WCW Conspiracy Theory

We've all heard every theory for the collapse of WCW from the finger poke of doom to the AOL/Time Warner merger. But what if it was an inside job? By none other than Hanoi Jane herself?

Hear me out. Jane marries Billionaire Ted in 1991. The same year WCW became WCW, right? she divorces him in 2001, the same year WCW goes under. Coincidence?


But who was she working for? Crockett, perhaps? Another jealous NWA honcho? JIM HERD?!?!? Let's not forget WCW also ran shows in N Korea. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

How have we not seen this before? If I were a betting man, I'd even wager it was her own voice on those WWF skits in 96. That's probably when she recruited Razor and Diesel! Whoa, And that just came to me! IT GETS DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!!


​I feel like I've already thought about too much as it is.  Don't you think I've been considering that very theory in my mind over and over since the company died?  Don't you think we ALL haven't thought about the Jane Fonda Theory at some point while wondering what went wrong?  But then that's when they turn on the chip in your brain and you get shocked for asking the wrong questions.  Not worth it.  Gotta finish.  They're coming right now.  #WAKEUPSHEEPLE #THANKSOBAMA

Lesnar theory


    I know you're sick of Lesnar/Reigns questions; but isn't this "Lesnar walks out on the WWE right before WrestleMania" story a little too hard to believe.  I mean this literally sounds like a copycat angle from over a decade ago.  Could it all be a work to pump up Reigns as a sympathetic face conquering this arrogant jerk who wants to walk out on the company?  The WrestleMania crowds are usually mark-ish and there's no way Lesnar get booed unless its a Goldberg scenario where the crowd knows he's leaving.  Better yet, what does Vince do when the crowd KNOWS Brock is leaving, and they STILL cheer him and boo Reigns?

​I'm amused how people now even preface questions with "I know you're sick of this question…" and then ask it anyway.  
If it was a work, what possible motivation would Dana White have for going along with it?  And why would they suddenly have an idea for getting Reigns over as a babyface now after months of failing to do so?  And why make your big hail mary attempt at getting him over an angle where literally only 1% or less of the audience is even going to understand?  ​

New Day conspiracy theory

Hey Scott,

With the WWE's track record of doing such things (for example, Austin's hugging gimmick being an inside joke on DDP's propensity for hugging backstage), do you think that Kofi Kingston/New Day's positivity gimmick (in particular the grilling Kofi received while on commentary on Monday) has something to do with reports that he's totally content with his place on the card so long as he has a job? As seemingly laid back, unconfrontational 'millenials', I'd imagine Big E and Xavier Woods are much the same.

I find it too hard to keep track of which gimmick is a rib on which guys anymore because everything is basically one big gag for Vince's amusement anyways.  However, in the case of the New Day, as I understand it the original idea was supposed to be a more militant crew in the spirit of the Nation of Domination, before the Ferguson incident forced them to instead switch the gimmick 180 degrees into the "dancing black men" nonsense we're dealing with now.  Granted the original version would have been offensive, but I don't think Kofi making jokes about how sweaty that Big E gets is particularly better.  As has been said quite succinctly recently, everyone is just playing for an audience of one at this point anyway.  

Breaking the Streak question/conspriacy theory.

Firstly, this video is gold.

Secondly, reliving the event some 6+ months later through the eyes of other fans, my question is why Brock ? Why give that moniker of being the guy to break the streak to Brock Lesner?  Hindsight is always 20/20, but my god you have had to know Brock's heart wasn't in wrestling, you had to know he was just around to pick up a fat paycheck and not ever be on tv. They essentially flushed 20+ years of story telling down the tubes on a guy who isn't going to make them money from breaking the streak ? If you wanna smash over Roman Reigns by having him be the one break the streak fine, but Brock ? I agree with Hitler in the video, it makes absolutely no sense….

Here's my conspiracy theory, it wasn't so much they wanted Brock to break the streak they just wanted to bury and take the momentum off Bryan. The day after Wrestlemania 30, instead of everyone talking about how Daniel Bryan made it to the level of legendary wrestling superstar it was overshadowed by everyone talking the streak ending, thus making D Bry moment take a backseat. They did everything they could including blowing their load on 21 years of Wrestlemania matches just so they could stop a Superstar from breaking through that glass ceiling because its not who they handpicked to carry the ball.

Now normally, I'd think that was crazy.  But after the Punk podcast and opening up that can of worms I have a clearer idea about how WWE does business. And it would absolutely not surprise me at all that they would cut off their nose to spite their face like that.

Please Mr. Keith, tell me I'm delusional and clearly not thinking straight. Tell me they thought Brock going over the streak was good for buinsess and it wasn't just a chess move to keep the guy outta the spot that they didn't want there.

​Let's turn down the crazy knob a little bit.  It's been pretty much established at this point that:
a)  Undertaker didn't want the streak to end, but Vince made the call because he felt like Taker wasn't going to be able to continue the next year and wanted to put someone over.
b)  Brock was the guy who was there that year, and the only guy on the roster who Vince believed to be "worthy" of ending the streak, so he got the win.

Wacky yet obvious theory!

Popular opinion has Daniel Bryan wrestling HHH to earn his way into the title match at Wrestlemania. I'm starting to think the real scenario will be close but reversed and oh so obvious,  Daniel Bryan will join the title match to make it a triple threat, but this will take place early in the card.  After he wins the title, he'll wrestle again in the MAIN MAIN event against HHH, where the King Of Kings wins the undisputed championship from the B+ player.  This works because the fans get what they want with him in the title match, and Daniel Bryan gets the rub of working with Helmsley to close the show.  Because HHH.

I will say that in all seriousness, WWE really dropped the ball by not acknowledging the subtext in the Authority angle and putting the belt on HHH.  Clearly the unspoken truth is that HHH (the character…?) feels that he is the only person qualified to carry that title, and without that payoff around, say, TLC or Rumble, the whole thing is lacking the proper gravitas.  The story as they were doing it should have been Orton can't beat Bryan and stay champion without HHH's help, HHH finally gets disgusted and rigs the game so that he ends up with the belt himself to show him what a real A+ player does, and then Daniel Bryan beats HHH to win the belt and get his ultimate revenge on everyone.  The sexual tension in the room between HHH and that belt is like David and Maddie on Moonlighting — you know they want each other but it's going to ruin everything if they do.  

New Breed Theory (Champion & Royal changed history)

The New Breed Theory by Kace
In 1986, not just professional wrestling, but life itself changed forever.
Their names were Chris Champion and Sean Royal and by some stroke of circumstance had been able to leave 1986 and experience the world of 2002.  At first, the world was a marvel of scientific advancement, but the advancement came at the expense of humanity itself.  Lifelike robots and androids were made to function alongside humans, possibly even serving in a superior capacity to those not socially high enough in the caste system.
The world had been taken over by a corrupt President of the United States, hailing from Texas.
Upon being elected in 2000 and taking office in 2001, President Dusty Rhodes instilled an American Dream by his vision, a forced vision turning America and the free world itself into a dystopia.  His right hand man was Jimmy Valiant, who like Rhodes had failed to socially change with the times as the 1990s arrived.  Valiant's corrupting influence on Rhodes would lead to a global takeover of Jim Crockett Promotions, which Rhodes had helped lead to domination over the rest of the wrestling world, leaving the sport as its supreme ruler and leading to a political rise to power.
Champion and Royal knew they had to go back in time to stop this.  And so they returned to 1986, referring to the Future as their home so they could be reminded of their mission.  They were now the New Breed.  The mission was to remove Dusty's corrupting influences, most notably Jimmy Valiant and the Rock N' Roll Express, a tag team that would not take kindly to the change in 1990s rock music.  Honing their skills in Florida, the New Breed would set their sights on 1987 and Jim Crockett Promotions.
Not long after arriving in the present, the Valiant of 2002 had sent an android-like being back to stop them.  He was known as Lazer Tron and would assist the Valiant of 1987, never letting the younger Valiant know the true state of its mission.
The New Breed, as a way to remind themselves of the present day would make references to Back To The Future, the Transformers and Beastie Boys, fearful that too much jargon about 2002 might lead to imprisonment or worse.  The goofiness of the 1980s references provided a coverup and even converted some younger onlookers to their cause.
The New Breed fought Lazer Tron, Valiant, and the Rock N' Roll Express.  Lazer Tron would wind up exhausted of energy and teleport back to 2002 for repairs.  His return would be to a future where he no longer existed, thanks to the New Breed's efforts.
The New Breed's war was brief, with Champion being injured and Royal getting on the wrong side of the Midnight Express.  But the mission would still prove successful.  The damage would be done.  Valiant would wind up away from Rhodes in the AWA, the Rock N' Roll Express were never quite the same, and instead of leading a corrupted JCP to world domination, the company would sell to Ted Turner's Borg Collective and Rhodes, after a series of soul-breaking battles with the Road Warriors would depart for the WWF, reduced to polka dots.
And humanity would be saved.
Just a theory, of course.