Taker/Foley HITC – most famous wrestling match ever?

I know the consensus would be Hogan/Andre – but think about it, the Jim Ross "Good God Almighty!" call has taken on a life of its own, and because the WWE continues to promote the Attitude Era as the most important thing that's ever happened in human history, more people in the internet era (who don't watch wrestling) have seen the Foley off the cage spot than Hogan slamming Andre.

Also do I get a prize for being the 1 millionth person to email you about Taker/Foley?

I'm also gonna have to go with Hogan/Andre, there, compadre, but I appreciate the effort you put into the argument.  Certainly for most memorable MOMENT you could rank it up there, but most people don't really remember the circumstances or details of the match around the swan dive.  I'd even say Rock v. Mankind would best it, in fact.  

Yet another Taker/foley HITC question

Just read an article with Mick Foley talking about his famous hell in the cell match with Undertaker. In it he talks about the legendary conversation with Terry Funk telling him to start on the top of the cage. Wouldn't the match have been better if they started in the cage, had a war inside the cage, somehow they get out of the cell, climb to the top then throw foley off the cage and/or do the chokeslam thru the cage and the match with that? 

Yeah, but they already did that in the Shawn-UT original.  Perhaps if we're building time machines and rebooking classic matches, we could lay off poor Mick and avoid him going through the table and suffering kidney damage in the first place?