Rock/Big Trouble in Little China remake

Now I'm a reasonable guy, but this is a very unreasonable thing. I'm sure Punk is smashing his head into a wall as we speak.

Surely you are a man of connections in the wrestling world. Can't you get a message to Rock that this is just plain WRONG. Sure, maybe he can pull off a semi-Jack Burton, but who the $%#& is going to play Lo Pan?!! WHO?

And did you know James Hong is 86 years old? Holy schnikies.

​I don't get why it has to be a remake instead of just a sequel.  BIGGER Trouble in Little China!  This stuff writes itself.  
The main problem is that Rock is 100% believable as an ass-kicking action hero, whereas the gag with Jack Burton was that he was being played by Kurt Russell.  He's SUPPOSED to be all talk.  And you just know some producer is gonna be like "You know, the problem with the original movie was that no one took Jack Burton seriously" and then it'll all get wrecked.  Between this, Robocop, and Total Recall, my childhood is yada yada yada.  ​

Beautiful Bobby In Trouble

Edit to add from the Observer site:

“Bobby Eaton of the Hall of Fame Midnight Express tag team is currently hospitalized in Arkansas.  He is suffering from pneumonia and has already had heart issues.  The report we had is that he had a bad week but is improving and is hoping to be released in a few days.”

Well that’s less bad at least.  

Anyone having trouble with Disqus?

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the mobile version of Disqus on their phones.  For some reason, lately I can only load Disqus on my phone if it's using the 2012 version, because otherwise it just hangs at the loading screen.  And it's not just the blog, it's also on the AVClub and a couple of other sites with the original mobile Disqus on it.  I've tried both the default Android internet app and Chrome and neither one works, and neither does loading the desktop version on the phone, so I'm getting kind of annoyed wondering what other troubleshooting I can do.  I've got a Samsung Galaxy S2X with Android 4.0.2 on it if anyone is technically minded enough to figure out what's going on here.  I tried tweeting at @disqushelp but they don't tend to be terribly helpful. 

Any ideas?