QOTD 175: So you shot her…twice?!

The above scene is one of the more bizarrely funny scenes I’ve seen in quite a while, as Sam Jackson reacts to DeNiro’s…transgression in a way typically reserved for finding out a pro wrestler has been smuggling cigarettes across the border to supplement their income.

What are your favorite unexpected reactions in movies, TV, games, or wrestling?

Tarantino is actually pretty excellent at this sort of thing, with the scene below, and then the thoroughly hilarious de-balling of the KKK a few scenes later:

In wrestling, naturally the king of this kind of thing is Mick Foley, with his type-b personality generating countless memorable moments amongst the typically macho A-types in the squared circle, though the reaction that’s unexpected here is The Rock’s smile – which was an even greater moment if you read Foley is Good. 

Breaking Bad was pretty incredible at this sort of thing too – as just when you’d expect the show to slow down, or a character to make a rational choice for once, they’d dive right back into the s--- in the most unexpected, and thoroughly awesome way possible. See below (Season 3 spoilers):

There’s countless more I’m sure I’m forgetting, and I’m excited to see what you all think, so have at it!

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