Fwd: Cena enagages in twitter war with WWE website

———- Forwarded message ——— Who knows is this is a work or not, but this series of tweets is kind of amusing.  It starts here: https://twitter.com/JohnCena/status/248517045417820160 Some #jackwagon from @wwe dotcom apparently posted me recovering in 14 days. I spoke in depth with my surgeon Dr James Andrews….And he specifically told me due to the amount of fragmentation, SIX WEEKS is a safer time table for recovery. I apologize on behalf of a Website whos credibility is now equal to #theonion please @wwe web guys, get your monkey frankin facts straight! ———————— Makes me wanna buy the PPV!   Oh wait, no it totally doesn't.

Disqus and Twitter

You guys work pretty fast, as I hit 1000 Twitter followers this morning, so I'll do Money in the Bank later tonight after work.  

For those having trouble with the new Disqus interface (which seems to fix problems with posts not showing up in the right order, but presents other problems) try the tutorial on the main Disqus page:  http://www.disqus.com/   It's an interactive conversation between wacky historical figures!  I'll say I'm not a huge fan of the new system, but it seems to fix a lot of technical things that people were having trouble with and I'm willing to give it a try for a while.  Plus it runs way faster on my phone.  If everyone hates it I'll switch back again, but I'm pretty sure that Disqus wants everyone to switch over permanently soon, so be forewarned.  

1.9 Million Buys?!?

I would be incredibly skeptical of that number.  To say the least. Not to mention it generally takes at least a few weeks to get prelim numbers.

Still, if so, go Rock.  

Edited to add:  Dave made a quick comment on the WON board that Ramsey probably misheard 1.09 million, which would be a much more reasonable number.