BoD Comics Presents….What If? – Triple H turned face

The recent post to the blog about Austins heel run got me
wondering…the night after Wrestlemania the fans were DYING to see HHH
turn face. My question is what if he did? That means no two man power
trip which means that the Austin/HHH vs Beniot/Jericho match never
happens, which means that Hunter doesn’t tear his quad, which means no
need to rush the invasion because you still have one of your top stars,
(maybe two although Beniot was probably headed for neck surgery either
way.) And instead of the invasion you have Hunter and Austin batting all
summer which means that when Hogan and Flair were brought in the
company is in an entirely different place. Call me a Triple H mark if
you must but I really wish he had hit Stone Cold with the sledgehammer
that night

Honestly, I think it would have created a few more interesting match-ups, but I think the InVasion would have happened as it did, with Triple H leading the WWE side of things. Plus, Hogan & Flair would have probably been brought in the same way, as they both came at a time when Triple H was back.