What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – January 6, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura are in the booth and they are taped from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  This taping took place on December 13, 1989.

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Rock Star Gary reflects on WCCW 05-28-1983

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: May 28, 1983 (taped 05/13)

Attendance: unknown

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Who will participate in a captain’s match? Can Kevin, David, and Parsons earn a title shot by defeating the Freebirds in a non-title match? Will Parsons get revenge against Roberts? Let’s hope tonight’s guest doesn’t brandish a .44 Magnum.

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Rock Star Gary reflects on WWF King of the Ring ’93

Live from Dayton, OH

Airdate: June 13, 1993

Attendance: 8,000 (7,000 paid)

Hosted by Jim Ross, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Who will become the 1993 King of the Ring? Will Yokozuna regain the WWF title or will Hogan keep his “toy”? Let’s find out!

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