Wacky Tag Teams

Brought this up in one of the threads but it got buried. What was the greatest "Wacky Tag Team" of all time? Wacky Tag Team meaning the two partners who couldn't get along team. Someone suggested Benoit and Angle which has to be up there. I thought Sabu and RVD deserved consideration too.
​Obviously Kane and Daniel Bryan ended up being pretty good.  My personal favorite was Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels in 1997, which sadly didn't play into their title match at WM14.  But man they had a great dynamic at the time.  ​

Inside Scott’s (In)Box 4: Best / Worst Announce Teams

Jason Bellomo writes: 

fans talk about the WWE announce teams being subpar (which seems to be a
correct assessment, especially when comparing the current product with
the older stuff on the network). If you had your choice of anyone
(currently alive and well) to comprise the RAW and Smackdown announce
teams, who would you pick? 

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Well Jason, I’ll respond to you with the team that really set the wrestling world on fire. The team that made wrestling feel legitimate in ways that are nearly impossible to describe, but also too countless to count. 

Lightning Round: Tag Teams

Hey Scott.
Just watching some classic tag team wrestling on the WWE Network and wanted to know the best matches of the following:

The Midnight Express Condrey & Eaton:  Against the Rock N Roll Express, really take your pick.  Eaton & Lane:  Against the Southern Boys at Bash 90. 
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Again, they had dozens of near-***** matches with the original Midnights.  I don’t think any are archived on the Network as of yet.  For the definitive Ricky Morton, check out RNR v. Andersons at Starrcade 86, where he gets the everloving fuck beaten out of him by the Andersons for like 20 minutes and it’s just awesome. 
Road Warriors Great matches were not really their thing.  To say the least.  Their title match against Tully & Arn at Starrcade 87 was damn good.  The scaffold match against the Midnights is pretty legendary, although not really my cup of tea.  I could wuss out and pick a Wargames, but I’m gonna go with the title win over the Midnights in 88. 
Blanchard and Anderson That is like asking me to choose between my children.  I’ll go with either of the Luger/Windham title switches because both were awesome for totally different reasons. 
The Freebirds Whatever their final match as a team ended up being. 
The Fantastics They had a ***** match against the Midnights in 88 where they won the US tag titles on Worldwide, and if you want a good approximation of it you can watch the rematch at Bash 88, which for me is a mere ****3/4.  They also had a brawl with the Sheepherders that Meltzer gave ***** to. 
The Hart Foundation They were never really a top level match quality team (that was more Bret & Owen’s deal) but they had some really spectacular matches with the Bulldogs in their prime.  The 2/3 falls match on SNME is probably the easiest to find, but there’s some house show matches on the MSG shows that will rock your shit.  In the 90-91 Harts rebirth they had some great matches with the Rockers, too. 
British Bulldogs Really, they self-destructed too soon to truly hit their potential, but I’m always fond of their matches with the Harts.  Also, they did a couple of runs in Japan that were supposed to be great, although I’ve never seen the matches in question. 
Thanks for your help.

WWE Countdown Top Tag Teams

I just watched WWE Countdown's Top 10 Tag Teams and a couple of things bothered me. First of all: how can there be a top ten list on the greatest tag teams and it not include either The Midnight Express or The Rock-N-Roll express? Hell, WWE's entire tag team formula has been based off of Rock-N-Roll express matches for ages.  And secondly: why is it that when WWE talks about Demolition they always have to be called a Road Warriors ripoff, yet they never mention how The Rockers are a more blatant Rock-N-Roll Express ripoff?

​Because the Rockers aren't constantly suing WWE and badmouthing them, whereas Bill Eadie certainly is.  Plus Countdown is not exactly the most well thought-out or well researched show they offer.  It's great when it's doing goofy shit like the Worst Gimmicks or Biggest Fails or stuff like that, but everything else seems to be recycled DVD footage.  ​

random teams

Hey Scott, could you please give me your thoughts on these really random teams throughout the fast-livin' Attitude Era:
Rikishi & Viscera (late 1999)
I don't remember that at all, but it sounds awful.  

The Rock & The Undertaker (fall 2000, 1 tag team title reign!)

Rockertaker!  Other than that, I don't remember much about it.

Rikishi & Haku (early 2001)

Don't remember that at all.  

Head Cheese (spring 2000)

They were OK.

Y2J & Curtis Hughes (fall 1999)

I remember Hughes getting fired and then allegations about him hanging out in S&M clubs came to light, but that's about it.

Road Dogg & X-Pac (mid-2000)
So bored with D-X by that point.

Pretty Mean Sisters (late 98/early 99)

Don't remember that at all. 

Greatest Survivor Series Teams Ever


Although WWE's mutilated this year's event with the constant changes to the elimination match, it's nice to look back at some of the better teams from years past. Kinda surprised myself with who I picked as #1

I have to strenuously disagree with your choice at #1, if only because Team Savage was the most awesome collection of midcard firepower ever assembled, all with the goal of destroying Honky Tonk Man.  Team DX from 2006 would be #2 for me, but just barely.  And no love for 88's Megapowers team or 87's Hogan team?  Say what you will about the captain, but those were some serious displays of star power.

Anyway, fun look back regardless, so thanks!

Tag Teams and Managers

Hey Scott,
With the recent rumblings that Vince (or creative) wants a surge in the tag team scene and that they seem to be getting back into managers being on screen my question to you is: why did they die out?
I've read stuff about Vince saying tag teams don't draw which seems absolutely mental. The attitude/tlc era drew big time in regards to tag teams. Not only did it give him big money matches in the TLC's etc. but it eventually led to 3 world champions. Not to mention the 80's era with the Harts, Demolition, Bulldogs etc. So why did his opinion all of a sudden change and he feel that tag team wrestling just didn't matter anymore?

Same with managers. While they don't draw as much as a good tag team will, they serve their purpose for sure. Bearer, Sherri, Heenan etc. all added to feuds with their clients and you can argue without them certain angles and such would never have gotten over.
I've just always been baffled why the WWE gave up on all of this when it's made them money.

His opinion changes all the time on tag teams.  One week they're going to rebuild the division around the Hart Dynasty or Air Boom, and the next it's back to the belts being an afterthought held by midcarders with nothing else going on.  Hell, you don't even need to have tag teams as a main event program:  Santino & Kozlov were an awesome opening match comedy gimmick that people were into and it wasn't hurting a single person to have them as tag champions for an extended run.  It was exactly the right usage of Kozlov as well.  Or if you go the other route and have a couple of main eventers win the belts, then drop them to a midcard team, you've elevated the belts and the midcard team in one shot.  

Tag Teams.

Well we're going to have to fill up three hours somehow. Who from the current roster, would you like to see built into a Tag Team. Dolph and Swagger already are primed for it, though I think it'd be more fun to put Zack Ryder into Swagger's role, as Dolph and Zack seem to get along fairly well. Cody could desperately use some time off the singles roster. Perhaps he and the Miz? I'd be interested to hear everyone else's thoughts.

OK, that's a fun game.
Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre was actually a perfectly good team, as was Cody & Dibiase, and I don't really know why they broke either one up so abruptly.  I think Miz & Zack Ryder would be a perfect odd couple team.  Zack would also work well as the Ricky Morton portion of a David & Goliath team, like if you had him get beat up for 10 minutes and make the hot tag to Mason Ryan, that might work.  Really, you can mix and match almost anyone in that Miz/Ryder/Swagger/Ziggler/McIntyre/Cody/Kofi midcard morass and come up with a darn good tag team.  I really don't see why they DON'T, in fact.  You can put together 5 or 6 good combinations and have something for the guys to do for MONTHS.  Do a tag team King of the Ring tournament!  People LOVE tournaments!  And you can burn up valuable airtime!