WCW’s Third Hour

Hey Scott,

How does WCW's 3 hour shows compare to WWE's? I never watched their program start to finish during that time, but I don't remember people complaining about the extra hour in 1998 or ever stating that it had anything to do with WCW losing the MNW.

​a)  People absolutely complained loudly and repeatedly about Nitro's third hour.  That being said, at least WCW had a giant roster of guys they could use to fill that time.
b)  I only watched Thunder at that point because I couldn't be bothered to sit through 3 hours of Nitro, especially since TSN would typically delay the airing until Tuesday or later.  So I couldn't even offer much of an opinion anyway.  As I've said many times, my experiences in the Monday Night Wars were very much focused only on the WWF side of things.  ​

Luger or Savage as the third man

Hola Scott,

Just reading the Bischoff shoot piece and he brings up how Sting was going to be the third man if Hogan backed out (nothing new there). But in terms of storyline, wouldn't it have made more sense for either Luger or Savage to be the third man? Both had just jumped ship from the WWF, and thus it kind of made sense that they would align with Hall & Nash. To that point, you can even say they made MORE sense than Hogan (and especially more than Sting).

Why do you think they would have gone with Sting as the second option rather than Luger or Savage? I mean in the end, Hogan was the smart business move, but still. 

Well at least Sting and Hogan both had the advantage of never having been a heel before (in the modern era of both performers, at least) whereas Luger turned all the time and Savage was most famous for being a heel.  I just don't feel like the angle would have worked as well as it did with anyone but Hogan anyway.