Question for the BOD Re: PPV quality trends

Hi Scott,

In your opinion, what are the weakest months quality-wise for a WWE PPV since the mid-90s and IYH brought about at least one event per calendar month? Being that it's go-home week for Extreme Rules, I've always met the first PPV after Wrestlemania with a mixture of optimism and anticipation. Usually, we're treated to a quality show, from the classic Foley appearances at Revenge of the Taker and Backlash w/ Orton to last year's Cena/Brock.
Off hand, it seems like the weakest months are May and December. What do you think?

I'm sure one of our numerically inclined readers can break it down into a chart for us, but off the top of my head I would tend to think of September and December as the weakest, with December being by far the worst.  TLC is usually such a throwaway show that I can barely even remember most of them, and September has given us such dogs as the submission-only PPV and HHH going over CM Punk.  

Where did the internet-voting shows and Bragging Rights fall?  October?  Because those are pretty bad too.  In fact, the whole run from Summerslam – Rumble is generally pretty blah.