Trading places

Hey Scott,
I wonder why these oh-so-many stale/buried/worthless under- and midcarders don't get cut or send off to NXT. Talking about Swagger, Barrett, Fandango, Matadores, Rose, Slater, Rosa, Layla etc. Also guys like Santino, Otunga or Maddox who seemingly get paid for nothing!? At least Christian could help out in developmental or sth Meanwhile Tyler Breeze, Charlotte, Enzo/Cass or Sasha Banks are ready to freshen things up, plus they already feuded with most on NXT…why aren't they getting called up? Vince not caring? HHH wants to keep 'em to keep NXT strong? No storyline ideas? Best wishes
It's more that WWE doesn't want any of those guys going somewhere where they can be a threat, so it's basically a bigger savings to pay them now and keep them quiet than it would be to let them go and possibly jumpstart a Lucha Underground, I think.  Look at how much it took to get Del Rio fired, for example, or especially Rey Mysterio.  And yeah, since the midcard is all clogged up with these guys, there's no spots to call up the NXT guys to replace them, and things remain stale.  ​