Simple Question. I think. Plus a blog topic.

It seems like there's a lot of guys coming through NXT these days. But there's not a lot of room on the main roster for them to come up and take.

Which five guys would you take off the roster and why? (By either firing them or what have you. Letting Miz work for Stephanie in the charity division or whatever she does, for example.) and who would you replace them with from NXT? (They don't need to have the same type of role.)

​There's TONS of room on the main roster!  They have 5 hours of first run TV to fill every week, plus another 2 hours of C-shows.  It's just that they have expenses cut so far back that they can't splurge for enough guys to actually fill all the TV time without using Kane and Big Show 17 times per episode.  Just look at the Royal Rumble this year and how thin that was.  
That being said, I'd fire Dolph Ziggler because he's pretty much hit his ceiling and could use a tour of the indies to learn that WWE isn't the only option.  Get rid of Zack Ryder because they never use him anyway and he could make a better living on his own.  Get rid of the Ascension because DUH.  And I'd fire a Diva, say, Alicia Fox just because.  Replace them with Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Enzo/Cass (only as a unit, however) and Sasha Banks, all of whom are beyond ready for the main roster.  ​

The “Nonratable” Match Rating I think needs to be implemented

Good afternoon Mr. Keith, all this Mankind/UT HIAC talk and the earlier post of the Iron Man Match, have you ever thought its time to officially break out a whole new rating, beyond the Stars?  

"Match Rating: Unable to Rate due to both historical significance and No Current Consensus by the IWC of its proper star rating, w


ether it would be underated, or overated, by many.  But still, NEEDS to be


seen by all!"

While someone disagreed about Savage/Steamboat earlier, that opinion I feel is such a minority I don't think it warrants inclusion in this subject.  Matches I do however have forever divided match raters since they took place, are:

Bret/Michaels Iron Man
UT/Mankind HITC
Bash at The Beach 96 Main Event
Hogan/The Rock
And you might even be able to throw in the WM20 Main Event, at what was considered one of the greatest matches of all time followed by one of the greatest moments of all time with Benoit & Eddie standing tall, it has forever become one of the most polarizing matches to look back on.

Thoughts?  Keep up the good work

​That's a pretty wishy-washy way to deal with the issue.  I'd rather just throw my star ratings out there and let people debate it on their own.  Unless it's a midget match or a battle royale, because FUCK THEM.  ​

I think Im cute, I know I’m injured…?

EDIT: I know some people get annoyed with “threadjacking” but I dont give a shit.  I like these topics because they truly interest me, but feel free to discuss whatever.

“What if” time.  Was gonna go with an old school WcW topic but with the recent whispers of a potential HBK return, Im very skeptical, I went with this one…

What if Shawn never takes “the casket bump” at Royal Rumble 98?  The whole wrestling landscape was about to change, the Austin era is about to be unleashed, the attitude era sperm that was implanted the previous year is about to mature, wwe ratings will slowly climb culminating to their first rating wins in December of that year.  How does Shawn play into all of this?  Things to consider…

– Does Shawn try and sabotage Austins impending run at the top, by doing Shawn like things?  If so, does Vince finally take a stand with Shawn by making him get clean, pushing him down the card, or just sending him home?

– Does Vince fully embrace the “changing of the guard” in terms of who was on top if Shawns hovering around?

– Does Shawn willingly lay down for the new guys wwe had brought…sorry couldn’t get through that without laughing.

– Are the upcoming prominent roles guys like Foley, The Rock, Shamrock, HHH, reduced?  If so, to what extent?

– Was Shawn so beat up that he was going to have an injury or mental breakdown that would inevitably put him out of action anyway?

How does it all play out.  Go in whatever direction you like.

*Random topic: has anyone been watching Homeland?  Whats the fucking endgame with Brody?  Hes been essentially written off all year, has no relevance to the storyline direction theyre moving towards, and has been replaced by the Iranian guy.  Is he done as a character?  Was Dana moving out last night the first step in writing off the entire Broady family?

If you have one of these you want posted, email it to me.

Tootaloo motherfluckers

What does Brock think about it?

Do you think Brock cares how hes being used? Or as long as the checks clear is he fine with jobbing to Santino the rest of his dates if thats what they asked of him?

Every piece of the evidence on the subject concludes that Brock is 100% in it for the money and doesn't give a shit about how or why he's used.  Which is kind of a refreshingly callous attitude for someone to take, because he makes so much money an is so secure in his position that he transcends politics.  

WrestleMania ‘Don’t Think Just Answer’

I'm going to ask you some questions about Wrestlemania.  I don't want you to think about the question, just answer with the first thought that pops into your head.

Most overrated match in WM history:
Shawn v. Bret Iron Man

Most underrated match in WM history:

Diesel v. Michaels, or maybe the first Austin-Rock main event.

Greatest performer in WM history:

Shawn Michaels

Best performance in WM history:

The first Undertaker-Shawn match.  His performance against Razor might be a better carry job, but Shawn turned that match into a stone CLASSIC.  .  

Best entrance in WM history:

Shawn's entrance there.  

Best match in WM history:

Gonna have to go Undertaker-Shawn again because I was having a heart attack watching at a time when I had little interest in the product.  

Best match at WM that had NO BUSINESS in being good in the first place:

LT-Bigelow, obviously.  

Best WM Main Event:

Austin-Rock 2001.

What match will win match of the night at WM 29:


What could be the surprise match of the night at WM 29:

Shield-3 Dudes With Attitudes.

Something to think about in wrestling

Imagine this
-The number one wrestling promotion on the planet is run by Vince McMahon. After a hearty boom period, the company tapered off a bit, and was then wrought by a major public scandal. Now the company has homogenized itself into an overly kid-friendly product, turning many older fans off.
-The number two company is just making headway with live TV, and is backed at the top by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. With a horde of young high flyers and an innovative approach to their TV product, there are a number of fans flocking to this company, which was once a laughingstock due to its prior poor booking.
-There is an outfit based out of Philadelphia involving Shane Douglas that promises an alternative to the "Big Two" by showcasing bloody brawls and unfiltered, hard hitting wrestling. After using some older, broken-down wrestlers as a draw early on, they've jettisoned much of that approach in favor of top-flight indy guys who can either still go, or are getting their first true taste of glory.
-There is a promotion run by Jim Cornette which favors an old-school style, with more wrestling than 'sports-entertainment', but they also have lost much of their best talent to McMahon's company, as well as the #2 company. Some believe they may be out of business before long.
Now I ask you, what year is this: 2012, or 1995?

A bit of a stretch in some ways, but yes, that's an interesting take on the situation.  I wouldn't say fans are "flocking" to TNA, though.  Thing is, as long as Spike is happy with the ratings (which they are), then it doesn't affect me as a fan because I know they're likely to stay the course.  WWE, on the other hand, is ratings-obsessed and as a viewer I'm constantly having to filter out the bullshit that I know is just for them pop a rating (like AJ teasing a wedding at the end of the show, or the constant commercial breaks interrupting matches.)  
But you know, in general, what they say about those who don't heed the lessons of history…