Sixth Annual Doomie Awards Poll

I hope that everyone is having a great Super Bowl weekend.  After getting through a busy January, the Doomies are taking place a little later than previous years but we will hold them again to measure the best and worst of the wrestling world.  Ballot information is included after the jump.

We will be debuting some new categories this year per people’s requests from last year.  These will include votes for best/worst commentator, a new category for best Blog column that is not written by Scott (although Scott’s columns are still eligible for Column of the Year), and a renaming of the “Poster of the Year” category to “Commenter of the Year” because there was confusion over the last few years about whether the former referred to people who post columns here.  Voting information is included after a brief history of the awards:

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The 2017 Doomie Awards

Last week the blog cast its votes for the top (and worst) wrestlers and moments of 2017.  The voting deadline has passed and all of the votes have been counted.  Remember, a first place vote was worth five points, a second place vote was worth three points, and a third place vote was worth one point.  In case of a tie, number of first place votes was used to break it.

I included the top three finishers for each category below, but if you wish to see the entire spreadsheet and how many first place, second place, and/or third place a choice received, go to this link:

Keep in mind that not all voters cast a ballot with three choices for each category and some voters did not vote for certain categories.  In all, though, we had a higher rate of participation this year, with fifty-three people casting ballots (versus thirty-two last year). Winners can be found below.

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