Dave Scherer Goes Insane, Threatens To Sue Me

Now, to be clear here, I'm not publishing e-mails from Mr. Scherer, because he has made it clear that any e-mails sent from him do not have permission to be published on this site under threat of legal action.  Even though it's been clearly established that people who e-mail me can reasonably have the expectation of having their e-mails published.  But just to summarize today's events without publication involved:
– Dave e-mails me with threats of legal action if Brian publishes e-mails from him.
– I tell Dave to blow it out his ass and leave me out of it.  That's a quote, by the way.
– Dave responds with more legal threats, plus some unwarranted personal attacks against me and Brian.  Apparently I've always been a freak.  
Given I haven't even spoken to Dave since 1995 I don't even know what his issue is anymore (and he hasn't produced any evidence of what was "stolen" in the first place) I can only presume he's gone off the deep end.  So go subscribe to his site, everyone!  

Wrestler’s Rescue threatens wrestling announcer

Hey Scott,
Thought you might get a kick out of this. Former indy announcer-turned-blogger Eric Gargiulo was threatened with legal action by a clueless rep of that Wrestler's Rescue charity, all because he had provided fair speculation on the cases involving Kamala and Jerry Lynn. I don't even know what to say about this dude's attempts at silencing Eric, except that he's probably better off getting someone a little more civil to write on his behalf from now on.
Either way, it's not looking too good for them, is it?

I love that a guy named Vinny sends threatening e-mails and we're still supposed to think that this "charity" organization is on the up-and-up.