Thunderlips Lives

So here’s an idea that’ll sell 100k tickets to next years Mania. Hulk Hogan’s last match Basically Mark Henry wins the IC title but keeps fighting jobbers, and the commentators bury him. They then show a virtual reenactment of Hogan vs Henry as the best of one era versus a guy from another era. Henry, managed by Paul Heyman for reasons, demands a match with Hogan. Hogan appears in front of a review board all “eh, Don’t tell me I’m too old. I still got life in me.” and they allow him to wrestle. Nick Hogan, dressed like a businessman, is all “Dad, don’t.” Hogan tells his son it ain’t how hard you crash, but how hard you can crash and keep moving forward. Hogan vs Henry goes fifteen minutes, and Hogan leaves before they announce the winner to a standing ovation.

We then see images of Hulkamaniacs running through Venice Beach as “Real American” plays over the end of Mania.

1 million buys, right?

Look, it’s not cool to toy with my love of Rocky movies, OK?  Leave the memories alone.