WWE Tough Enough – Season 6, Episode 3: “Who Are You?”

Last time out, Alex was given the axe for having no knowledge of anything wrestling-related. Not even the time Hogan slammed Andre at WrestleMania III, brother. Meanwhile, WWE mercilessly teased its audience with blood and guts violence by practically feeding its cast to a bunch of lazy alligators in the middle of a Florida swamp. Who will be eliminated tonight? Will Chris Jericho care about being on the show? WILL WE GET TO SEE MORE OF PAIGE’S NEW “ASSETS”??? Let’s find out…

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WWE Tough Enough – Season 6, Episode 2: “Swamp Stories”

Hi there! Helluva day, wasn’t it? I hope everyone is well

week saw Hank going bye-bye after Paige took a flamethrower to his
sorry ass for demeaning women while Josh and ZZ survived for simply
being there. Looking at this episode’s title, it looks like we’re gonna
have a ZZ-centric episode…so let’s settle in.

We are LIVE(!) from Full Sail University for Tough Enough!
Chris Jericho and Renee Young are your hosts. They introduce Hogan, Paige and Daniel Bryan.
says that he wants to see more character from the competitors. Paige
just resorts to calling them all “boring, which is sad”. Hogan doesn’t
see it that way, brother. Yes, he even calls Paige “Brother”. Chris
likes when Hogan calls Paige “brother” and we get the first set of

The Barracks

hangs out with a couple of the girls who are, like OMG, sooooo
surprised Josh was in the Bottom 3 last week. Josh tells the camera that
he feels like everyone’s scheming. After the jump-cut, everyone in the
cast is suddenly in the room. Amanda brags about beating Gabi and,
ruh-roh, 3 and a half minutes in, the gloves are off. Gabi wants Amanda
to go home. So does Daria. Dianna isn’t happy about Amanda’s yapping.
So, Amanda gets right in her face and talks shit about Dianna and her
fiance and, suddenly, all we can hear is the sound of women screaming at
each other while the men stand around, wondering how the hell they got
on the set of The Bachelor. The result? After Amanda trash-talks to
everybody in within a three-block radius, everyone somehow hates Dianna. (DANIELLE: “Editing, PAL!”)
enough of that, Alex doesn’t know anything about wrestling. This makes
Patrick mad! MAD!!! REALLY MAD!!! And he yells at Alex really LOUD!!!
Alex violently shakes his head at Patrick like Ali’s throwing punches
and declares, “KNOWLEDGE MEANS NOTHING, BRO”, a phrase so deep, I cannot
possibly reflect on its subtle, yet playful, near-literary symbolism.


Wild Florida’s Ultimate Wilderness Air Boat
contestants get brought out to an island in the middle of the Glades.
Booker, Billy Gunn and Lita announce that this is the next challenge.
Booker tells them to look around and take a good, steamy look at the
gator-infested swamp. A “gator expert” shows the contestants “what can
hurt them” by bringing out a wittle baby gator. D’awwwww! Then he loses
control of it and nearly gets his hand bitten off. (DANIELLE: SAVE HIM, ZZ! GO HELP HIM, “GATOR”!!!) Amanda is afraid that they’re gonna “die”.

challenge is as follows: swim over to their floaty boat of doom, grab a
WWE belt and swim back to shore with it — all without being mutilated
and/or eaten by alligators. Please? The WWE would like to get through
this exercise without a pending lawsuit. So, make sure nothing
kills you. To add a fun little wrinkle to things: Patrick, the token
black guy…he can’t swim.

(DANIELLE: …I…oh…)

Yeah. WWE went there. Dianna is afraid of dark water and the movie, “Lake Placid”. That ruined her for life.
But, hey! Ironically, she’s first. Patrick still can’t swim and
“Gator”, for all his bragging, is practically just inches ahead or
behind Patrick, depending on the camera angle. Alex nearly drowns until
the medics leap into the horrible, non-gator-infested waters to “save”
him. (DANIELLE: ZZ is 0-for-fucking-2 in the “saving people in the swamp”. Not good.) Dianna
gets back to shore, so she’s cool. Booker laughs at Patrick which just
doubles down on 11 and raises the table $50,000 dollars and gold watch
in terms of presenting racist stereotypes. Tanner “beats” Josh to shore
but we could be wrong. Josh claims Tanner cheated, so that ends in a
manly shoving match which only takes Booker saying “Hey, guys, now…”
to make them stop.

Alex is stuck and barely gets to the boat. He doesn’t even swim back to the island as the crew helps him get to “safety” while the “dangerous gators that could murder you at any time” float there, doing nothing. (DANIELLE: Waiting for the production team to take them back to the plastic prop store.)
Back on the island, Booker congratulates the winners and shames Mada
and Alex for their failure. Billy Gunn channels R. Lee Ermey and chews
out Daria for dropping her belt. The team leaves on an air boat while Patrick and Alex mope. (DANIELLE: Alex was right: knowledge don’t mean shit when you can’t swim.)


Young informs us that Gabi created a CAW and challenged Nikki Bella to a
fight on WWE 2K15 over Twitter. She even has the balls to label it
#DreamMatch. (DANIELLE: Nikki better watch out. Gabi can manhandle Summer Rae on “Easy” mode.)


and Josh argue while playing pool while Daria and Giorgia talk and
agree to take down Dianna. Dianna and Gabi, however, form their own
faction and nothing is remotely interesting about this except that both
pairs share matching first initials. Gabi is skeptical but is willing
to accept a temporary partnership. Patrick watches the whole thing,
eye-fucking them from the comfort of the pool table and then tries to
instigate a threesome by making them “kiss and make up”. Dianna’s
disgusted and leaves. (DANIELLE: She didn’t stay for a lesbian make-out session on WWE programming? Oh, she’s definitely gone now.) Patrick offers to kiss Gabi and, at this point, the moment is so awkward, Gabi’s
blank stare seems sexy in comparison. Meanwhile, Mada gets on his APPLE
IPHONE™ and facetimes with his hot blonde wife and his child in a
fairly touching moment.

The next day…

The Gym
Reigns is in the ring and each woman competitor swoons and wrings out
their panties as per contractual obligation. Reigns is edited down with a
soft glow like a picture on Instagram. Reigns introduces himself and
wants to know if they wanna get beat up. He demos a move, using a couple
of trainers. The men watch, stunned, as Medium Show crushes Almost
Fandango off the top rope. The women, however, are still inside of Fifty
Shades of Grey, wishing Reigns would crush them under his weight over
and over and over.


Meanwhile, back at the set of Kitchen Stadium, Chris Jericho admits that Roman Reigns even turns him
on. Daniel Bryan’s got a boner, too, while Hogan and Paige talk about
what the competitors need to do. These segments are really kinda
worthless and should be limited to the beginning and end, at most.
Jericho explains the voting system, telling people to “vote who you want
to win” in case you have NO idea how “voting” works.

Back at the Gym
The men take falls backward. Roman Reigns isn’t involved in any of this. (DANIELLE: Having most likely exploded from his own sexiness.) Then
it’s time for the competitors to take falls off of the top turnbuckle.
Gabi fails miserably, being “afraid of heights” of about five feet or
more and everyone lands on their backs, heads and tailbones. (DANIELLE: Who needs goddamn alligators?) Lita names Giorgia the women’s winner while Booker proclaims Patrick the guy’s winner. (DANIELLE: White men can’t fall either, I guess.) Billy tells them that there will be a loser today.

The Barracks
arguing about…oh. Sorry. It happened that fast after the break. I
didn’t even have fucking time to type what happened. Daria is shamed and
Dianna just yells about bitch-asses and theoretical
women-hanging-onto-cliffs. In the next room — I can’t even make this up
if I was tripping — Giorgia and ZZ listen to the argument through the
wall using cups as hearing aid devices. The rest of the case does the “cup-to-wall” bullshit which defeats the point because you can already hear everything.

Dianna sexually bribes ZZ into switching rooms with her so that ZZ can mess with her roommate. (DANIELLE: What, was the roommate like, “ZZ’s gonna live with me? AWESOME!” I don’t think that happened…)


Jericho says it’s time for the judges to ask competitors questions.

and Alex are called up by Daniel Bryan. He commends them for not being
able to swim. He asks what Alex what he meant with his  “Knowledge means
nothing quote”. Alex replies that it’s a physical game, not a mental
one. Patrick (DANIELLE: …kisses Bryan’s ass…) agrees with that (DANIELLE: Same thing.) and
Daniel Bryan agrees with Patrick’s assessment and everyone agrees that
Alex is the new Confucius. Paige snaps everyone back to reality, calling
Alex a moron while Hogan agrees with Paige.

Hogan gets
weird and tells ZZ that “The Rock eats the best pie”. He wants to know
what kind of “pie” ZZ likes to eat. Daniel Bryan follows up with an
actual tough question: “What do you want to see when you’re in the
women’s bedroom?” Hogan follows this up with where Dianna is sleeping.
Dianna talks about how ZZ left a pair of dirty underwear in her room and
she can smell them. Best show ever.

Paige ends
the ZZ suck-up party and calls up Amanda and Sarah. She admonishes them
both for being phonies and tells them to step back.

Hogan verbally berates Mada and we end that.

Here’s your Bottom 3: 

  1. Alex (Bryan – Alex needs to have more discipline)
  2. Sarah (Paige – Sarah has no personality)
  3. Dianna (Hogan – She wins challenges but hates people)

When we come back, the Bottom 3 appeals:

  1. Sarah
    – She’s herself. She gave up everything for all of this. She just
    hasn’t been “showcased”. She won’t jump into the camera and fight with
  2. Alex – Alex can’t decide who should go home but
    finally names Dianna, the popular answer. They ask him one question with
    ten seconds left to answer and he talks about exhibiting courage though
    he’s kinduva loser.
  3. Dianna – Dianna is hot, blonde and fights. And she’s BEST FOR BUSINESS™.

Daniel Bryan, Paige and Hogan don’t want to save anyone. (DANIELLE: Then why have that stupid rule if you aren’t gonna use it?)

That is it for this week. Let’s tune in next week when we try to remember the names of everyone because they’re so unmemorable.
Er…that’s it.

WWE Tough Enough – 6/23/2015: “To Boot Camp or Bust”

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been an active
participant in the WWE Universe, WWE Tough Enough has returned to

I know, I know…we’re all just so thrilled this show is back on television since it gave us wrestlers we can all agree are pretty OK. Like The Miz and Ryback.
Matt Perri and my other half, Danielle, will be putting in her quips
on, this, the first episode of the sixth season of WWE Tough Enough…
Let’s get started…

We start with our hosts, Chris Jericho and Renee Young who immediately introduce our judges:
  • Daniel Bryan, who I am convinced only owns 150 plaid shirts.
  • Paige (DANIELLE: Who suddenly has Nikki Bella-esque tits and will show boob if she sneezes wrong.)
  • Hulk
    Hogan, who gets 5 minutes of career highlights (DANIELLE: As opposed to
    Daniel Bryan who got 1 1/2 “YES” chants in and Paige who almost skipped
    like AJ because she forgot who she was.)

Chris Jericho asks what the judges are looking for.

Daniel Bryan and Paige want “personality”. Ditto for Hogan. But he also wants the “IT-Factor”.

So, as you can see, the requirements for pleasing the judges aren’t very hard to meet.

Our “first challenge” is to take place in a stadium in Orlando where Booker T welcomes them as the thirteen (DANIELLE: THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN! THIRTEEN!) finalists.
Booker, Lita and Billy Gunn make speeches and then we’re introduced to
the thirteen people who looked and sounded good enough over choppy .mp4
video format. (DANIELLE: I wonder how long it took for Vince to figure out how to play those on his laptop.)

  1. Josh from Thornton, CO – He looks like Glenn Danzig and he can do an imitation of a Yeti. (DANIELLE: Shut it down! Nothing spells “PERSONALITY” like somebody paying homage to Cryptozoology!)
  2. Daria from Los Angeles, CA – She’s an MMA fighter who fights under the name of “The Jersey Devil”. (DANIELLE: Maybe she and Josh can have a debate over which legendary creature truly exists.)
  3. Hank from Macon, GA – Hank is a “hammer, not a nail”. (DANIELLE: Can’t tell if he’s attempting to come out of the closet or…)
  4. Amanda from Yorktown Heights, NY – She’s not a Barbie Doll. (DANIELLE: Honey, you ain’t a “doll” at all.)
  5. Alex from Dallas, TX RUSSIA, BRO, HE TOTALLY SWEARS
    He’s badass because he’s got tattoos that resembles a Byzantine suit of
    armor and he also has a phrase tattooed on his back that, allegedly,
    means “DEFENDER OF MAN”. (DANIELLE: It’s on his back! They could have tattooed “EAT AT JOE’S” for all he knows!) Alex considers himself a “superhero”. (DANIELLE: Who will invade WWE’s Ukraine office and take the contract from the American embassy.)
  6. Patrick from Washington, D.C. – Token
    black guy who awkwardly plays the “my Dad just died” card. He explains
    that WWE brought out the best in him during that time. (DANIELLE: Jesus, just put a red shirt on him and call him “expendable”.)
  7. Mada from Los Angeles, CA – (DANIELLE: Who looks like he should
    be starring in Aladdin 4: The Quickening. Seriously. Dude has a “Disney
    Villain” vibe going on with that goatee.)
    He’s ready to compete.
  8. ZZ from Bayou Beouf, LA – He wrestles alligators. So everyone calls him “Gator”. (DANIELLE: I guarantee nobody calls him that…)
  9. Dianna from Spokane, WA – She models. And she’s engaged to a guy. And her ring is sparkly. Suck it, other women.
  10. Giorgia from Brisbane, Australia – She’s single! And that’s important because fucking other people holds them back.
  11. Gabi from Southington, CT – She’s a diva. And she’s mean. That’s original.
  12. Tanner from Boiling Springs, SC – Essentially, Seth Rollins’ gay brother.
  13. Sara Lee from Hope, MI – She has no “Plan B”.

got a “surprise” for the finalists: Chris Jericho…on JUMBOTRON!!! The
finalists applaud this as if it’s a new concept. Jericho gives a speech
about how they all need to be “tough”! Jericho tells them that they
should all want to be at WrestleMania. 

gives us our first challenge: running to the other side of the field
while parachutes are attached to them. Lita illustrates the follow-up: picking up bags
of sand which weigh as much as they do and running back to the other end. Then,
they have to run all the way to the top of the second deck where Billy
Gunn waits for them while texting his friends and telling them how fucking hot it

The challenge starts as a superimposed stat graphic
tells us that the temperature on-field is a stifling “81 DEGREES”. Oh, the
suffering. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn yells over a megaphone, insulting the women,
suggesting they are “walking” as they plainly bust their asses to run. (DANIELLE: I swear, if Billy Gun is at RAW on August 3rd, I’m going to punch him in the nose during a commercial break.)

Josh makes it all the way to Billy Gunn first. Amanda is the first
woman. ZZ isn’t even done with the sandbag challenge as everyone else
hangs with Billy Gunn, taking Selfies.

But enough of that, Booker wants to take them all to The WWE Performance Center their dorm which has basic “army-living” amenties like:

  • Designer lounge chairs
  • A pool table
  • A jacuzzi (w/ Tiki torches)
  • Beer Pong balls and Solo Cups
  • A big HDTV w/ The WWE Network (DANIELLE: Only $9.99!)

wants to “get naked in the jacuzzi” while Tanner wants to “go out and
celebrate” by getting plastered on whiskey. ZZ is pissed he can’t drink
because he’s “only 18”. (DANIELLE: He’s getting the JoJo treatment…but fear not, there’s women. And “getting naked” in the jacuzzi.) ZZ says that he will stay behind, build alliances and “eat all the cookies the kitchen has”. Patrick stays with him.


The finalists are introduced (DANIELLE: AGAIN?!) and the judges start yacking about them.


Gabi pole dances. Giorgia isn’t surprised by that while Dianna twirls her hair and says she’s engaged.


ZZ and Patrick talk about orgasms. While wearing inflatable floaters on their arms. (DANIELLE: Am I supposed to be using this to decide who’s “tough”?)


women play with Tanner’s hair while the men talk about things like
“towers” and “cardio”. Tanner shows off his muscles and Mada isn’t


ZZ is happy that the women are back because “a jacuzzi that just has meat in it is a stew, not a soup”. (DANIELLE: They got into the tub when everyone left and they’re still in there when everyone returns? Are they tenderizing themselves to be eaten later?) ZZ’s happy because a couple girls join. ZZ strips his shorts off and the party ends real quick.

6:00 AM
Gunn wakes everyone up and everyone does calisthenics. Dianna complains
that her “groin hurts”. They jog outside. Tanner destroys everyone out
there while ZZ limps along, dead last, while thinking about being naked
in a jacuzzi.

Later that day…
is engaged — but not engaged enough to braid Tanner’s hair while
Tanner looks smug as fuck, thinking about being naked in a jacuzzi with
Dianna. Daria works over ZZ and the boys with no hair aren’t happy. Alex
gets testy and says he can’t wait to beat Tanner. Tanner shows off his
muscles. He’s ready for Alex. 

Training Ring
Billy Gunn challenges the finalists to run back and froth in the ring which is really hard
if you “don’t grab the top rope. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn wants to show
the contestants how to “pick people up”. Then…they’re gonna…run the
ropes…again. Because that’s different from the time they did it the
first time. Dianna complains because her “side hurts”. Everyone trash
talks about how much they can do in the ring today. It becomes a
shouting match with Patrick yelling at everyone within five feet.

Spoiler Alert: Tanner
and his thong-soaking blonde hair win the thing. I guess. He had the
most amount of points. But Vince usually buries everyone getting over,
so I don’t know what’s passable these days.

Later that night…
Dianna’s fiance is here (already wearing his wedding ring but, whatever). He hugs Dianna. The other girls have no idea
where she is. Gabi hates her because she’s engaged…and because she’s
Dianna. The other girls want her to pack her bags because Dianna. Some
girls want her to fucking die because DIANNA.

Dianna comes back into the dorm (DANIELLE: Having thoroughly fucked her fiance in his Mazda RX.) and expresses her dismay that the Performance Center has no Wi-Fi which means that she can’t finish planning her wedding. DANIELLE: This is ridiculous. She said she was getting married in September. That’s
three months away, she should be done planning. Matt and I are getting
married in 10 months and we have more planned than this girl.)
She starts crying. Gabi ain’t impressed. But ZZ and Patrick are…and they help her out by hugging her real tight. Dianna stops crying long enough to tell Gabi how much she sucks and how “nobody likes her”.

Three hours from elimination…

is saying how much Tanner sucks and how he’s going home because of how
he wins everything and how all the women on the show wanna fuck him him


Renee Young goes over this show’s “rules”:

  • One contestant gets eliminated each week
  • The judges will always nominate the “Bottom 3 contestants”
  • Viewers will keep their favorite of the aforementioned in a global vote
  • Each judge has the power to save one contestant from the axe per season
  • At the season finale, viewers will decide the final vote and will get to vote on both the male and female winners

Chris Jericho wants to the judges to grill the competitors.

Hulk Hogan wants to drill grill
Dianna and he asks if she’s “tough enough” or a “trophy wife”. Whew,
I’m exhausted by this line of questioning already. A suddenly-platinum
blonde Dianna says she’s ready for Tough Enough. Daniel Bryan wants to
know why her fiance was “already wearing his wedding ring”. (DANIELLE: JESUS CHRIST, BRYAN. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE KAYFABE.) Dianna says that her fiance “respects his woman”.

grills Hank. She wants to know why he insulted ZZ’s weight and compared
him to the women on the show. Hank sheepishly explains, “nuh-uh”.
Daniel Bryan tells him to shut up and wants to know what Daria’s done to
“take risks”. She says something about taking risks that goes nowhere.

Jericho says we’ll find out who gets eliminated…AS TOUGH ENOUGH ROLLS ON!!!

When we come back, we get our “Bottom 3″…


Young tells us all how to vote on this bullshit…then realizes that
there are still people who haven’t gotten the WWE App, so she instructs
them on how to do that too.

Jericho has all the votes and gives the Bottom 3 a chance to “appeal to the voters”:

  • Josh – Josh he’s BEST FOR BUSINESS™.
  • ZZ – He’s Cajun. He has flavor. He was born to be here.
  • Hank – He’s average, unlike everyone else. He’s also BEST FOR BUSINESS™.

None of the judges want to save anyone. (DANIELLE: They’re just overwhelmed by all the “personality”, I guess.)





After losing every competition, not drinking and letting chicks play
with his hair, ZZ’s got the highest amount of votes because people call
him “Gator” and he’s Cajun.

This isn’t rigged or anything.

Er…that’s it.

WWE Tough Enough Winner $250K Contract Question

Hi Scott,

Just wondering: the new TE winner gets a 1-Yr $250K Contract. Assuming this isn't a "fine print" situation and the K is legit, what is a $250K Contrac wortht in real world terms? I mean, considering that these are 1040 workers who provide their own travel, costumes, taxes, etc… What would I, aspiring young wrestler, hope to take home from that Quarter Million?

​Oh, I'm pretty sure that contract is nothing but fine print.  But if they do qualify for the main roster after winning, $250K as a baseline is pretty much in line with what the upper end of Zack Ryder-type guys pull in, from what I understand.  Road expenses and taxes pretty much destroy all that, however​, which is why guys are so dependent on video game revenues and merchandise to stay afloat.  I can't even imagine how the poor NXT geeks eat from week to week with what THEY make.  

WWE Tough Enough Press Release

NEW YORK and STAMFORD, CONN – May 7, 2015 – USA Network and WWE announced today that WWE Superstar Chris Jericho will be the host of the highly-anticipated series, WWE TOUGH ENOUGH, and will be joined by a panel of experts comprised of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan®, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan® and WWE Diva Paige™. The high-octane reality series premieres LIVE Tuesday, June 23 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on USA Network and around the world.*

This season of WWE TOUGH ENOUGH will combine the can’t-miss excitement of live television with reality-show drama, as WWE hopefuls vie for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the next WWE Superstar or Diva. Unlike anything on television today, the lightning-fast hour of entertainment and competition will include live results every week, giving fans worldwide the power to decide who stays and who goes the very same night. Each week, one cast member will be eliminated until one man and one woman are considered “Tough Enough,” with each earning a one-year, $250,000 WWE contract.

Throughout the competition, the contestants will be trained by WWE Legends Booker T™, Billy Gunn™ and Lita™. Contestants will also come face-to-face with WWE icons including WWE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon; Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, Paul “Triple H®” Levesque; Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon; and WWE Superstar John Cena®, among others.

“These athletes, each with varying skill sets, will be put through a grueling boot camp that will test their physical, mental and emotional limits in a way that the series hasn’t done before,” said Jessica Sebastian, Vice President of Unscripted Series, USA Network. “Each week, their training and experience culminates in a spectacular live event where they will be put in front of their WWE heroes and an audience of fans. In this reimagined version of WWE TOUGH ENOUGH only the best will survive.”

“This season of WWE TOUGH ENOUGH will be the most innovative, unique and engaging series on television,” said Kevin Dunn, WWE Executive Producer. “A live global telecast, real-time voting with immediate results, and unprecedented use of digital and social media during and between telecasts will all lead to a groundbreaking viewing experience.”


Flair – tough guy?

Question for you Scott… the NWA historically had a champion that could take care of himself in case someone tried to shoot and take the belt.  Is there anytime that you can think of that Flair had to fight off a shooting opponent?

Only the guys that he stiffed on the bar tabs.  

Tough guys

Hypothetical question/situation: Just out of curiosity……lets say – hypothetically speaking, you're in a barroom, or an alley (no weapons), or wherever Shawn Michaels was that night he got jumped by 9 thugs (allegedly). You are surrounded, and you fear for your safety/life. If you could choose 8 wrestlers in their prime (in the ENTIRE history of wrestling) that you would want on your side to win a fight, who would they be? 

This would be a perfect place to plug Jonathan Snowden's new book "Shooters: The Toughest Men In Pro Wrestling":  http://www.amazon.com/Shooters-Toughest-Men-Professional-Wrestling/dp/1770410406/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1350047361&sr=1-2&keywords=shooters
Although bar fighting is a totally different animal than a relatively controlled in ring fight.  You never know who can win if one guy is gonna kick te other one in the junk or bite his nose off.  Anyway, I'd go with a mostly old-school crew from back when getting beat up in the ring was a real possibility.  Lou Thesz, Ed Strangler Lewis, Frank Gotch.  Plus some guys who you ought not to mess with in a fight, like Ken Shamrock, Bruiser Brody, and Stan Hansen.  Can I have Anderson Silva too for fun?  .