What the World Was Watching: In Your House 4

Toni Wilson sings “O Canada” to kick off the show.  Vince McMahon bills her as an “up and coming star” but no significant achievements came to her career the best I can tell.

Interim WWF President Gorilla Monsoon tells the viewing audience that due to Shawn Michaels concussion he will not allow him to compete.  Monsoon promises that there will still be an Intercontinental title match tonight as Michaels will be asked to forfeit the title to Dean Douglas, who will then defend it against Razor Ramon.  The crowd is heard noticeably booing this announcement from the arena as the company has yet another “bait and switch” for the second pay-per-view in a row.

Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross are doing commentary and they are live from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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