Wait, this Austin thing

Hold up, hold up. How can Cena's stunner be a slight on Austin if the problems started the day of mania or whatever? I can't see that being enough time for Cena to break out the move. 

Oh, and Roman Reigns has nice hair.

​Nice addition.  
I think there was other stuff going on with Austin before the Mania deal, actually.  The podcast with HHH seems have been a point of contention as well, with Vince wanting more softball stuff like the Cena interview instead of actual followup questions like Austin was asking.  ​

The Board is a Thing

Can you put up on a plug post on the blog? I feel like we got all the boards that we need set up, now we just need people to come and post. And mods. Lots of mods. Thanks.
​Only $9.99!  
Actually, it's ad-free for two weeks as a trial and then I'd have to pay $5 a month or so to remove them.  But please do come and post, as cultstatus says.  ​

QOTD 143: The Next Big Thing (that isn’t my penis)

Hobbies: Taking the ball and going home

Lets talk about the next big thing. I was checking out the AWESOME 2-part interview with Paul Heyman on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podcast
I started to wonder what the next, next big thing could be. But I figured it’d be far more interesting to ask you guys what you think the next big thing in music, film, gaming, and wrestling will be.


What do you think is the next BIG thing? It could be something to have a worldwide impact immediately like the iPad, or a smaller impact that changes the world subtly, like touch screens finally coming into their own with smart phones. 

My BIG idea is creating a syndication for digital media. Podcasts / netflix / gaming / hulu / and so on. The thing I miss most about our On Demand world is the inability to really stumble upon something in progress that grabs your attention.

The WWE Network actually solved this problem with the live stream, and after catching The Ultimate Warrior Documentary went back and caught some of his matches and watched the doc in full because it was so surprisingly compelling.

Unfortunately a lot of content isn’t like this. If you turned on the Shawshank Redemption sight unseen from a Netflix queue and never heard of it, it may not impact you the same way it did for many of us who came across it on TNT or TBS halfway through and found it intensely compelling. The same for Podcasts, the same for videogames, where outside of the increasingly rare demo and some brilliant app store stuff, (and the awesome PSN+) getting free games to discover and try out for free is tricky. There is no basic cable or Saturday night movie for these platforms, and it makes discovery something that requires effort, versus something that happens idly when flipping the channels.

So take note, Netflix, Hulu, and Podcasts, do what the WWE does and allow me to stumble across stuff as easily as possible, versus making me seek it out. Pandora / Spotify has this figured out pretty well, too.

For pro wrestling, I think there’s one, great, wrestling-related kickstarter that will happen sometime soon, where fans put money where their mouth is and support a company that is capable of putting on awesome shows WITHOUT the constant fear of losing their shirts. I don’t want ‘edgy’ or ‘experimental’ like with that REALLY weird Wrestling Revolution Project, but a promotion that raises enough money to buy equipment, run shows, and can support themselves long enough to start turning a profit on their own.

Additionally the Kickstarter rewards could be awesome. Life-long passes / listening in on creative meetings / free merch, and depending on dollar value donated, maybe an on-screen role of some kind. Who knows.

What say you, Blobbers?

WrestleMania/Next Big Thing Questions

Hey Scott, a couple of questions for you. First I know you gave up on reviewing Raw but can we expect a rant on WrestleMania? Second, we all talk about the next big thing in wrestling (the next Hogan, Austin, Rock, Cena). Could Bryan be the next big thing if they book him right at WrestleMania?
1.  I imagine so, but then it took me three years to get around to WM27.  
2.  Sure, but it'll really depend on HOW he sells that fourth Pedigree before HHH pins him.  

The Thing With The Stuff

Warning:  If you’re a classy person above watching a trainwreck, stop here. Since someone asked, here’s the series of e-mails I received from Caliber over the course of the past couple of weeks.  I pointedly ignored him and never answered any of them.  January 19:  He e-mails me out of nowhere. Bottom line, I always liked writing for the BoD, and I’m ready to come back. I make you money, I dig the exposure. I’m Hulk Hogan, you’re Vince.
However, and you’re probably going to think I’m out of mind and full of gull, but before I come back, I’d like an apology. The reason I left last time was because you treated me like a petulant child, and spit in my face despite my hardwork for the website. I realize now you don’t care about anything outside of your family, and that all of this is just the internet, and just business, which is how I need to see things.
But I’d like an apology.
Then we’re back to business, and since each time I take longer and longer before I leave, we’re probably looking at 2 years before something gets my britches in a bunch.
If you think that’s a ridiculous request, then let’s just forget the email.
So I decided to forget it. February 28, he e-mails back again: Alright, you called my bluff, and it’s crystal clear I won’t be getting my apology.
However, I’m gonna swallow my pride and come back if you’ll have me.
As I said, there’s money on the table that you’re not taking advantage of. You seem to sort of do the bare minimum for the BoD, when you could do a lot more and honestly not have to have a day job.
If I come back, I can tell you about a lot of the ideas I have for the site, as well as finally get the BoD Podcast off the ground. As a guy who’s written/recorded over 50 songs and has a degree in audio engineering, I know a thing or two about creating a podcast. It would be an immediate success due to the BoD’s  popularity, and I think I’d be able to make it rather entertaining.
As for what I want to do when I return, I don’t want the QOTD back, I’m happy with what Meek’s doin, instead I want to start the fitness article I was primed to do right before I left. It’s something everybody said they’d like to see, and I know it’d be a hit. Along with a few wrestling reviews thrown in there for good measure.
You don’t even have to bother responding, if I’m back I’ll see “new post” as an option when I go to the site when you reinstate my posting abilities, and I’ll know it’s go time. When I see that, I’ll fill you in with the ideas I have for the site, as what can be done with the podcast.
March 6, getting more desperate now: Hey Scott,
I was wrong. I truly don’t think you were being malicious at all, and instead of just asking you about it, I took my ball and went home like a petulant child. I try and act like I’m a professional, but doing things like simply quitting without saying anything isn’t what professionals do. It isn’t how things are done in the real world, and I honestly regret doing it.
I truly want to come back to the BoD and write again. I miss the experience, and honestly have a handful of great ideas.
I’m not apologizing to you because I think it’s what you want to hear, I’m genuinely sorry for my actions. I have a bit of an ego, and I honestly need to check it at the door. I promise if you allow me to come back that it won’t ever happen again, and you’ll receive absolutely no waves from me whatsoever.
March 9: Honestly, this is insanely humbling.
I’m not the type to apologize often, because I rarely think I’m wrong. But I was wrong with how I’ve handled getting pissed off when writing for the BoD, and I’m very sincere when I say I’m sorry. If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have even bothered, seeing as how you could simply post these emails and show everyone how Mr. I Want My Apology came crawling back.
Really, I took a look at myself and simply realized a few things. I can be a bit of an asshole, because I tend to follow others career paths & styles instead of sticking to what I think I should do. I also realized when it comes to writing, I’m not nearly as good as I think I am. I
also realized I need to be a hell of a lot more mature when it comes to a lot of things in life.
I truly want to come back to the BoD as a writer, and I swear to you, you have my word that you won’t regret it. This isn’t some ploy where I tell you what you want to hear. I truly have over-hauled myself and am trying my damndest to do things differently.
All I’m asking for is one more chance. Just a bit of forgiveness on your part to prove I’ve changed, and will conduct myself in a professional & mature manner. If you do allow me to return, and anyone asks me why I came back, I won’t hesitate to tell them you allowed me to, and that I was being a pompous jerk before.
Please, Scott. I truly am sorry, and will bust my ass for the website as I have in the past, without any of the childish behavior. As you know I’m big on the “being a man” deal, and truly believe that the biggest thing a man can do is keep his word, and as I stated before, you have my word that you’ll see hide nor hair of my previous actions.
Finally, earlier today: Hey Scott,
Since we won’t be working together any further, would you please remove the banner I created from the BoD website? I was cool with it being up while I was gone, as I knew I’d come back, but since it isn’t happening, I’d like you to remove it. There are a ton of people at the BoD who’d probably jump at the chance to design a new banner, or you could just use one of those free graphic generators online. Either way, please take mine down.
I appreciate it.
So there you have it. 

Jesse Baker On “The Bryan Danials thing”

You know, if the WWE REALLY is out to bury Bryan, why don't they at least fucking try and make it less obvious. 
Armchair Booker Mode On
Say Kane backstabs HHH and Steph by way of giving Bryan his own interview segment (tying it in with him taking Miz's interview segment, since Miz/Bryan have an unresolved blood feud) and basically allows him to use it to vent against the Authority. That way, Bryan is not actively competing but basically allowing to repeatedly getting over on HHH by calling him out on his bullshit (they can even allow for the first installment of said interview segment involve Bryan reducing HHH to tears ala Quagmire calling Brian out on his shit on Family Guy in terms of HHH FINALLTY showing ass as far as Bryan flat out nailing HHH on his bullshit in ways even HHH can't shrug off, even having Bryan throw Rock's recent super success into HHH's face for extra knife twisting).   
Bryan makes HHH cry and HHH goes away for several weeks and we get Bryan having his talk show bit, servicing other storylines and Kane being an asshole to Steph, who can't get the show cancelled no matter how hard she tries to browbeat Kane. Meanwhile we get Miz being treated like a punching bag loser, beating by Orton and generally treated like a bitch and showing up during Bryan's talkshow from time to time, to rant and rave about how Bryan is a usurper, stealing his talk show segment from him as well as his "spot" in the hirarchy in the WWE.
Finally, when HHH comes back, he has Miz (who HHH sees as an agent to destroy Bryan) destroy Bryan's set and tries to destroy Bryan, but is stopped by Bryan's guest for that week's episode: Hulk Hogan. Miz meanwhile vows revenge, leading to him recruiting Shawn Michaels as his second, setting up Bryan/Hogan vs Michaels/Miz at WM, with Bryan and Hogan winning…..
This way, Bryan remains strong and given a major place on the card without being reduced to a lowly flunky, can get his full revenge on HHH (who will finally be made to show ass via Bryan being the one who does what no one else, not even CM Punk could not do, and basically destroy HHH and cause him to admit his failures as a human being on every level imaginable, Bryan gets an undercard match with legit heat/storyline motivation (the unresolved Miz/Bryan stuff), and Shawn Michaels gets the humiliation of being made Hogan's bitch again.

The Next Big Thing ?

Now, we all know what CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar was like. Basically, they blew the roof off during that Summerslam match. But I feel, such ***** matches should be treated in a super-special way by not having another match. The second match will not only live up to the expectations, but also make Lesnar look weak when he has to return the job to Punk. Their once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece was just PERFECT in every facet of pro-wrestling and it was the smartest way they could’ve booked either guy. Now, my question to you is : After watching how brilliant Punk vs Lesnar was, can you imagine how terrifyingly awesome Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar can be ? Lesnar treating Bryan like a little bitch throughout, and almost KILLING him during the process before Bryan makes his legendary babyface comeback and beats the shit out of Lesnar all over the place and MURDERS him with the RUNNING KNEE OF DOOM or makes him tap out or something. Sure, that may sound chimerical, but at this point I’d do just ANYTHING to make Bryan the biggest star today. Do you see Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan happening anytime in the future ?

There would basically be no advantage to Brock even taking that match from a financial standpoint.  He’s  not gonna main event with it and otherwise you can’t justify his salary using him to put over some goat-faced B+ guy.   Now Randy Orton, there’s a stud worthy of the match.  Hasn’t years of watching this product taught you anything?

QOTD 3: The Best Thing on The Internet

Howdy Blog Otters, after a totes great discussion about the things that piss of off, including teaching, traffic circles, stubborn jerks, the handicap and their special privileges, and NFL football, I figured we’d get positive with today’s QOTD and enrich your life via the power of the world wide web.

What are your favorite things on the internet? 

Is it a video? A meme? A website only you seem to know and care about? Is it an online game or distraction or creative work of not-quite-art? Well, share it with the masses and perhaps you’ll make them a fan for life, or be ridiculed for that fan fiction you secretly love oh-so-very-much.

Please refrain from porno and piracy.  

I have a bunch of favorites, so I listed a few. These are all things I am really fond of, and I’m sure there’s more, but you know how it goes, the second you try to think of all the things you like, you can’t think of any. These are the ones that came to mind first.

The Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast 

Stone Cold’s podcast and I have a love hate relationship. For one I wish they were longer and focused almost exclusively on wrestling, but judging from an e-mail I got from the fellah, he has an audience beyond his wrestling fans, and does like to keep things casual. Must listens include the Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and DDP interviews.

Mdickie’s Booking Revolution
If you’ve ever seen me post about this game, well, here I am posting about it again. Literally the only wrestling game that makes you have a good match, versus try to win. It’s EWR meets SNES Wrestling Games meets FirePro. It’s great on iPhone, Android, but my personal favorite is the Ouya version which lets you use a gamepad and is absolutely enthralling, especially if you play and watch something wrestling related.

Lots of people are put off by the controls, so let me mention that YOU CAN CHANGE THEM TO BUTTONS in the options menu, and save yourself the trouble of dealing with tap and drag ish. My review is here. 

Ken Burns Baseball

I cried at the end of this. Well, I teared up. Okay, got a little choked up. Anyway, my point is that this 19 and a half hour documentary series on the history of baseball is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever watched. The beauty is that Ken Burns manages to make a lot of the goings-on in baseball sync up to what is going on with the times. Fantastic interviews, fantastic pace, fantastic editing, I breezed through this thing in about 2 weeks, and it was one of my favorite experiences of the year, so far. You can find it on Netflix streaming.

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library

Your all-in-one Star Trek guide. Literally anything you want to know about episodes, the cast, the ships, the technical specifications, episode reviews, movie reviews, links to good novels and games, fan polls, and more information on Star Trek than you could ever hope to absorb, all in one place. It’s a rush. As a kid I used to read this site all the time, yearning for the days I could finally watch all of Star Trek again. Now that I can, I look back at my time with this site with great fondness.

The Plinkett Reviews Archive 

Mr. Plinkett is a….bizarre long-form review series where a really *really* weird dude reviews Star Trek, The Star Wars Prequels, Avatar, and a few other flicks via an insane juxtaposition of in-depth analysis and sounding like a moron at the same time. Using behind the scenes footage and an intimate knowledge of movie-making, cinematography, and film theory, he takes a variety of movies to task, explaining why they failed in scathing fashion. The Star Wars Prequel reviews, in particular, are must watch material for anyone who felt hollow after the prequels.

Be warned, this reviews are pretty graphic and insane, featuring swearing, graphic implied violence, and a bunch of other just freaking weird shit that is absolutely worth getting through to watch the reviews.

This is some truly exquisite stuff.

Atop the Fourth Wall is essentially what would happen if you took that geeky awkward mayyyybeeee-a-little-autistic-guy who read comics at lunch and recess during grade school, gave him a budget, confidence, and a fan base. Whether you agree with the guy, or like his style, I think this guy’s work, reviewing bad comics and some good ones, too, features some really great writing and a dedication and attention to detail that is rarely seen in a lot of web-review shows. I remember the last time I mentioned this I got a lot of flack for being a fanboy or whatever, but fuck it, I’m a fan boy, I think it’s cool, and if you give it a shot, you may like it.

I actually linked to the first part of his “History of Power Rangers” series, which is a most bizarrely creative thing. It takes the show and it’s continuity deadly seriously, but manages to walk a very subtle line between satire and seriousness, including lines like “In a rare display of intelligence for the Rangers” and little notes like how all the characters are dressed like cartoon characters. Really great stuff, really great writing, too. 

The Intel Museum of Me – It reads all your Facebook stuff and turns it into a cool little fake museum thing featuring, well, you! It’s great!

The Blue Ball Machine – Trust me. Turn your speakers down, though.

Google’s first result for “The Best Thing On The Internet”

Blog Otter Award: TraitorAlex for his grammar slam in yesterday’s thread about Loose vs. Lose. I’m with ya brother. Alex’s Award can be found here. Scream09_HartKiller gets an honorable mention for apparently adopting an entire box of kittens. His/Her award can be found here.

Does anyone want to maybe make a push to get someone to take on “Raw Live Update” duties? versus checking in at 411mania then switching over to the blog for replay, would it be an idea to get that “Raw Thread” to also be a “Live Results” thread?

I also have a Ducktales for XBLA code to give away. The person who posts, literally, the best thing on the internet will get the code. This will be judged by up-votes.

Homework Assignment: Figure out your most honed skill, and be prepared to share tomorrow.


Is TNA actually doing the right thing?

So TNA fans are up in arms about AJ Styles possibly leaving the company (http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=79794) but the strategy behind it makes sense. If they know that the guys in the current spots aren’t going to draw more $$$, doesn’t it make sense to build for the future by signing 4 or 5 younger wrestlers for the price of one salary? Isn’t this exactly what everyone has been saying is the problem with TNA in the first place? 


Yeah, really AJ might as well sow his wild oats while he’s still got value.  He’d be a perfect fit for NJPW right now or as the big fish in the ROH pond.  Probably not WWE.  But yeah, TNA has pretty much told all the stories with him that they can and it’s best for both if he moves on.

And Another Thing on RAW

Just another parting shot at RAW this morning, and a good example of why no one gets invested in pushes anymore.  Vince comes out to make a new WWE title match for the PPV, and Vickie suggests Dolph Ziggler, the guy who is the #1 contender for the World title and presumed next big project.  Vince LAUGHS at her and threatens to fire her for even suggesting a ridiculous idea like Ziggler getting a title shot, because who would want to pay to see that?  And then they'll wonder why he doesn't get over after he backdoors his way into the World title and loses every match by DQ.