RSG reflects on WCCW 12-01-1984 (Thanksgiving edition)

Taped from Dallas, TX

Airdate: December 1, 1984 (taped 11/22)

Attendance: 15,235

Hosted by Bill Mercer

Thanksgiving may mean turkey and football for some, but for WCCW, it means WRESTLING from Reunion Arena. This week, we have a Texas Death match that earns this episode a TV-MA rating. Who will help me to bring this generous helping of wrestling this week?

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Evening Thread – Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Stranger is back to post your evening thread. Here’s what’s going on tonight:

WWE Network has NXT at 9/8c with Finn Balor taking on Tyson Kidd. Supestars follows at 10/9c with The Usos vs. Slater Gator and Jack Swagger vs. Curtis Axel.

NFL Thanksgiving night game has NFC West action with Seattle (7-4) taking on San Francisco (7-4).

Only NHL action tonight is Edmonton at Nashville.

There is also early Black Friday madness, so if you have any stories on that front, please share.

Happy Thanksgiving (To Some Of You) – Daily Thread

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US… and a happy Thursday to the rest. Enjoy the day and enjoy a small sampling of Thanksgiving goodness from PTBN along the way!

PTBN offers a video collection of Thanksgiving Wrestling memories: PTBN Thanksgiving Wrestling Bounty of Awesome

Scott & Justin revisited Survivor Series 1989 for their Vintage Vault Refresh series: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Survivor Series 1989

The Main Event and Kevin Kelly Show both delivered special Thanksgiving Episodes!

The PTBN Comics Staff served up PTBN’s Second Annual Comic Comic Cornucopia of Thanksgiving

PTBN’s Survivor Series Rewind Series looked back at 1989, 1998 and 2009: PTBN Survivor Series Rewind

And remember to vote in the Greatest Song of the 90s Tournament! Group X went up this morning…be sure to choose five of ten songs: PTBN’s Greatest Song of the 90s Tournament

Feel free to use this as a Daily Thread unless The Brian Bayless pops in with his usual news update!


With it being Thanksgiving, I am wondering: what about a "2013 Scott Sez" for the Starrcade cards? (or even the old Survivor Series….you know – back when Storylines made sense?). I also want to thank you for making the workday go by so much faster. Enjoy your day.
Already did both series.  The Survivor Series one was the debut of the "…Scott Sez" concept, in fact.  Shouldn't be too hard to find them via Google.  Here's Starrcade to get you started:

Thanksgiving Video of the Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to the US folks at the BoD! Here is a collection of Thanksgiving wrestling memories.
We also have a collection of TV’s best Thanksgiving specials…
…and what we are thankful for in the world of comics!
And thanks to Scott for all the support!