Taboo Tuesday 2004

Taboo Tuesday 2004
Date: October 19, 2004
Location: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Attendance: 3,500
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

This is one of the more unique shows that WWE ever put together with the fans getting to pick the stipulations/participants/a few other things for the matches. This has presented a bit of a hard few weeks of TV as they don’t have specific matches to set up as everything has some kind of a twist included. Hopefully the finished product works a bit better. Oh and it’s on a Tuesday, which worked so well back in 1991 that they waited thirteen years to try it again. Let’s get to it.

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Six of the Best – WWE Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday

I realised I’d forgotten this event, which is understandable considering it was only around for five years and was never a successful event during that time either. For those who don’t remember or weren’t even around when this event took place, Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday was one of WWE’s famed “concept” shows whereby fans could vote on what the matches were. The votes were a mixture of picking challengers for titles, stipulations and even went as lurid as to deciding what type of skimpy outfit the “Divas” would wear in matches.

Buy rates for this show were never that good and they finally decided to drop it from the schedule in 2008 after a string of disappointing returns.

As always, this is just my own personal selection and it isn’t supposed to be some sort of objective list or anything. If I leave out a match that you think warrants inclusion then please feel free to put it down in the comments section below. As with previous lists, I’ll be listing the matches in chronological order.

So without further to do, let’s get to it!

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