“Death threats” notwithstanding…


Do you think there is ANY possible Wrestlemania VII main event (which is to say, any Hogan opponent) that could have put a hundred thousand butts in seats, or was Vince pissing up a rope from day one?  For that matter, any chance Wrestlemania VI could have punched into 100k territory if they'd held it at a larger venue?  Sure, it was a one match card, but that one match was a watershed event at the time.


​No, the business was too cold.  I think Hogan vs. Savage in 89 could have sold 100K if they didn't have their stupid Trump Plaza show already sold​ and frankly I'm shocked they wasted the match on that crowd.  But Hogan-Warrior wasn't the kind of once-in-a-lifetime dream match, complete with years of backstory, that Hogan-Andre was, and it just wasn't going to hit that level.  I don't know what Vince thought was going to headline WM7 and draw that amount of people.  Maybe if they had kept Hogan off TV after the Earthquake attack and had his big return be that show?  Other than that I can't even fan-wank a scenario that draws that big of a crowd.