The Theszies / RSPW results are live!

Hey there –

In the Theszies / RSPW ( Awards, you – or
someone who gave us your email address – voted, and asked us to email
notifications of results and stuff.

If you’d like to see this year’s Awards (and you said you did
previously, so that’s why we’re emailing you), just follow this link:

We’re setting up a mailing list! We had an overly complicated and
manual email system, and from now on, it should be simpler and more
timely. We’re only automatically adding voters from *this* year; we’d
prefer to avoid spamming outdated email addresses. You can subscribe
over here:!forum/theszies-announce

We’re also on Twitter at @RSPW_Awards.

Thanks for voting, and we’ll see you (hopefully) in December when we
begin taking nominations for the 2015 Awards!

MGK, James The Tech Guy, and the rest of the RSPW Awards Staff

​Hey, and finished pretty high in the voting for "Best Media", too!  Thanks to all who voted for the blog!​