Taker/Wyatt Booking


I can't remember a mania build I've been less enthusiastic about. Just thinking how WWE has more than likely booked themselves into a corner with The Taker and Bray matchup. On one hand if Taker goes over it's two straight years of Bray being built up only to not get the rub at Mania. If Taker jobs again this yr doesn't that seriously devalue the legacy of the streak with 2 consecutive losses? In retrospect, could Brock have been rebuilt as a monster without going over last year, and saving that rub for Bray this year since he seems to be as good of a long term option as any on the roster at this point?


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Bray is a guy who seriously needs to get the hell off TV for a few months and go elsewhere to freshen up.  He's done nothing for months but cut nonsensical promos about nothing and hasn't had any direction since the Wyatt Family breakup, and it's killing him.  I don't even understand what the issue in the Undertaker match is supposed to be.  
My ideal situation:  Wyatt uses the reunited Wyatt Family to beat Undertaker, and then the Shield reunites in the main event when Reigns loses and Rollins cashes in after a triple powerbomb on Lesnar, and we get a few months of those two factions warring with each other again in various combinations.  Hit the damn reset button and try again.