John Cena on Howard Stern talking sex with fans and orgies…

Hi Scott,

I came across this interview on youtube of Howard Stern interviewing John Cena and was quite surprised. Being a guy that pushes the whole PG thing I was shocked to come across this interview where John Cena is open about sex with groupies. I'm only 6 minutes in to the interview so far… I wander what Vince thinks of this? Anyway thought it would be a really interesting discussion topic for the blog

​That was a pretty old interview, wasn't it?  But yeah, John is certainly not necessarily the goody-two-shoes superhero he portrays on TV.  But what human being is?  ​

A Promo of the Day: “We’re Just Talking About Video Games”

I might have thrown this one up before, don’t remember. Punk and Austin trying to hype up WWE ’13. Austin channels his 1996-early 1997 persona by just being miserable and annoyed the whole time. Ross plays his role perfectly, being somewhat of a passive aggressive instigator. Was it just about the video game or were these guys possibly planting the seeds for something bigger that didn’t come to fruition? Either way everyone seemed to be in good form here although I almost forgot the calm, babyface version of Punk.

Because nobody is talking about Brock’s return…

I thought I would join in on the Brock Madness and wrote my synopsis for how I would like to see him booked this year.
From UFC to WWE: Booking Brock Lesnar
I hope you and the Blog enjoy it!

Chris Bragg
The Ultimate Fight Show

Thanks!  And what about that UFC Sweden show?  Thankfully here in Canada all the UFC stuff is on Sportsnet so we don't have to worry about no one getting Fuel and it was a pretty good free show even if I didn't know anyone on the card aside from the multiple people named Thiago who I always mix up.  If it was WWE one of them would have their name changed to "Garrison", I'll tell you that much.