into The Booty Man (a kind of disco version of Brutus Beefcake) and suddenly had him fighting for Kimberly’s honor. (Longer and more accurate story:  Mero’s contract expired at the end of February while still champion and he agreed to sign a new deal, but wanted assurances that he would make his usual salary while working without a contract instead of the job-guy money that other free agents made per show.  Bischoff jerked him around on the details of the talks as well as some personal apperances, and then wanted to continue the Kimberly angle that Badd hated so much.  Finally Mero basically said “Screw you, I’m going to the WWF” and Bischoff terminated him after he dropped the title to Lex Luger and told him not to come back.)  Tony buries Mero before the match, and then in the same breath they talk about how Booty Man was actually a spy in the Dungeon of Doom on behalf of Hulk Hogan, which is how they explain his sudden face turn. I wonder if that would work in real life. “Um, I wasn’t trying to deal cocaine out of a subway terminal, I was spying for internal security” Maybe not. (Eh, Brutus Beefcake drug bust jokes don’t hold up very well, unfortunately.)  This match also proved to be a major problem for DDP, because he likes planning out his matches in advance and improvising something with ED LESLIE of all people is just asking for trouble. Mucho stallo to start. Page starts with a wristlock and they reverse off that, but Page goes to the ropes. Booty goes to a headlock and overpowers Page, and he bails. Back in, Booty slugs him down and goes to the armbar, as Dusty claims that he’s “very skilled at mat wrestling”. I can’t make this stuff up. Page charges and misses, ending up on the floor. This match is going nowhere. Page stalls forever outside, so Booty Man follows him out and they brawl. Back in, Page gets rammed into the turnbuckle a few times and Page bails AGAIN. He stumbles around on the floor like a clown and Kimberly joins us at ringside, dressed as a cheerleader. HOOCHIE MAMA. Back in, Page grabs a headlock, but Booty powers out, so they criss-cross and stall. Booty slugs him out to the apron again. They manage to fuck up a shoulderblock and then Booty whiffs on a crossbody attempt, and Page chokes away. Even Tony gave a disgusted “What was THAT?” before catching himself. (Ed Leslie was a special kind of terrible in his WCW run.)  Page gets a backdrop suplex and stalls, but gets two. We hit the chinlock, but Booty fights out, so Page knees him down for two. Back to the chinlock, and Page uses the ropes as the match drags on. Soon I fear that I will die of old age before this chinlock ends. Finally Booty fights out, but Page drops him on the top rope as Kimberly turns to the camera and says with a straight face “I want him to be my boyfriend”. And people wonder why her acting career didn’t take off. Page goes after her, but gets slapped, and Booty Man hits him with a high knee to finish at 16:00. Absolutely horrible. -* Poor Kimberly has to sell a kiss from steroid-bloated, balding Ed Leslie as the sexiest thing since Ricky Martin or whatever was sexy in 1996. (Hey wow, that joke got funnier in hindsight.)  But then she sleeps with DDP in real life, so who knows what weird stuff she’s into. – The Giant v. Loch Ness. Suddenly I yearn for the salad days of Booty Man v. DDP, all those minutes ago. When Paul Wight is the skinny one, you’ve got a problem. Although he WAS really lean at this point. Giant chops away in the corner to start and uses the Nash choke, but Loch Ness hammers back with the CLUBBING FOREARMS. Giant fires back with boots in the corner, but misses a charge and takes a nice bump to the floor. Back in, Loch Ness slaps him down and drops the elbow, but misses another one, and Giant makes the comeback, booting him down. Legdrop finishes at 2:34. Well, at least it was short. DUD Giant would win the World title the next night on Nitro.  (Nope, another month yet.  Never seen that match, either!)  – Chicago Street Fight: The Road Warriors v. Sting & Booker T. How you have a Chicago street fight in Tupelo is a mystery unsolved to this day. (I really feel like we were robbed off the payoff with Luger having to participate in the street fight he unknowingly agreed to.)  They brawl outside to start and head into the ring for a slugfest, but Sting runs into Animal’s boot. Animal pounds away in the corner while Hawk backdrops Booker on the floor, and back in the ring it’s another donnybrook. Booker hits Animal with the ax kick for two, while Hawk & Sting fight outside. Animal powerslams Booker and drops an elbow for two. Sting comes back in, but Animal necksnaps him on the top rope and posts him. Sting returns the favor as the split screen is helpfully labeled “Chicago Street Fight” in case we’ve forgotten what we’re watching. (I was heavily medicated at that point.  So it could have happened.  God knows I’ve fallen asleep watching boring wrestling shows late at night.)  In the ring, Sting hits Animal with a fistdrop, but gets clotheslined for two. Elbow misses and Sting bulldogs him, but Hawk chokes Sting down. Everyone brawls outside and Booker covers Animal for two on the floor. Back in, Booker gets caught with a shot coming down, and Animal dropkicks him for two. Sting retreats to the back, while Booker gets a lazy cross-armbreaker on Hawk in the ring. Sting chairs Animal over by the back, and heads to the ring for a chairshot on Hawk. But then Animal gets it and uses it in incredibly weak fashion, getting two on Booker. Booker comes back with a sidekick on Animal and Sting piledrives Hawk, and of course he no-sells that. Since when does Sting ever use a piledriver? Hawk powerbombs Sting and goes to the chinlock, then tosses him and it’s more dull brawling outside. This match has ZERO flow. It’s all “two guys do stuff in the ring while the other two brawl, switch off, repeat.” Hawk hits them with some wussy chairshots and tries a powerbomb on Sting, but it’s reversed. Animal clubs on Sting with the forearms, but Booker breaks it up, and it’s more dull brawling. Back in with Sting and Hawk, as Sting hits him with a shot off the top that Hawk doesn’t sell, but misses the Stinger splash. Hawk drops a fist and Animal goes up, but Booker crotches him, so Hawk covers Sting for two. Booker hits Animal with a flying clothesline for two. Once again the mystery of falls count anywhere matches arises, as you can pin somewhere anywhere in the arena, except when he has his foot on the ropes. Sting gets a headbutt low on Animal, and Hawk hits Booker with a backdrop suplex. Booker comes back with a weak sideslam on Hawk, but misses an elbow, and they do a sloppy collision in the corner. Sting goes up and misses a splash on Animal. Hawk goes up and gets dropkicked by Booker coming down. Animal chokes away in the corner, but Booker goes low, and they fight outside again. Oh, joy. Meanwhile, Hawk hits Sting with a move I can only jokingly call a gutwrench suplex for two. Sting and Booker finally get organized and double-team Hawk with a clothesline, then Sting suplexes him on the top rope while Animal suplexes Booker. Sooooooo slow and boring. Hawk & Sting brawl outside again while Booker crotches himself on the top rope, and they switch off for no reason in particular, with Animal taking on Sting outside and Hawk beating on Booker inside. Booker comes back with a spinkick on Hawk for two. Hawk boots him down for two. Back to the floor as Sting goes up on Animal, but gets caught with a powerslam. Animal works the count, but Sting comes back with a clothesline and both guys are out. The boredom of this match is crushing my soul. Hawk and Booker head back into the ring, but Hawk misses a fistdrop and Booker misses an elbow. He comes back with a sidekick, however, and both guys are out. On the floor, Animal goes nuts with a chair (as nuts as anyone can go in this snoozefest) and the Warriors double-team Booker, but Sting heads to the back again and returns with BROOMS. Now I’m scared. The Warriors choke them down, but Booker comes back with his own choking on Animal, but he gets tossed by Animal and decides to leave. In the ring, Hawk gets two on Sting. We follow Animal and Booker to the back, where Luger is posing in front of a mirror in a bizarre moment, but Animal interrupts and gets beat up by Luger and Stevie Ray as a result. Some things you just don’t mess with. Back in the ring, Hawk dumps Sting and they brawl, but now Booker T returns as Sting misses his charge into the railing. Booker sends Hawk into the stairs and brings him back in, getting a sideslam and going up with the Harlem Hangover, but misses it. Stevie Ray runs out and adds a chairshot for good measure, and Booker FINALLY pins Hawk to end it at 29:35. Not a terrible brawl, but ridiculously long and dull. It did foreshadow Booker’s single career, however, as he managed to outwork both of the washed-up Road Warriors and held his own with the unmotivated Sting. **  (Meltzer actually gave this one ***1/2 and called it the best match on the show.  Sorry, I just don’t see it.)  DOOMSDAY CAGE: Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage v. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Z Gangsta, The Ultimate Solution, Kevin Sullivan, Lex Luger, Meng and the Barbarian. I wish I could be making up that listing, but I’m not. They really did book Hogan & Savage 8-on-2. The heels are The Alliance to End Hulkamania, or TAEH. That of course is the opposite of heat. The idea here, if you can wrap your head around it, is that there’s a three-story cage, with Hogan & Savage starting at the top with Flair & Anderson and moving downwards. Now keep in mind there’s no actual RULES for this announced, only vague notations about Hogan & Savage having to “fight their way down”. (Original plan was to re-use the triple cage thing from Bash 88, because apparently it was still stored in Kevin Sullivan’s garage or something.)  Michael Buffer actually has to introduce this mess with a straight face. Well, I guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks. Hogan starts with Arn in the top cage and they fight it out, with Flair chopping Savage, and Arn clubbing on Hogan. The lighting is terrible and you can’t see anything. They keep brawling and Hogan rams Flair into a pole and chokes him down. Flair & Anderson stop and work over Savage, however. Anderson goes after Hogan and gets a figure-four, so Flair does the same to Savage. Hogan and Savage use powder to escape, however, and move down to the next cage. Uh huh. So now it’s 4-on-2, as it’s Sullivan, Luger, Meng and Barbarian to contend with. Hogan fights with Luger & Sullivan, while Savage takes on the Faces of Fear. (I should also note what a giant waste of Luger this was, as they had spent weeks masterfully building up the Sting storyline and creating this awesome slimy heel character for him before suddenly turning him into cartoon villain again for the sake of having an eighth guy in this mess.)  The heels control, but Hogan fights off Sullivan and saves Savage, and then locks the Faces of Fear in their own cage, leaving it 2-on-2. Oh, such strategy. Flair and Anderson head down into the lower cage to try and help, and Hogan and Sullivan fight out to the scaffolding while Luger continues the thrilling brawl with Savage in the cage. However, soon all four end up on the floor, and into the ring. Hogan hits Sullivan with the big boot and stomps away. They switch off, with Hogan hitting Luger with a bucket and Sullivan ramming Savage into the cage. Tony, in an actual quote, says “This has been spectacular.” Well, people describe car crashes the same way. Hogan brings Luger to the ring and gets a corner clothesline, then hammers away while Savage & Sullivan fight on the floor. Wasn’t the point supposed to be that they were fighting in the CAGE? Hence the name, DOOMSDAY CAGE? Luger hits Savage with the STAINLESS STEEL FOREARM OF DEATH, but brawls out with Hogan again. You have to wonder what exactly the Horsemen and Faces of Fear are DOING while trapped in that other ring. Luger clubs Savage down with a chair and then goes after Hogan, but he makes the comeback and the heels get whipped together. And now the other heels, Jeep “Painful Constipation” Swenson and Z Gangsta (Zeus) head out and drag our heroes back to the DOOMSDAY CAGE, and into the ring on the bottom of that cage. Was there something wrong with the ring they were in before? Somehow, the match gets WORSE, as Permanent Vacation overpowers Hogan and Gangsta chokes Savage down. He pops up with a double axehandle, however, while Hogan goes to the eyes of Traffic Citation and then turns his attention to Gangsta. He gets choked down, which to Tony is the most thrilling thing to happen all match, and Notable Quotation press-slams Savage. Hogan comes back on Gangsta, but now the Horsemen rejoin the match (which of course makes no sense, but god forbid either of THESE goofs do the job when Flair is available) and things look bleak for the Megapowers. The heels pound away, as Catalytic Conversion uses the CLUBBING FOREARMS, but now Booty Man gives them powder (oh man, this stuff just writes itself) and frying pans. That’s how you cook the crack old-school, I guess. Now Luger runs in as well and turns the tide, using a loaded glove, but it hits Flair by mistake and Savage pins him at 25:09. This would prove to be the last hurrah for Hulkamania, as fan reaction to this mess was so overwhelmingly negative that his heel turn was necessary to keep his career alive. Without a doubt the WORST PPV main event ever, lacking not only internal logic and interesting action, but the entertainment value of Heroes of Wrestling. This one gets the full negative monty. –*****  (I stand by that one.)  The Bottom Line: You may stumble across this show and accidentally watch it, then, like a victim of prison rape, blame yourself for the pain, humiliation, and rectal bleeding, but DON’T. This was WCW’S fault, not yours! There are support groups for survivors of this PPV out there to help you, and I would advise you to make use of them. Other people have been through the same thing. We can help you. Strongest recommendation to avoid humanly possible.  (Or, you know, get really drunk and watch it for free on the WWE Network.  Whatevs.) 

Uncensored 1999


March 14, 1999
Location: Freedom Hall, Louisville,
Attendance: 15,930
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
SuperBrawl Part II with a lot of rematches from that horrible show.
In this case the main event is Hogan vs. Flair for the title in a
barbed wire cage match with an added stipulation that hasn’t been
mentioned on TV yet. We’ve also got Nash vs. Mysterio to blow off
the giant killer story, Benoit/Malenko vs. Windham/Hennig for the Tag
Team Titles and Sonny Onoo/Ernest Miller vs. Jerry Flynn. That match
is happening but Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page and Bret Hart aren’t
on the show. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video on
the main event. At least it’s different than the “building the
cage” video.
finally tells us the stipulation in the cage match: first blood.
Just in case a barbed wire cage wasn’t enough for you.
Call the Hotline!
Video on Mysterio vs.
Cruiseweight Title:
Kidman vs. Mikey Whipwreck
is Mikey’s debut and he’s challenging. Mikey grabs an early front
chancery followed by a fast headscissors. Kidman comes right back
with a dropkick to put Mikey outside, followed by a whip into the
barricade. Back in and a high cross body gets two but Whipwreck
sends him back out to the floor. A wheelbarrow slam sends Kidman
face first onto the barricade and gets Mikey two back in the ring.
to an Indian Deathlock on the champion but Mikey rolls over onto his
stomach and reaches back to grab Kidman’s chin at the same time.
That goes nowhere and draws a lot of booing so Kidman comes back with
a hard clothesline. He’s all fired up now and stomps on Mikey in the
corner, only to have a Fameasser countered into a powerbomb for two.
Back up and Mikey gets knocked to the floor again, setting up a huge
dive from Kidman.
Whipwreck up first and he nails a slingshot clothesline for two. He
tries a slingshot suplex but Kidman counters into a snap suplex of
his own. Cool move. Mikey sends him right back to the floor but
misses a dive and hits the barricade. They whip each other into the
barricade with the newcomer getting the better of it and taking
Kidman back into the ring.
gutbuster gets two for Mikey but he walks into the BK Bomb for
another two. Mikey drops him with a neckbreaker and gets a nice near
fall off a top rope clothesline. Kidman comes back with a sitout
Pedigree but gets caught in a reverse inverted DDT. Like every other
challenger though, Mikey tries a powerbomb and I think you know
what’s coming. Kidman goes up and nails the Shooting Star to retain.
This was a good match but needed to be about three minutes shorter.
Even though the cruiserweight division was stacked at this point, I
like the idea of bringing in Mikey. He wrestled a much more ground
based style than most of the other people in the division so this was
a little different. Also Kidman has beaten almost every
cruiserweight in the division so he needed a new challenger.
Stevie Ray talks about
not being yoked anymore.
Vince says the name is
the video on the cage being built from the start of the show? Here’s
another version of it. This one aired on Nitro to make us want to
buy the show that we had to buy to see the video that should make us
buy the show.
Vince vs. Stevie Ray
is a Harlem Street Fight and the winner leads the Black and White.
In other words, all the stuff with Norton, Adams and Horace was a
waste of time and has been dropped. Vince’s graphic still says
Vincent, even though the video before the match emphasized his new
name. Whatever his name is, he stomps on Ray’s foot and pokes him in
the eye to take over. Stevie lifts him in the air by the throat
before they hit the floor.
Vince is whipped into
the barricade and they fight into the crowd. Luckily there’s a
tarped off section of folded down seats for them to fight in. Stevie
can barely stand on the chairs as he beats up Vince. Tony actually
covers the bunch of unsold seats by saying it’s a production area.
Back in and Vince slams him down and gets two off a middle rope
elbow. He goes up again but dives into Stevie’s boot.
Stevie sends him into
the buckle before lunging forward for a horrible collision spot
before Vince does a HORRIBLE fall into a low blow. Stevie doesn’t
even react off the impact. Horace comes out and throws in a
slapjack, saying he’s the leader no matter what. Vince gets it but
drops it, allowing Stevie to hit the Slapjack (lifting Pedigree) for
the pin.
This stuff is entertaining when they keep it short but when it’s a
seven minute match, it loses its charm in a hurry. Stevie winning is
the right choice as he’s the best talker of the team, but he’s the
better of multiple evils. At least they’re keeping the Black and
White separate and making it clear they’re a lower level unit. The
street fight aspect barely meant a thing given that low blows have
pretty much been made legal in WCW.
Jericho says Saturn
doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring with him.
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs.
Kevin Nash
from Nitro a few weeks back where Rey beat Nash. A big boot to the
face puts Rey down to start but he comes back with the sitout bulldog
and a springboard Fameasser. Mysterio sends him to the floor with a
spinwheel kick but makes the mistake of trying a baseball slide,
allowing Nash to sidestep him and send Rey into the barricade.
Back in and Nash hits
the framed elbow and boots Rey back to the floor. Nash lifts him
into the air by the throat for an atomic drop but Rey kicks him low
because what else was he supposed to do? There’s the Bronco Buster
but Rey’s moonsault press is caught in midair. Rey escapes but Luger
trips him up, allowing Nash to kick him in the face and Jackknife him
back to the cruiserweight division. Appropriately enough, the match
ran 6:19.
So what did we learn here? Don’t mess with the main event talent,
the last few weeks were a total fluke, and Rey Mysterio has no
business in the main event scene. Also Konnan is a horrible friend
because he wasn’t out there when Rey had to deal with Nash, Luger and
Liz. I’m so glad Nash got to beat up Rey Mysterio though. It makes
him look so much more awesome than he did before.
three guys in the hardcore match talk about how tough they are.
Again, we saw this earlier in the week on TV.
Jerry Flynn vs.
Ernest Miller/Sonny Onoo
get this over with. Miller comes out to the Glacier lasers and the
James Brown music while wearing a cowboy hat. Tony gets in his only
good line of the night: “It’s the Cat in the Hat!” Flynn chops
Miller down to start but goes after Sonny for cutting off his
ponytail. Miller gets in a cheap shot as Schiavone talks about how
Flynn could be a top five (he was OBSESSED with this top five thing
around this time) star in the next year.
head outside with Miller kicking Flynn down and Sonny gets in a few
cheap shots. Back in and Miller hits some more kicks before tagging
in Sonny to pick the bones. Flynn grabs at the foot so Onoo dives
back to the corner. Back outside and Miller tries to use a chair but
Mickie Jay pulls it out of his hands. Miller kicks Jerry some more
but gets rolled up for two. Sonny finally comes in, gets kicked once
and Jerry pins him.
Thankfully this was it for Flynn’s push as he went back to jobbing
where he belonged soon after. This is another example of WCW having
no idea what their fans wanted and thinking it was ok to throwing
garbage out there with a WCW logo on it. Total waste of pay per view
In ANOTHER video from
Thunder, the teams in the Tag Team Title match talk about being smart
and tough.
Raven vs. Hak vs.
Bam Bam Bigelow
match. Hak comes out with barbed wire wrapped around him to what
sounds like Mongo’s old music. Hak gets double teamed to start but
Raven turns on Bigelow a few seconds in. Raven’s sister Chastity
brings in a dumpster full of weapons to get us to the real match.
It’s Raven in control until Bigelow runs him over. He breaks an
ironing board over Hak but Raven comes back with a mailbox.
Raven and Bigelow have
a standoff with trashcans but Hak uses the ironing board to break it
up. An ECW chant starts up and everyone is worn down less than five
minutes into the match. Raven uses the ironing board again but gets
whipped into some trashcans. Bigelow takes over but Raven hits him
low with a rowing oar. There’s a lot of just ramming each other into
various objects and WAY more standing around between spots.
get one of the few wrestling moves of the mat as Hak hits a top rope
hurricanrana to Raven. Hak brings in a very real looking table but
Raven helps Bigelow powerbomb Hak onto the table, followed by a
splash through it. Bigelow switches over to wrestling but Chasitity
comes in to save Raven. She pulls out some electrical tape and
Bigelow brings in two more tables. Bigelow is whipped mostly through
one of the tables in the corner and the Even Flow lays out Hak.
of covering though, Raven tapes Hak’s arms together and blasts him in
the head with the chair, which is TOTALLY not ripping off Rock vs.
Mankind from the Royal Rumble. Bigelow lays out Raven with Greetings
From Asbury Park but Chastity sprays him with a fire extinguisher,
knocking him off the top rope and through a table. Chastity then
turns on Raven by spraying him in the eyes and hitting him low,
giving Hak the pin.
To recap, the girl that we know almost nothing about turned on her
brother to be with the guy that we know almost nothing about who may
or may not be a former friend of her family (it’s not clear if those
appearances were retconned or not) and Bam Bam Bigelow has gone from
facing Goldberg on pay per view to this in three weeks. Even worse,
announcers talk for a bit as the ring is cleaned up.
Tag Team Titles:
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham
a lumberjack with straps match and Hennig/Windham are defending. The
lumberjacks are a bunch of lower/midcard guys including Meng and
Norman Smiley. Benoit and Hennig get things going and Arn Anderson
comes out to replace Chris Adams as a lumberjack. The champions try
to leave and get beaten up like the cowards they are. Back in and
Benoit chops Hennig to the floor for another whipping before it’s off
to Barry.
Chris is find with
chopping Windham to the floor as well where the Texan gets whipped as
to Dean who hammers away with more aggression than you would expect
from him. The Horsemen double team Barry down but Hennig gets in a
cheap shot to take over. Benoit is thrown to the floor and gets
whipped a few times before it’s back to a chinlock from Curt. The
beating continues but Benoit finally snaps off a German suplex and
makes the tag off to Dean. Everything breaks down and Malenko hits
Hennig with a PerfectPlex for two but Barry breaks up the Texas
tries to low bridge Dean to the floor but Malenko stops himself, only
to have Hennig knock him out to the floor for a whipping. Now it’s
Dean in trouble as Curt hooks a sleeper. Dean makes the ropes but is
sent to the floor for more belt shots. Windham hammers away in the
corner but Dean punches his way out of a belly to back suplex. The
double tag brings in Hennig and Benoit as everything breaks down.
Benoit takes off
Windham’s belt and throws him outside for a brawl. Hennig goes after
Anderson, earning him a tire iron shot to the head. Malenko breaks
up the superplex and Benoit hits the longest Swan Dive I’ve ever see
(Hennig would have been in a good place for a 450) for the pin and
the titles.
The match wasn’t as good as their first one last month but it finally
got the job done. Last month’s was brought WAY down by the booking
but the wrestling itself was better. This one was more of a tag team
formula and that’s a hard idea to screw up. I could have done
without Arn’s interference but to be fair Hennig went after him
first. That Swan Dive was very impressive and I can live with it
only hitting Curt’s arm as he was already out.
Jericho vs. Perry Saturn
is the dog collar match and Saturn comes out wearing a dress made of
chains, black lipstick, eye shadow and yellow contacts. Jericho
offers to have Ralphus fight in his place but Ralphus says no,
earning him a slap in the face. Back in and Jericho is very
tentative to put on the collar so Saturn attacks him to get things
going. He puts the collar on Chris and pulls Jericho back when he
tries to run. Saturn goes to the apron and gets a running start to
send Jericho face first into the buckle.
springboard chain shot to the head puts the Canadian down and it’s
time for some choking. They head outside and Saturn pulls him into
the barricade a few times. Back in and a clothesline knocks Saturn
over the top rope to the floor and now it’s Jericho choking a lot.
They head inside again and Jericho tries a powerbomb, only to pull
himself down at the same time. A small packge gets two for Saturn
and he pulls Jericho off the middle rope in a smart counter. Then he
makes it simple and throws Jericho around by the neck.
gets the Liontamer but Saturn wraps the chain around Jericho’s neck
so the hold chokes Jericho, forcing him to break it. The Death
Valley Driver onto the chain gets two and Jericho counters a
hurricanrana with a powerbomb. Jericho unhooks Saturn and wraps the
chain around himself before going up for a moonsault. Saturn moves
and the impact drives the chain into Jericho’s chest but it doesn’t
seem to bother him. A top rope splash completely misses Saturn and
another Death Valley Driver gets the pin.
This was ok but the ending felt like it was supposed to be two
minutes earlier. I’m not sure why the Death Valley Driver on the
chain didn’t get the pin but the regular version could. The match
wasn’t bad and hopefully it ends this dress thing which isn’t getting
Saturn anywhere.
Mikey Whipwreck gives
an interview on WCW.com and praises Kidman. Nothing to see here.
TV Title: Booker T.
vs. Scott Steiner
is defending because US Champion Scott Hall has disappeared, taking
Booker’s title shot with him. Scott stalls a lot after the bell and
we get our first lockup at two minutes into the match. A lockup goes
nowhere and it’s back to the stalling. Steiner hammers Booker down
but he comes back with right hands. The champion ducks a spin kick
and bails out to the floor for a breather with Bagwell.
in and Scott charges into a boot and Booker hammers away again. An
atomic drop staggers Scott again and a spinning cross body gets two
as Buff pulls Booker out to the floor. Steiner throws Booker into
the crowd for a bit before the villains take their turns choking.
The spinning belly to belly suplex plants Booker and we hit the
chinlock. Back up and Booker hits a running forearm before mostly
missing a spinning kick to the face.
tries a side kick but Steiner ducks. The side kick clears the
referee and thankfully he doesn’t sell, but the look of fear on his
face is great. Another side kick nails Steiner but Buff crotches
Booker on the top. Steiner superplexes him down and Buff comes in
with a chair, only to hit Scott by mistake. Booker kicks the chair
into Bagwell’s face and pins Steiner for the title.
Not great here but the title change is a good idea. I can’t stand
the referee watching Bagwell use the chair as it should be a DQ even
if it was an accident. This whole getting more extreme and lawless
is very annoying as it comes off more and more like an ECW knockoff
every night. At least Booker’s losses are forgiven here though.
Video on the cage being
built. I have it memorized by this point.
WCW World Title:
Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair
is defending and if Flair loses, he’s out of WCW for life. If Flair
wins, he’s champion and President of WCW permanently. This is also a
barbed wire steel cage match with no doors on the cage. Before the
cage is lowered, Flair tells the referee to not stop the match for a
scratch or a trickle of blood. The referee is allowed to use his own
discretion as to what first blood means. Flair is sounding very
heelish here. I’m glad they threw in the significant blood clause.
I’ve always thought a heel could just slip in a needle and poke the
other guy for the win otherwise.
shoves him around to start and nails a right hand before running
Flair over like it’s 1986. The fans have no idea how to react as
Hogan does all his old spots, including dropping the rapid elbows.
Flair takes a beating in the corner and Hogan no sells a single chop.
A running clothesline puts Ric down and Hogan does the hand to the
ear. It’s one sided so far and Hogan puts on a Figure Four.
thankfully goes nowhere so Hogan rams him face first into the cage.
Hogan bites at the cut and Flair is doing his crazy man stuff,
including having his trunks pulled down. There’s a small cut above
Flair’s eye and Hogan sends him face first into the buckle. Total
dominance so far and the fans are chanting for Hogan. Flair’s hair
is half red now and Hogan drives him into the cage. Some of the
barbed wire has fallen off the top of the cage and is hanging down
the side.
hits the big boot and legdrop for a cover but obviously the referee
(Charles Robinson) won’t count. Flair nails Hogan with a foreign
object and sends him into the cage, cutting the champion open. Cue
David Flair and the Blonde (now called Sam) as Ric drops a knee on
Hogan’s head. Ric spits at his son and says he’ll be a fourteen time
champion. Now it’s a full Hogan chant as we have a double turn.
Ric drops an elbow for
two (Tony is totally fine with a cover and count) and it’s time for
the Hulk Up. The fans are into it because they haven’t see it in
years but the legdrop only gets two. Tenay tries to keep up with the
stipulations as Hogan no sells a suplex. Ric, the crazed father
desperate for vengeance, drops to his knees and begs for mercy.
referee gets bumped (like it matters) and David tells Hogan to Hulk
Up. Arn Anderson comes out with a tire iron to David so Sam jumps on
Arn’s back. Anderson throws her down and slips Ric the tire iron to
knock Hogan out. There’s the Figure Four and Robinson counts the pin
to give Ric the title again. The fans, trying to make sense of this
whole thing, are almost silent for the announcement of a new
I have no idea what I just watched. It was indeed a cage match, but
the barbed wire meant nothing and David and Sam didn’t need to be
there other than giving Anderson a reason to come down. The
stipulations were a mess though and the fans seemed really confused
by the blood and then the pinfalls. The rest of the match wasn’t bad
though as Hogan vs. Flair using the old formula is entertaining
there’s also the booking, which is as stupid as it could have been.
I can REALLY stretch and accept Ric being tormented so much that he
snaps and starts abusing his authority to get the title and revenge.
It’s not the best story in the world and it goes against everything
that WCW had been doing for the last few months, but at least it can
be done.
there’s Hogan turning face and it just does not work. Period. Hogan
has caused all these problems for the last several years but now
we’re supposed to cheer him because…..why are we supposed to cheer
for him? Because he Hulked up and Flair abused his authority by
stretching what a first blood match meant and used a tire iron? I’m
supposed to feel bad for Hogan because he’s getting cheated in one
match after cheating for two and a half years?
Basically WCW is saying
two wrongs make a right and that really doesn’t work after watching
Ric go through this much horrible stuff over the last few months.
That really doesn’t hold up and the story doesn’t work with
everything that lead us to this point. At least Flair FINALLY beat
Hogan in a big match though.
David checks on Hogan
and Tony praises Hollywood for his valiant effort.
This should be subtitled “SuperBrawl Part 2: We’re Sorry.” The
Tag Team Title match is a reversal of what we saw before, Booker
getting the TV Title is a nice addition and Flair won….albeit in
weird fashion. Unfortunately the damage was done three weeks ago and
the last few weeks of television. The fans are already starting to
leave and WCW is going to start to get desperate.
Now to its credit, this
was WAY easier to sit through than SuperBrawl which was one of the
most infuriating shows I’ve ever seen. This show had some watchable
wrestling on it and nothing maddening, putting it miles ahead of last
month’s offering. It’s not a masterpiece or anything, but it at
least corrected some of SuperBrawl’s errors.
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Uncensored ’96 and the Cage o’ Doom!

Scott –

I was looking for your rant on WCW BattleBowl '93 because it was on WWE On Demand (A Ron Simmons heel turn?  A poor man's Tatanka named Charlie Norris?  HUSTLER RIP FREAKIN' ROGERS???  Why don't I remember ANY of this!?) and came across your rant for Uncensored '96, which was freaking hilarious.  It also reminded me of this story:

About ten years ago or so, my friend Mike and I were having an argument over what was the worst PPV main event ever.  I said it was Diesel vs. Mabel at SummerSlam at '95 purely for the workrate, Mike said it was Hogan vs. Beefcake at Starrcade '94 because it was Starrcade.  The argument got so heated that we went to none other than Dave Meltzer, who answered the question on his Wrestling Observer Live show.

Turns out, we were BOTH wrong – Meltzer decreed it was the Doomsday Cage match at Uncensored '96, because not only did you have Hogan and Savage against EIGHT people, but out of a team that included Jeep Swenson, Zeus, Meng & the Barbarian, who ends up doing the job?  Yep, you guessed it – Ric Flair.

So, yeah, this was the worst PPV main event of all time.


gave it -***** so that's a tough point to argue against.  I can certainly confirm that I was howling with laughter at the stupidity of it all while watching it live.  Yes, I ORDERED THAT SHOW in 1996 for some reason.  Even before the days I made good money reviewing shit like that!  What the fuck was WRONG with me?!  

Uncensored 1998

March 15, 1998
Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama
Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
hasn’t felt like an important show throughout its build and it still
doesn’t as it’s about to start. It’s a double main event with Sting
defending the title against Scott Hall and a far bigger match of
Hogan vs. Savage in a grudge match inside a cage. The rest of the
matches come off as little more than filler. Let’s get to it.

opening video is just shots of the four guys in the main events.
Nothing to see here.
announcers talk about the main events and Tony suggests that Hall
will hand the title to Hogan if he wins it. Heenan: “No one is
stupid enough to hand the world title to Hogan.” Make your own
Title: Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T
is challenging and has Chavo with him against Chavo’s will. Guerrero
stalls to start until he finally gets backdropped down by Booker. A
side slam puts him down as well and Booker fires off some forearms.
Booker hits a clothesline to send Guerrero to the floor and Chavo
shrugs at his uncle. Back in and Booker kicks Eddie down as this is
one sided so far. Guerrero runs to the floor and tries to walk out
but gets a forearm to the jaw for his efforts.
head back inside and Booker gorilla presses him down but takes too
long going for the Harlem Hangover and gets crotched. Eddie hooks a
superplex but Booker comes right back with some forearms to the head.
He loads up the ax kick but Eddie dropkicks the knee out to take
over. Eddie rolls to the floor to glare at Chavo before going back
in to pull on Booker’s leg.
hold stays on for a LONG time until Eddie gets caught with in the
ropes. Back up and Booker hops on one foot for a bit, allowing
Guerrero to reverse a whip and hit the slingshot hilo onto the bad
leg. Booker rolls to the floor and Eddie goes up top, only to fall
off but land on Booker’s leg anyway. As Ventura said, sometimes it’s
better to be lucky. Back in and Booker hits a quick flapjack and the
ax kick (with the good leg). A spinebuster puts Eddie down but
Booker has to bail out of a missile dropkick. The side kick misses
and Eddie loads up another superplex, only to be shoved off and
missile dropkicked to retain Booker’s title.
C+. The match was good until
Booker just stopped selling the leg at all, which was made even worse
by how leg based his offense is. Eddie was doing some great old
school heel work here with the using the ropes and stalling to rile
up the crowd. This was a good choice for an opener as Booker
continues improving week by week.
smirks a little so Eddie jumps him from behind.
Steiner is chatting on WCW.com. Actually he’s showing off his arms
to Lee Marshall and Mark Madden.
vs. Juventud Guerrera
lost his mask at SuperBrawl and Konnan gave him grief over it,
setting up this match. Konnan is jawing with the crowd and Juvy gets
in a kick to the back to take over. Konnan finally gets his hands on
Guerrera to stop the speed and we go outside with Konnan in control.
Juvy is sent into the steps but he blocks a second attempt to send
Konnan face first. He uses the steps as a springboard to take Konnan
out as Lodi talks trash from the front row.
in and a springboard missile dropkick gets two for Guerrera. Konnan
comes right back by dropping Juvy on the top rope before putting on a
standing leg lock. I’m sure this isn’t just an excuse for Konnan to
stand in one place for a minute and a half. He makes up for it with
a wicked release German suplex for two before catapulting Juvy into
the corner. Guerrera is thrown across the ring again and Konnan puts
on a Boston Crab while also lifting Juvy up by the arms and rocking
him back and forth.
hold looks great but Konnan drops Juvy on his head in a very scary
landing. Juventud goes to the floor to remember what planet he’s on
as the match just stops. Back in and Konnan picks him up in a
fireman’s carry but bends Juvy around the neck in a kind of reverse
torture rack.
loads up a belly to back superplex but Juvy flips out and gets Konnan
in the Tree of Woe for some rapid fire kicks. Guerrera tries a
rolling cradle but gets caught in a wheelbarrow suplex for two. A
powerbomb is countered into a facejam on Konnan but the 450 hits mat.
Konnan’s 187 cradle DDT gets two and a modified Samoan drop gets a
cocky cover for two, allowing Juvy to roll him up for the surprise
C-. This was very slow at times
but given the injury to Guerrera halfway through it came out better
than expected. The ending was perfect as Juvy’s motto was never
surrender and he hung in long enough to steal a pin. Konnan could go
when he wanted to and he showed off some strength here in a decent
lays out Juvy with another 187 before throwing him over the top.
Dillon makes the powerbomb legal for Nash vs. Giant but it’s one
night only.
Title: Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho
is defending and has been frustrating Dean for months on end. He
takes a long time removing the belt here and insists on being called
Mr. 1004. Malenko easily takes him to the mat with a drop toehold
but doesn’t follow up. Off to a wristlock on the champion but again
Dean lets him go. Malenko takes him down with an armbar into a
hammerlock before he runs Jericho over with a shoulder.
up and they run the ropes a bit until Jericho hits a quick enziguri.
He loads up a springboard cross body but Malenko ducks to send the
champion to the floor. Jericho starts walking out but eventually
comes back and catches a leapfrog into a spinebuster. The arrogant
cover gets two and a suplex gets the same before we hit the chinlock.
That goes nowhere so Jericho hits the Lionsault for two. As
frustration starts to set in, Jericho hits a backbreaker and bends
Malenko over his knee.
gets up and wakes up off a chop before firing off a series of
forearms and headbutts. A belly to back suplex gets two but Jericho
pops up and hits a senton backsplash for two. Jericho hits a running
dropkick in the corner but Dean blocks a suplex into one of his own,
only to be countered into a reverse suplex from the champion. Dean
bails to the ropes to escape the Liontamer and gets some quick
rollups for two.
kicks him off the apron but quickly brings it back inside. A belly
to back superplex is countered into a crossbody for two for Dean and
Jericho is getting frustrated. Malenko dives to the ropes to get out
of the Liontamer again before countering a top rope hurricanrana into
the gutbuster for two. Dean tries the leg lariat but gets caught in
the Liontamer for the surprising submission.
B. This was the good match you
would expect these two to have with fifteen minutes. Jericho won
clean here with a counter into a wrestling hold which makes him look
all the more dominant. It was a surprise to see Dean tap out but it
gave him a reason to need redemption which is the more interesting
match Gene comes into the ring as Malenko is clearly shaken up. He
rips Dean apart, talking about how Malenko should have won this match
and is 0-4 in his last PPV matches. “You are a bonafied loser!”
Malenko says he’s going home.
says revenge will be served cold tonight.
Luger vs. Scott Steiner
jumps Luger as he comes in and pounds away. He suplexes Luger down
and sends him to the outside to make sure this doesn’t get
interesting. Luger is sent into the barricade but suplexes Steiner
off the apron to the outside. Steiner goes over the barricade before
going back inside for the standard Luger offense. A low blow breaks
up the Rack and there’s the Recliner (just a chinlock as he doesn’t
have the arms pulled back) but Luger is in the ropes. Steiner gets a
chair but his brother comes down the aisle. The distraction lets
Luger hit Scott in the back for the pin.
D-. Steiner is running from his
brother, is yet another lackey in the NWO, had issues against Johnny
Grunge on Thunder and now loses his first prominent match to a
forearm to the back in less than four minutes. Is it any wonder why
it took him another year to get over? The match was junk as Luger
continues to spiral into nothing.
Norton comes out and gets beaten up by Rick, setting up the showdown
of the brothers. Scott swings the chair but Rick backdrops him out
to the floor.
Title: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven vs. Chris Benoit
is No DQ and falls count anywhere. Page is defending after invading
the Benoit vs. Raven feud. It’s a triple lockup to start and now
everyone stands around. Another triple lockup brings everyone out to
the floor. Page is sent into the steps and the challengers fight in
the ring with Benoit getting two off an elbow. Benoit stomps him
down in the corner but Page comes back in to break it up. Raven and
Benoit head back to the floor so DDP can hit a big dive to take them
both out.
in again with Chris taking over and hitting a top rope splash for two
on Raven. Page and Benoit slug it out to the floor but Raven dives
over the top to take them both out for two on each. Page sends
Benoit into the barricade but Raven charges into both of them again.
Raven is whipped into the barricade and it’s Page vs. Benoit for a
bit. Raven goes up by the set and comes back with a garbage can but
Benoit puts it over Raven’s head so the other guys can beat on it
with crutches. Benoit takes over with a crutch shot to Page’s back
as they’re up by the entrance.
trashcan to Page’s bad ribs has him in trouble and a suplex on the
ramp has the ribs in even more trouble. Benoit and Raven team up for
a few seconds to send Page through an Uncensored sign. Chris pulls
out a kitchen sink of all things to hit Raven in the head but Raven
throws a table at his head. Raven comes back with a velvet rope to
choke Benoit but Chris whips Raven through the table. Page is still
down as the other guys head back to the ring.
chokes Raven with the velvet rope but Raven hits him low to change
momentum again. Now it’s chair time but it’s Raven taking the drop
toehold into the metal. Page is slowly crawling back to the ring as
Benoit whips Raven into a chair in the corner to send him to the
floor. Back in and Benoit puts on a sleeper but Page comes in to put
one on Benoit at the same time.
hits a jawbreaker to put everyone down. Why Benoit’s leg being on
Page isn’t a cover I’m not sure. Chris gets up and rolls the Germans
on Raven but Page gets up to German suplex both guys at the same
time. The challengers both knock Page down and Lodi hands in a stop
sign to crack Page in the head. Now it’s a table as Benoit stands
around. Raven puts Page on the table but Benoit cracks Raven in the
head with the sign. Benoit takes Raven to the top for a superplex
through Page through the table but Page knocks Benoit to the floor
and Diamond Cuts Raven “though” the table to retain.
A-. This was a wild brawl
before the wild brawl became the norm in wrestling. Benoit and Raven
did most of the work here as Page laid up by the sign but that’s to
be expected. The match was fun though and was exactly what it was
supposed to be: a big ECW style battle (with a bunch of ECW spots) on
a mainstream stage.
announcers talk for a bit.
Nash vs. The Giant
powerbomb is legal for this match. Giant is finally in wrestling
gear again but still has the neck brace. They pose at each other to
start before Nash does some kung fu. Kevin actually grabs a headlock
but gets clotheslined down with ease. They fight to the floor with
Giant being sent into the post as we continue to do nothing of note.
We’re three minutes into the match and Nash finally hits some elbows
to the neck to pick things up a bit.
does his foot choke in the corner and puts on a sleeper. After
wasting some time with the hold it’s a running crotch attack to
Giant’s back. There goes the neck brace but another crotch attack is
countered with a low blow. Giant fights up and shoves Nash down
before loading up the powerbomb….and Brian Adams comes in for the
F. To recap: Nash no shows
Starrcade, nearly cripples Giant at Souled Out, and STILL won’t do
the job here. His upcoming reward? His own stable to fight the NWO
while becoming one of the top faces in the company. It’s amazing how
ridiculous this stuff is becoming and it’s only March of 1998. The
match was horrible too with neither guy moving above a snail’s pace.
NWO C team comes in for the beatdown but Giant fights them off and
cleans house. Nash of course gets to hit Giant in the back with a
ball bat but Giant gets up. No damage to Big Kev of course.
the Hotline!
Hennig vs. Bret Hart
out process to start with neither guy doing much in the opening few
minutes. Bret grabs a headlock and takes it to the mat. After
nearly two minutes in the headlock Hennig is thrown to the floor for
a council with Rude. Back in and Bret gets a quick Sharpshooter but
Rude comes in for the unseen save. The Robinsdale Crunch starts the
leg work on Bret’s knee and it immediately goes into slow gear.
Hennig cannonballs down onto the leg and wraps it around the post a
few times. Rude gets in a wrap around as well as the fans aren’t
interested at all.
we’re six minutes into this and I haven’t left out a single bit of
“action”. Hennig whips him across the ring by the hair and puts
on a figure four and Rude cheats a bit. Bret makes the ropes but
gets hit low to slow him down again. Back to another leg lock to
waste more time before Hennig is thrown into his crotch against the
post spot. Bret gets two off a bulldog to set up the Five Moves of
Doom but Hennig sends him chest first into the buckle. The
PerfectPlex gets two and they trade rollups for two. Hennig tries a
sunset flip but Bret rolls through into the Sharpshooter for the
D. Take ten minutes off this
and it’s a great match. The problem is it’s not even fourteen
minutes long. It was clear that neither guy was interested in doing
much until the very last bit. Those two minutes or so were better
but the rest was WAY too dull to sit through. Bret didn’t care at
all and it appears to be mutual from WCW.
destroys Bret post match with the Rude Awakening and some chair
World Title: Scott Hall vs. Sting
no recap due to there being nothing in this story to recap. Hall won
a battle royal four months ago and Sting hasn’t had a big defense
yet. Dusty is in Hall’s corner to keep that idea going a little
while longer. Sting easily slugs Hall down to start and it’s time
for a breather. Back in and Hall fires off the driving shoulders but
gets punched to the corner. A hiptoss is countered and Hall
chokeslams him down but stops to mock the Giant.
comes right back with some right hands and Hall is knocked to the
floor again. The champion goes out to get him but a trip from Dusty
is enough to let Hall take over with a clothesline. Back in and the
discus punch puts Sting down and the fallaway slam gets two. Sting
comes back with a right hand and the falling low blow spot.
both guys down, Hall distracts the referee so Dusty can hit the
Bionic Elbow. Sting starts no selling punches and hits the Stinger
Splash but a Dusty distraction leads to a ref bump. Some brass
knuckles get two for Hall but the Outsider’s Edge is countered into
the Death Drop to retain Sting’s title.
D. Hall was given no chance
coming into this match and had no chance in the match. This could
have been a decent Nitro main event but it has no business as the co
main event of a pay per view. It felt like a modern World
Heavyweight Championship match as we were just waiting for the real
main event. The match was basic stuff but not very interesting.
cage is lowered.
Hogan vs. Randy Savage
pounds away in the corner to start and chokes Savage on the mat. The
big boot gets two as the fans think Hogan sucks. Hogan chokes even
more as this is already boring me to death. Savage comes back with
left hands before choking Hogan with I think tape. Hogan whips him
with the weightlifting belt but Savage avoids the legdrop. Now it’s
Savage with the belt before sending Hogan into the steel so hard that
the cage is afraid to move.
goes into the cage again as the fans are almost silent. Savage is
backdropped into the cage and slides down in a nice visual. Back to
whipping with the belt before Hollywood gets two off a belly to back
suplex. Savage is rammed head first into the cage a few times for
two as this continues to be horrible.
for a change of pace, let’s go to the floor to make the cage entirely
pointless. Also, let’s make sure to keep the cage in between the
camera and the wrestlers so we can barely see anything. They head
back inside and Savage sends him into the steal before popping up.
Apparently they’re both bleeding but we’re on a wide shot so it’s
almost impossible to see.
goes up top for a double ax from the edge of the cage for two. It’s
elbow time but Disciple runs out to break in and pull Hogan away.
Savage is on top of the cage and begs Savage to jump but Savage
climbs down instead. Sting repels down and we get a ridiculously
long staredown, as Hogan and Sting look at each other for well over a
minute….and Savage turns on Sting. Hogan doesn’t know what’s going
on as Savage leaves to end the show. The match is a no contest
because that’s how you end a pay per view.
F. Hall and Sting are off the
hook now for their bad match. Their match was bad, but this was a
full on embarrassment. Hogan and Savage moved like 85 year olds out
there with the “violent” parts looking more like kids mimicking
wrestling moves. So after somehow looking like geriatrics and
children, the ending didn’t exist and the post match (I think?) stuff
makes little to no sense. Such is life in WCW.
C. The divide on this
show really is distinct. The first half of this show (bad four
minute Luger vs. Steiner match aside) is really solid stuff with a
great three way and some other good to very good stuff in the
midcard. After the three way it’s all downhill though as the wheels
come off again. The main event gets a huge amount of the blame here
as it’s not only long but horrible. Hart’s match was long but just
boring and the title match wasn’t all that bad. The main event was
one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen and didn’t even make sense.
The whole show isn’t terrible but stop before the cage match.
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WCW Uncensored 98 (Slightly Less Shitty Version)

The Netcop Retro Rant for Uncensored 98 – No Meltzer on Monday = I watch more wrestling. In this case, we go back and redo a show that I did without my notes the first time, way back in 1998. (Since this is still a “Netcop” rant this would have been written in 2000, by the way.  The font of the original Word document gives it away for me as well, because I was REALLY into Verdana for some stupid reason at that point.)  My feelings on the show then were that it sucked for the most part, but then I was getting more pissed off at WCW’s booking by the day at that time and my judgment was thus clouded  (There’s an understatement.), and I had about 10 other people who were bitching about the show hanging over my shoulder, so I wasn’t in a position to be objective.  (And you KNOW how important objectivity and journalistic integrity is to me!) I wanted to go back and watch it again, but my copy of the show ended up looking like shit, so I never ended up watching it again and simply did the rant from memory. (See, INTEGRITY!) The results weren’t pretty, and I did a lot of the matches a big injustice as a result. So in the interest of fairness to a show that Phil Rippa recently called the best show he ever paid money to see  (Phil used to say lot of odd stuff.), I thought I’d give it the ol’ second look without any distractions. Well, aside from my criminally woeful lack of sleep and/or money.  (At this point I was working a shitty job where I did very early morning shifts and thus had the entirety of the day to watch wrestling and 24 DVD marathons.  Given the lousy wage and the fact that I only worked 25 hours a week, I have no idea how I not only survived on that, but paid rent every month and had what I can only classify as ridiculous amounts of disposable income as well.) – I would, as always, be remiss in not mentioning that 1998 produced 12 of the lamest PPV promo spots ever produced by WCW or any other wrestling promotion. This month’s winner: The Game Boy ripoff spot featuring Wrath.  (Oh, MAN, I totally forgot about that stupid promo.  Let’s go to the videotape!)   (Now if THAT doesn’t get you hyped up for this show, I have nothing more to say to you.)  – Live from Mobile, Alabama, the only city named after a trailer. – Your hosts are Tony, Bobby & the Iron Professor. – Opening match, World TV title: Booker T v. Eddy Guerrero. This was the start of the “psycho Chavito” angle, as Chavo was forced to be in Eddy’s corner after losing a match to him the week previous. Eddy stalls to start. Quite a lot. Booker gets him in and blasts him with a backdrop and sideslam. Eddy bails and the crowd gets on his case. Back in, Booker hits a sidekick and poewrslam, and Eddy bails again. Booker chases and tosses him back in, elbowing him for two. He goes upstairs and Eddy strikes, knocking him off and superplexing him. Slugfest, and Booker hits a vicious superkick for two. Eddy counters the axe kick by dropkicking the other knee, and he works on it. Eddy uses a long kneebar to wear him down. Eddy hits a slingshot senton on the knee for two. Booker bails and Eddy follows with a tope. Back in, it gets two. Booker recovers and hits the axe kick, (Here’s one of those things I notice about my writing that I’m sure no one else does, but around this time I started deliberately changing my spelling of Booker’s “ax kick” to “axe kick” instead, even though I’m pretty sure “ax” and “axe” are interchangeable.  I just remember it seemed very important to me at the time to make sure that “e” was there.)  and a dramatic spinebuster, but a missile dropkick misses. He tries another axe kick, but misses and crotches himself. Eddy tries to superplex him, but Booker shoves him off and hits the elusive dropkick for the pin at 11:03. Ending seemed a bit odd, but the match was solid. *** Eddy sneak attacks a smirking Chavo to wipe the smile off his face after the loss. – Konnan v. Juventud Guerrera. Juvy goes after Konnan but gets lariated. Konnan bails and stops a Juvy highspot, and they brawl. Back in, Juvy gets a springboard dropkick for two. Konnan comes back with a warped lucha submission move, sort of a deathlock. Juvy tries a comeback and takes a release german suplex for his troubles. Konnan steals a move from Shinjiro Ohtani – he whose boots Konnan is not worthy to lick – by scraping his boots across Juvy’s face in the corner. He goes into a rocking horse cradle, but drops Juvy right on his head, so Juvy bails to regroup. Back in, a fireman’s carry gets two. He tries a superplex, but Juvy lands on his feet and comes back. Konnan gets an ocean cyclone suplex for two, however. Powerbomb attempt, but YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB…oh, wait, that’s Kidman. Juvy still gets the facejam, but the 450 misses. Konnan hits the 187 (I feel like I’m a short order cook…) for two. Samoan drop gets two, but Konnan does that there cocky heel cover, and Juvy rolls him over for the fluke pin at 10:13. This was all Juvy bumping for Konnan, but still worth watching. **1/4 – Cruiserweight title match: Chris Jericho v. Dean Malenko. This is the match that ended up leading to Jericho becoming the megastar that he is today. Jericho has one of the first pairs of “1004” tights here. Wrestling sequence to start, and Jericho screams like a girl. Jericho tries a hammerlock and yells out “Here’s #643!”, then Malenko takes him to school again. (And yes, for those who keep asking, this is where the “Arm-BAR” running gag comes from.)  Jericho hits an enzuigiri, but misses the springboard dropkick. He tries running away, but Malenko brings him back. Jericho counters a leapfrog with a spinebuster for two. Suplex gets two. Jericho goes into the resting. Lionsault gets two. Slugfest in the corner goes Dean’s way, and a backdrop suplex gets two. Jericho comes back with a senton for two. He puts Malenko in the corner and dropkicks him, which serves to piss him off. Malenko starts countering moves, but Jericho gets an inverted suplex. Dean rolls him up for two. Backslide gets two. Jericho puts Malenko on the floor, then puts him back in. Jericho goes for a superplex, countered by Malenko for two. Dean misses a dropkick and Jericho gets a hard-fought Liontamer, but Dean makes the ropes. We go upstairs, and Malenko hits his killer gutbuster for two. Jericho swats a dropkick aside, and hooks the Liontamer, and that’s that at 14:41. Pretty good match for Jericho, who was still improving at this point. ***1/4 Gene Okerlund then badgers Malenko, calling him a loser who blew it. Gene asks him where he goes from, and Malenko replies: “Home”. In the weeks following, Jericho would mercilessly taunt Malenko, getting both men over without Malenko ever appearing on TV. And from there, Jericho springboarded to stardom. – Scott Steiner v. Lex Luger. Steiner is freshly heel-turned, and no one gives a crap. (Oh come now, I’m sure that much like the Rankor, even Steiner had a handler who cared for him and kept his steroid supply topped off.)  Steiner didn’t actually get over until April of 99, when he beat DDP into a steaming pile of goo and debuted his “hooches”. Belly to belly suplex starts. Weak brawling outside follows, and Luger ends up suplexing Steiner off the apron. Wow, that was almost a bump. Back in, Luger hits his usual stuff, but Steiner blocks the rack with a low blow. He hooks the REAR CHINLOCK OF EXCRUTIATING TORMENT, but Rick Steiner saunters out and distracts Scott long enough for Luger to hit the STAINLESS STEEL FOREARM OF DEATH for the pin at 3:52. Well, you know what they say about ripping a band-aid off quickly making it less painful… ½* – US title match: DDP v. Raven v. Chris Benoit. Three-way lockup to start. Now that’s neat. We hit the floor in short order, where DDP hits the stairs. Raven & Benoit go inside the ring. Benoit gets two, then DDP takes Raven out. Benoit baseball slides Raven, and DDP hits a pescado on both. DDP neckbreakers Raven for two, Benoit suplexes Raven for two. DDP pancakes Raven for two. Benoit drops the flying headbutt on Raven for two. Rough night for Raven so far. DDP stomps Raven for two after Benoit gets off. DDP & Benoit brawl, and Raven follows with a pescado on both, then covers each in turn for two. DDP & Benoit fight up the aisle, Raven follows. Several two counts result. Raven grabs a trash can, and winds up wearing it, and DDP & Benoit double-team him with a pair of crutches. Benoit slams the garbage can into DDP’s often-injured ribs, and Benoit and Raven then team up to toss DDP through a convenient video wall. Neat spot. Benoit nails Raven with a kitchen sink, just to be cute. Raven retaliates by suplexing a table onto him. Raven sets the table up, but goes through it. They head to the ring, and Raven gets a low blow. He sets up a chair but Benoit hits his own drop toehold onto it. DDP crawls back to the ring. Benoit & Raven continue beating the tar out of each other. Benoit gets a sleeper, and DDP runs in for the triple sleeper spot that I hate so much. (SMH, you might say.)  Benoit hits Raven with two of the rolling suplexes, and DDP suplexes both at once in a cool spot that the Radicalz lifted at Judgment Day. (There you go, written in June 2000.)  Benoit holds DDP, and Raven gets a stop-sign from Lodi (still playing Raven’s lackey at this point) and nails DDP. Another table gets set up, but Benoit gets his own shot on Raven with the sign. DDP is on the table soon after, and Benoit tries to superplex Raven through DDP and the table, but DDP recovers, pushes Benoit down to the floor, and hits a bad-looking Diamond Cutter off the top, through the table, and pins Raven to retain at 17:10. I was about a hundred billion times more impressed with this match after seeing it this second time. ****1/4 Benoit supplied the match flow, Raven supplied the booking, and DDP probably supplied the autographed pictures of himself. (Come on, that’s still a pretty funny line today.) – Kevin Nash v. The Giant. Giant does stuff, Nash does stuff, nWo runs in at 6:30. Been there, done that, got a bad rating already. ¼* – Curt Hennig v. Bret Hart. Bret works a headlock to start. That goes nowhere, so Hennig bails. This was during the period when WCW didn’t know how to use Bret. Oh, wait, sorry, guess I should narrow it down a bit. This was just before his heel turn. You know, the one where he went nWo without ever giving an explanation? Anyway, back into the ring, where Bret quickly gets the Sharpshooter, but Rick Rude pops him and Hennig takes over. He works the knee. Hennig gets a figure-four and continues working that knee. What a thrilling match. He goes for a superplex, but Hart knocks him off and beings the comeback. Wait for it…wait for it…FIVE MOVES OF DOOM! Bret misses a blind charge and Hennig hits the Hennigplex for two. Rollup gets two. Bret reverses a sunset flip into the Sharpshooter and Hennig taps at 14:00. Way long and very boring. Finish was good, though. ** – WCW World title: Sting v. Scott Hall. Hall won World War III in 97 to set this up. Hall works the arm for a bit to maintain the illusion of still having wrestling ability. He chokeslams Sting and mocks the Giant. Sting comes back with a bulldog and a standing dropkick that sends Hall to the floor. Back in, Hall catches him with a lariat for two. Fallaway slam gets two. Collision leads to Sting’s cliché “fall on the guy’s crotch” spot. Hall distracts the ref, and Dusty sneaks in to drop a bionic elbow. Hall gets two off it. Sting comes back with a Stinger splash and the Scorpion deathlock, but stops to nail Dusty, and the ref is bumped (The late Mark Curtis, master of ref bump, once again demonstrates his superiority by making sure to take the bump right in front of the camera, and rolling his eyes back in his head for added facial expression as he collapses – CRAFTSMANSHIP, people, that’s what counts). Hall uses knuckledusters for two. Outsider Edge is countered with the Deathdrop for the pin at 8:27. Basic Nitro match. * – Age in the Cage II: Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage. This was the culmination of the first stage of the first nWo breakup tease angle, although the trigger on that particular storyline would take another 5 months to be pulled as nWo Wolfpac was formed. On the other hand, the New Blood have now had roughly 20 different matches and/or feuds within the same stable. Draw your own conclusions. (Russo is a moron?)  Hogan does his usual kicking and choking to start. Big boot gets two. Hogan continues methodically beating on Savage, who comes back with choking. Both guys are heels, so neither is particularly over, but I’d bet if you asked either one they’d both take credit for the buyrate. (I’d credit that commercial.)  Hogan whips him with his belt. Big stinky nasty wart-infested Giant-killing legdrop misses and Savage whips him with the belt. Zzzzzzz. Hogan gets rammed into the cage (okay, “rammed” is subjective – “lightly tapped” is more accurate) and starts bleeding. Remember, kids, it’s OKAY to break company policy as long as you still put asses in the seats and have friends who run the company. (Or you’re married to the boss’s daughter.)  Remember, no one cares about those midcard jabronies anyway, so if guys like Jericho and Benoit wanted equal treatment, let ‘em go to the WWF and see how far they’d get without Hogan’s star power to carry the ratings. Ungrateful bastards. Hogan backdrops Savage into the cage, which is the one single good bump in the match, and of course he bleeds, too. They fight to the door, and the referee politely opens the door for them so they have a meaningless brawl on the floor and thus completely invalidate the ENTIRE POINT OF HAVING A FUCKING CAGE MATCH. (Yeah, what was WITH that?  I mean, now we just take it for granted that 17 people will run into any cage match booked, but back then there was still some semblance of attention paid to the stipulation and they just killed it dead here.)  Back in, Savage recovers and goes to the top of the cage, hitting a double axehandle for two. Hogan’s “Upstage-O-Meter” starts flashing, so the Booty Disciple runs in (Run in? Cage match? Me no understand how these words go together) and takes out the ref. Call it a no contest in roughly 14:00, since no bell was ever rung to, you know, END THE MATCH. (I believe the phrase you’re searching for is SPORTZ ENTERTAINMENT FINISH) Sting rappels into the cage, and we get a big staredown, lasting nearly a minute, before (surprise surprise), Sting’s friend Savage turns on him and walks out. This is not to be confused with Superbrawl from the year before, where Savage also turned on his friend Sting — that year he didn’t walk out on him. The WWF won their first ratings victory in 82 weeks less than a month later, which is kinda the punchline and moral of the story all wrapped up in one. Pick a number between 1 and 5, add a “-“, and there’s your damn rating. Go with -* from me, cuz I’m generous tonight. The Bottom Line: Still not a terrifically great show by any means, but with the awesome three-way and some good action on the undercard, I’d definitely bump this one up to “Recommended show” without much hesitation. The “main event” matches absolutely kill the show, however, so be warned in advance.

WCW Uncensored 98 (Original Shitty Version)

(2013 Scott sez:  Ah, what the hell.  Let’s continue through the fascinating trainwreck that is 1998 WCW.)  The Netcop Rant for WCW Uncensored 1998. – Live from Mobile Alabama. – Your hosts are Huey, Dewey and Louie. – I’m working without my notes tonight because my copy of the show was too fucked up to watch again. If anyone has an EX quality copy, preferably off a satellite dish, I’d like to acquire it. I have ECW out the wazoo to trade for it, along with other stuff. I need a better copy of Superbrawl VIII as well. So this’ll be an abbreviated version.   (Having an anal retentive ECW mutant roommate meant that as much as I disliked the promotion, I always had TONS of trade-bait for stuff I actually wanted to watch.)  – Opening match: Booker T v. Eddy Guerrero (w/ Chavo Jr.). And this is Job #1 for the Holy Trinity. I actually prefer Booker going over to Eddy winning the title, but really everyone expected Eddy to win this thing and now he’s getting demoted back to feuding with his nephew, it looks like. (Yup.)  The match itself is pretty good, but they never really seem to mesh to the godlike levels that I know Eddy can achieve. Still, Booker wins a good match, and I’m happy so far. – Gonnad v. Juventud Guerrera. And a-downhill we go. This is just awful for both guys, although Gonnad sucks hard to begin with. At one point Gonnad is trying a new variation on the Boston Crab where he lifts Juvy off the ground and holds onto his hands, but he drops him right on his head and bends his neck in an ugly fashion. Sloppy, very sloppy, and Juvy is hurt as he has to roll out of the ring and walk it off for a couple of minutes before continuing. Gonnad spends much of the match yelling “arriba la raza” and generally trying to get the crowd to give a shit. (Much like most of his WCW career.)  Finally Juvy reverses a sloppy cover into a cradle for the pin. After the match, Gonnad beats the hell out of him, starting a trend that would continue throughout the night. – Chris Jericho v. Dean Malenko (Cruiserweight title). Job #2 for the Holy Trinity. This was not a great match by any means. Lots of slow points and Jericho just doesn’t do it for me, no matter how great Herb Kunze thinks he is. (Of course I came around to Herb’s way of thinking soon after.)  Still, it was the second-best match on the card and we’re 2/3 so far, so I’m still reasonably happy. (I was a pretty grumpy guy in general back then.)  Jericho wins with the Liontamer cleanly, and then Mean Gene comes in and verbally berates Malenko, crediting him with losses at two PPVs he wasn’t even at, before Malenko says he’s going “home.” Whatever that means.  (IT MEANS HE GETS RESULTS, YOU STUPID CHIEF!  But random Simpsons quotes aside, it was kind of an odd setup for an awesome payoff at Slamboree.)  – Lex Luger v. Scott Steiner. Well, at least it was clean. Sort of. (Has anyone ever accused either guy of being clean?)  Lex and Scott go out and do their usual crapola before Rick comes down to interfere, allowing Lex to hit Scott from behind with the BIG FOREARM OF DEATH for the pin. This of course is counter-intuitive to Scott’s push, but logic has never entered in WCW’s booking before. (Given we were just coming off Steiner’s big heel turn, this was definitely a weird result.)  The usual brawl with Rick & Lex v. Scott & Scott breaks out afterwards. Terrible match. – Chris Benoit v. DDP v. Raven (US title match): Subtract Benoit and this sucked shit. Chris carries the entire match, which liberally steals spots from ECW in several places, including a stop sign disguised by a sign saying “USE THIS SIGN”. I suppose everyone will gush about how “hardcore” this was, but it was pretty weak brawling.  (I bet people will also make “air quotes” while gushing about the match.  Damn hipsters.) It also gets converted to “falls count anywhere” along the way, just for fun. (See what I mean?) Finish comes as Benoit gets tossed out of the ring, and DDP Diamond-Cuts Raven off the top rope onto a table. It sounds better than it came off. Benoit was the only one using any psychology here (hitting DDP in the ribs — what a concept!) and Raven did his usual spots. Nothing special at all. And Benoit jobs again, by proxy. Job #3 for the Holy Trinity, making them 0/3 in title matches and I guess showing that Bischoff is putting them in their place or something. I dunno, they tried combining a garbage match and a three-way match, and they can’t really do either right to begin with. – The Giant v. Kevin Nash. And now we’re into the main events and the real bullshit begins. The powerbomb has been reinstated for tonight only, so of course we don’t see it here. (Ah, WCW.)  Shit match, much more along the lines of what we’ve been expecting out of these two all along. They lumber around for a while before Giant goes for the powerbomb and the ENTIRE FUCKING nWo RUNS IN. Hello???? Isn’t this sort of crap supposed to be saved for Nitro and not a PPV? (Gotta protect Nash’s spot.)  DQ win for the Giant. Very disappointing. – Curt Hennig v. Bret Hart. 21 minutes long and a total pile of shit. (Normally I would step in and argue with myself, but no, this was AWFUL.)  This is the worst match I’ve seen Bret in since he lost the World title to Sid in 1997. Either Bret wasn’t trying or Hennig really is that bad now (or both…), but this was boring as hell and a non-stop headlock. Rude blatantly interferes a couple of times, but Bret eventually puts Hennig in the Sharpshooter for the tap-out. And then Rude and Hennig just obliterate Bret, including a wicked Rude Awakening by Rude. *Another* post match beating? Haven’t we been seeing these for weeks now leading up to this? – WCW World title: Sting v. Scott Hall. (Hey, Hall finally gets his title shot from World War III!)  Kick, punch, kick, punch. Sting pulls out 7 wrestling moves, showing more here than in any other match this year. And Dusty graces us with his presence, interfering on numerous occasions and even influencing the booking as we get brass knuckles and a ref bump. (Oh yeah, nWo Dusty, how could we forget that?  “There will be no comeback” is still a great soundbite, though.)  *Sigh* Sting kicks out of all the nefarious schemes and flips out of an Outsider’s Edge attempt and hits the ultra-weak Scorpion Deathdrop (I still hate that move) for the pin. Not even close to what I know both guys are capable of. At least it was clean… – Main Event: Age in the Cage II: Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage. This was the most boring cage match I’ve seen since, well, Age in the Cage I. And again the entire cage match concept is defiled not once but TWICE in the same match as the referee simply unlocks the cage and allows them to fight outside for a bit, then go back in. Hogan blades, showing what a hypocrite Bischoff is for panning away on everyone else, and then Savage blatantly cuts himself on camera to rub it in. Oh, blood, wow they’re hardcore, aren’t they? And then it gets good, so naturally we have to put a stop to it. Savage hits a nice-looking axehandle off the top of the cage, and goes for the big elbow off the top when Brutus Beefcake runs in and stops him, then takes out both referees. Then Sting drops in and they…don’t do anything. I mean it, they literally just stand around and look at each other for 3 minutes. Oooooo, that’s exciting. (There was some issues with time cues or something, if I remember right.)  Then, just to top it off, Savage suddenly clotheslines Sting and walks away. Stop me if this starts making sense. No decision is announced, end of show. The Bottom Line: What the fuck was that main event supposed to be? A screwjob, non-finish in a CAGE MATCH? On a PAY-PER-VIEW??? (Hey whoa, calm down there Jesse Baker.)  What kind of a slap in the face to the paying customer is that? Is Bischoff losing control of his company so fast that everything had to end in run-ins or post-match beatings to keep the troops happy? This was just Nitro booking all night long. I liked two matches (Booker/Guerrero and Malenko/Jericho) but if they were anything less than “good -> very good” I’d be horribly disappointed so that’s not saying much. I didn’t like the US title match, but then I don’t like garbage wrestling to begin with so that’s not saying much. But the rest was just awful! 6/9 matches at ** or less is disgraceful, especially considering that many of those involved did good matches at the far superior Souled Out, including Nash and the Giant. The run-ins and beatings were ridiculous. It was just the same stuff as we got on Nitro and Thunder leading up to the show. What’s next, do we do rematches of everything at Spring Stampede? A tag match with Hogan and Beefcake against Sting and Savage? Who does Sting defend against next, Savage? (Um, yes.)  People who were saying that the WWF didn’t have a direction after Bret left should take a long, hard look at WCW right now and ask where it’s supposed to be going right now, because this show was like a car wreck. Certainly not the worst PPV ever or anything, but definitely the worst WCW show this year. Later…

Uncensored 1997

March 16, 1997
North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, South Carolina
Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
show is known for two reasons: the main event and what happens after
the main event. This show is kind of a mixed bag as far as
continuations of old stuff and new stuff being added. The card looks
interesting at least, including one of the most tricked out main
events you’ll ever find which will take a few paragraphs to recap
alone before we even get to the twenty minutes it runs. Let’s get
to it.

opening video runs down the card which more or less says that there
are all gimmick matches tonight.
Rodman is here tonight and we run down the stipulations for the main
event tonight which is one of the most complicated matches you’ll
ever see. Ok might as well get it out of the way now.
spare the rules for later but the stipulations are that if Team WCW
(Giant, Luger, Steiners) wins, the NWO lost all of its titles and all
of the NWO couldn’t wrestle for three years. That’s just
comical. If Team Piper (Piper, Benoit, Mongo and Jarrett, with the
Horsemen replacing two real fighters and John Tenta in a HUGE mess of
an angle) wins Piper gets Hogan in a cage eventually and if Team NWO
(Hogan, Hall, Nash, Savage) wins they get a title shot they get to
pick whenever they say so.
we get to the show.
Title: Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero
is due to Eddie costing Dean the Cruiserweight Title last month.
Think this one will be awesome? Fast paced stuff to start as Dean
hits a shoulder to send Eddie to the floor. Dean stomps a mudhole
(Dusty’s word) into Eddie and adds a suplex so he can yell at Eddie
a bit. Dean is all ticked off here and it’s kind of awesome. This
is no DQ apparently. Eddie gets all aggressive too and is loudly
booed, I guess making him the heel here.
locks on a half crab as we cut to the back to see the NWO standing
over an unconscious Rick Steiner. At least we didn’t miss anything
as Dean has the hold on still. He shifts it back into almost a half
Liontamer as we confirm it was Rick. Dean throws him over the top
which isn’t a DQ here as we change the rules again. Despite Eddie
being the default heel here, Dean grabs the belt for a shot with it
and is booed as well.
Bottom out of nowhere takes Dean down as does a dropkick to the knee.
Eddie works over the knee with a shot from the top and a hilo down
onto it. We hit the leg lock as Eddie controls some more. STF now
as Rick is taken out on a stretcher and into an ambulance. The NWO
stands behind him and pretends to care in a nice jerk moment. Out to
the floor as Dean is in real trouble.
Four goes on and Eddie actually grabs the ropes. I guess this is
around the time he turned heel. Dean tries to speed things up a bit
and fails completely. Hilo misses but a baseball slide sends Dean
into the railing. Eddie tries a HUGE dive but gets sent into the
railing chest first.
chop it out and Eddie gets a backbreaker and powerbomb for two each.
They speed it up and do some technical stuff so Dean kicks him low
for two. Nice guy that Dean. Powerslam by Dean for two and he hits
Eddie with a Frog Splash but pulls Eddie up in a rather stupid move.
More technical and speed stuff results in a German to Eddie for two.
DDT puts Dean down as this is a very back and forth match. Eddie
tries to pay Dean back with the Texas Cloverleaf and there it is.
Here comes Syxx with his camera because one NWO instance during the
match wasn’t enough I guess. He tries to steal the belt so Eddie
goes after him. Dean gets the camera, the camera goes upside Eddie’s
head and Dean is US Champion.
B+. Great match until the ending which makes the whole thing
about Syxx instead of the great match which is another example of
what was wrong with WCW: there was no payoff to the 20 minutes of
wrestling because the NWO becomes the focus of things again. Oh
well. Eddie vs. Dean for twenty minutes is hard to complain about
and this was no exception as far as great matches go.
rants about the main event and saying he shouldn’t have to do that
to get a cage match with Hogan. Apparently Rodman wanted to try on
the kilt with Piper still in it. Piper is either insane or coked out
of his mind. You figure out which. The Horsemen pop up and they all
say they’re awesome while Piper makes gay jokes about Rodman.
vs. Ultimo Dragon
is awesome and heel here while Psychosis is still masked and no
slouch in his own right. Just a random match here with no feud that
I can think of or title mentioned at all. The graphic of course says
Ultimate Dragon because WCW doesn’t have much intelligence. Tenay
sits in on commentary for this thank goodness. STF by Dragon doesn’t
last long as this is all technical stuff of course.
of technical stuff (standard with Crusierweights) results in a
standoff as we hear that they’ve never fought before. Tenay is so
much better as an expert it’s unreal. Dragon fires off his kicks
and it’s off to a leg lock. That lasts a few seconds and Psychosis
gets a dropkick for two. There’s Dragon’s headstand in the
corner which is always cool to see.
sets up a camel clutch by Dragon to slow things down a bit. That
gets reversed into one by the psycho dude. Guillotine leg drop
mostly hits but I guess that wasn’t his finisher yet I guess so
Dragon kicks out at two. We get some weird references to Dusty
training in Mexico which sounds like an inside joke of some sort. No
gimmick to this match I don’t think.
hear the story about Dragon being the last protégé of Bruce Lee,
which would mean he was a protégé before he turned seven years old.
I know he’s good but that’s a stretch even for WCW. Belly to
back puts both guys down. Something like a Whisper in the Wind sends
Dragon to the floor so Psychosis can hit a bit dive over the top to
the floor. Dragon hits a Tajiri elbow on the floor and his namesake
Asai moonsault to kill Psychosis again.
adds in a kick on the floor and Dragon hits a Lionsault for two.
Pinfall reversal sequence gets two for Psychosis and La Magistrol
gets two for Dragon. Let’s talk about the NWO a bit as it’s
super rana time. We get what was either a goardbuster or a botched
superplex off the top depending on who you think was in control.
Psychosis gets a top rope rana for two and Dragon gets a Liger Bomb
for no cover. Tornado DDT (kind of) sets up a tiger suplex to give
Dragon the pin.
C+. Not bad here but the pacing was all off. There really wasn’t
a buildup to an ending or a segment where they had anything set up
for psychology. Not a bad match or anything but at the same time
just kind of there. The lack of story or title aspect hurt it a lot
as well. The last two or three minutes were rather awkward also as
this needed to be about three minutes shorter.
DDP who is the hottest thing in wrestling at this point so of course
he isn’t on the card. His feud with Savage was just starting which
is the one that more or less made him a legit guy in the ring and not
just with the fans. Gene asks if Page is going to be subbing for
Rick, but that would make far too much sense in WCW so we’re not
going to do that. Instead Page challenges Savage again.
and Liz pop up near the announce booth and Savage says he respects
Page because his wife is in Playboy. Always thought it was
Penthouse. I don’t think it had been revealed that Kimberly was
Page’s wife yet so this was pretty shocking stuff. The good stuff
is spraypainted of course and here’s Kimberly, also covered in
paint. Savage jumps Page and there’s some paint for him as well.
They would feud for nearly a year over this.
vs. Mortis
arts match here. Mortis is more commonly known as Kanyon and has
James Vanderberg (Mitchell) with him. It’s Mortis’ debut.
Mortis, the guy in skull-based attire, shouts with a New York accent,
completely destroying his mystique quickly. Glacier yells about
getting kicked in the ear as this is a wrestling match rather than a
martial arts match.
kicks Mortis. A lot. Vanderberg pulls Glacier off of him which
isn’t a DQ somehow. Mortis uses his legit innovative offense such
as a Fameasser for two. A second attempt is countered into a
powerbomb and both guys are down. Vanderberg shouts to Mortis to
REMEMBER TAIPEI which was never explained of course. More kicks by
Glacier and both guys are down.
gets crotched on the top and a superplex gets two. Northern lights
suplex with a cradle gets two for Mortis as this referee is
annoyingly slow by comparison to the guys in the ring. Mortis pulls
the referee in front of Glacier’s superkick finisher and gets one
of his own for two. Vanderberg gets on the apron and the distraction
totally fails, allowing Glacier to hit the aforementioned kick for
the pin.
C. This was definitely the best match they had in their seemingly
never ending series. Pretty decent match here as they moved rather
quickly in there. The overacting and the lack of anything definitive
as far as the story went got really old eventually. Not terrible
though and the pacing was good.
match Wrath debuts and beats up Glacier.
see the video of the Outsiders running the Steiners off the road and
wrecking their car. You know, because attempted vehicular homicide
airing on national television is all cool right?
Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs
match of the four corner variety here. Bagwell says he doesn’t
care if he loses this match on the way to the ring. Fine example of
the stuff that’s wrong with WCW right there. Riggs whips him a few
times but Bagwell hits the floor as the strap isn’t hooked up yet.
Bagwell gets crotched and whipped a lot. Riggs slides between Buff’s
legs and the balls are abused again. Somehow that all took nearly
five minutes.
takes over and mugs/talks to the camera a lot. He literally stops
for about 15 seconds to talk at times. Dude, get on with the boring
match already! This is one of those terrible matches where nothing
at all of note is going on as Buff is clearly going to win and no one
cares in the slightest. Buff again says he doesn’t care who wins
says this is brutal. Yeah it is but I don’t think it’s in the
same way that Dusty means. Bagwell makes him do the American Males
Clap and it’s as stupid as it sounds. They keep talking about a
bag of cement as some kind of a joke which isn’t funny in the
slightest. This is killing the crowd too. The referee shoves
Bagwell down in a comedy spot that isn’t funny. Blockbuster
doesn’t work so Riggs whips Bagwell a bit. Powerbomb puts Buff
down as does a missile dropkick. Riggs gets three buckles and that
more or less ends his offense. Bagwell hangs him and the four
corners end this.
F+. First of all, this was terribly, and I do mean terribly
boring. Second, what in the world was the point in this being a
strap match? There was no way that Riggs was winning this and
everyone knew it. The solution? Give them thirteen minutes to prove
that Bagwell was going to win. Weak match and that’s putting it
very mildly.
NWO looks at the Playboy and guarantee victory. Rodman is talked
about incessantly.
Enemy vs. Harlem Heat
is for the #1 contender spot which meant nothing because it’s not
like the Outsiders ever wrestled. Oh and this is Texas Tornado
rules. In essence this is a street fight and the weapons are in as
soon as the bell rings. This is one of those brawls where they’re
going to beat on each other for a good while until they get tired and
then it drags for awhile until we get to the ending.
white guys beat up Stevie until Booker makes the save. Booker
actually gets two on Grunge. Extension cord comes in and Rock
accidently hits Grunge. Various comedy weapons are brought in and
this is going nowhere for the most part. Dusty laughs a lot at stuff
that really isn’t funny. The guy enjoyed his work to be sure.
a toilet seat in there which is the main focus of the “comedy”
here. The announcers don’t pay a bit of attention here as you
would expect. Sherri helps a bit and Dusty loses whatever he had
left. More weapon shots and choking follow as it occurs to me that
Sherri and Public Enemy are all dead. That’s a rather saddening
thought. Dusty freaks over a pizza pan being brought in.
gets crotched as we hit the slow down period. We get a shot of
Sherri hitting Rock so we shift to a camera view where we can’t see
anything but the ring because I guess a woman hitting a man hurts the
southern mentality or whatever. There was a low blow in there
somewhere and Dusty cracks up over it.
a purse brought in with some form of electronics in it. Rocket
Launcher gets two on Grunge. Sherri gets rammed into the railing and
Booker goes through a table. Here are Mongo and Jarrett for no
apparent reason. Ah apparently Heat is replacing them. Briefcase to
Grunge sets up the Harlem Hangover to end this after FAR too long.
D+. This was your standard wild brawl that wasn’t really wild
and wasn’t anything resembling good but it’s not terrible for a
toss your brain out and let them destroy each other fight. It
definitely got far too tedious more than once but these can be
entertaining if they don’t go too long. This went too long but was
still kind of entertaining so points for that I suppose.
talks to Team WCW and explains the rules again, this time saying that
the NWO would have full power, not just having the right to challenge
for a title. Scott says he has more incentive now, Giant says it’s
time for spring cleaning and that his team is awesome. Lex plays up
the whole social clash/honor etc which Austin vs. Hart were doing far
better at the time.
Title: Prince Iaukea vs. Rey Mysterio
is a rematch from last month. Rey takes over to start and hits a
front flip off a springboard for two. This is an extended fifteen
minute time limit instead of the usual ten. The same move as he hit
off the springboard hits over the top and it’s all Rey so far. The
announcers talk about how Rey and Dean are moving up the ladder and
it’s so funny to think that’s going to mean anything in the long
hits a springboard dive and based on the crowd you would have thought
that he ran his hand through his hair. Back in the ring Rey gets a
middle rope bulldog for two. The fans flat out do not care.
Quebrada (Mike said it, not me) gets two for Rey. Sunset flip off
the middle rope gets the same. Rey tries to get the crowd into it
and it doesn’t work in the slightest.
senton (backsplash, not bomb) misses and Prince takes over with his,
ahem, REALLY FREAKING BORING offense. The problem with him is rather
obvious quickly: there is absolutely nothing unique about him in the
slightest. He’s Samoan, average size, average weight, no special
moves or anything at all like that. And yet somehow he’s TV
Champion. Iaukea can’t get a springboard cross body as Rey
counters with a dropkick. The Prince accidently low blows Rey as
things somehow get even slower.
both try dropkicks and are both down again. Rey gets a headscissors
for the first interesting move in far too long. Whisper in the Wind
takes Prince down and the clock runs out after about 12 minutes. Rey
wants to keep going, Prince says you’re on and here we go. No
mention of how long this is as Heenan isn’t sure either. Rey gets
a springboard enziguri and drops the dime for two. West Coast Pop is
set up but Prince rolls through into a sunset flip to retain. So
uh….the point to the extra time was what exactly?
D. Rey was great at this point but he wasn’t a miracle worker.
Whoever thought Prince was worth anything was pretty freaking stupid
to say the least. He would FINALLY lose the title about a month
later to Regal and then would go away for a good while until coming
back as the Artist and win the Cruiserweight Title when no one cared
for the NEW show, Spring Stampede. By new they mean not since 1994
when they had the first one. Horsemen are featured in a cowboy thing
which is kind of a cool idea.
WCW vs. Team NWO vs. Team Piper
Giant, Lex Luger, Scott Steiner
Hall, Nash, Hogan, Savage
Piper, McMichael, Jarrett, Benoit
is kind of like a cross between WarGames and a battle royal. You
have three guys start and go five minutes. Then after two minutes we
get another man from each team (Team WCW will miss an entry due to
Rick going on and they weren’t smart enough to have Page fill in).
It’s elimination style, which means we don’t have to deal with 11
guys in the ring at once. You can put someone out via pin,
submission, knockout and over the top.
Team WCW wins, the NWO is stripped of all titles and can’t wrestle
for 3 years. If Team Piper wins, Piper gets Hogan in a cage at a
time to be announced. If Team NWO wins, they more or less have carte
blanche (Previously they would have gotten a title shot anywhere
anytime, kind of like Money in the Bank). They change that back to
the MITB thing but it would ultimately be the free reign thing.
Hall and Giant start us off. They’re not at ringside which is kind
of stupid as you would be able to jump them as they come out in
theory no? Benoit jumps Hall before Giant gets there. Not that we
can see that as we need to see Giant’s very slow walk to the ring
instead. Giant gets in very slowly which is rather smart before
taking them both down with a clothesline.
tries to chop away and it doesn’t work at all. It’s almost hard
to believe that Benoit would be world champion before Hall.
Basically this is Giant and two other guys in there as he keeps
dominating the entire time. Elbow drop on Hall so Benoit tries to
jump Giant. No real attempts to throw anyone out but since you can
win by pinfall that’s ok.
doesn’t work for Hall and Giant gets a huge chokeslam to Benoit for
only two. Hall saves, I guess out of fear of fighting Giant one on
one. Giant busts out the claw of all things but a corner splash
misses and Giant is gone first! That leaves two guys for Team WCW.
The clock runs out on the first period and it’s Jarrett, Randy
Savage and Luger. That puts five guys in the ring at the moment if
you’re keeping score.
more or less a battle royal at this point as Luger can’t gorilla
press Savage out. Jeff avoids a Razor’s Edge and here come Mongo,
Nash and Scott Steiner. No real effort to put anyone out right now
as everyone is really just beating on each other. Belly to belly
puts Nash down as we only have Hogan and Piper left. Nash gets a big
boot and clothesline to Jarrett and he’s out. Jeff that is. Mongo
gets backdropped out so Team Piper has just Benoit and Piper left.
are Hogan and Piper so everyone is out there now. Nash gets a big
boot to Steiner to knock him out so Luger is all that’s left for
WCW, Piper and Benoit for Piper and all of the NWO is left. Wait
where’s Hogan? What a shock he’s going to come out last isn’t
he? Oh there he is with Dennis Rodman. Piper is on the floor but
not out. Scratch that as he’s back now. Seven people in at the
Piper and Savage are on the floor with Hogan kind of chilling and
Piper choking Savage. The Outsiders beat up Benoit and everyone is
finally in there at the same time. Hogan throws Piper through the
ropes and they brawl on the floor a bit. After Savage jumps them in
the aisle everyone goes back to the ring. In a HORRIBLY stupid
looking moment, Piper is sent into the ropes but Rodman pulls it down
to put him out. This would have looked passable if Piper didn’t
they went out of business.
keep brawling on the floor anyway and Savage helps as it’s the
Outsider Edge for Benoit. The tag champs toss him out and Team Piper
is gone. Luger is the only one left for WCW and he’s against
technically five guys counting Rodman. The NWO literally stands
around for a minute and a half posing before Nash sets him up for a
escapes and racks Savage, clotheslines Nash and racks Hall to
eliminate all three in under thirty seconds. And never mind as when
he goes to rack Hogan, Savage gets the spraypaint from Rodman and
pops Luger in the face with it so Hogan can get the winning pin. The
NWO won a big match. I’m shocked too.
B-. The match was actually pretty good as it didn’t really get
stupid and for a big multi-man tag, this actually worked. I fail to
see why Rick wasn’t out there but still, pretty good stuff. The
ending was obvious but it doesn’t ever drag, the stuff they did
made perfect sense the entire time and it was kind of interesting.
Shockingly good main event.
it’s time for the REAL reason to watch this show as the NWO gets
out of the ring and STING comes down from the ceiling. Up to this
point it was unclear as to which side he was on. Sting drills the
NWO with the bat and the place ERUPTS. Scorpion Death Drops all
around and it’s only Hogan left. Hogan gets all fired up and Sting
points the bat at him. Hogan says he’ll kill him if he puts the
bat down so Sting drops it.
comes Hogan and he actually gets in the ring. Sting turns his back
to him so he can actually get a free shot which Sting completely no
sells. Hogan gets drilled and put out with the Scorpion as the fans
lose their freaking minds to end the show.
Rating: C+. Definitely not the worst show ever and
by far and away the best Uncensored of all time at this point. The
ending is totally awesome as we shift from the Piper vs. Hogan stuff
to Hogan vs. Sting which would be the primary feud the entire year.
You can really see that the non-NWO stuff isn’t given much thought
at all and it’s far more on the wrestlers to do things themselves,
which is fine but interesting to see. Anyway, better show than
expected but it does drag at times.

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