Tammy Sytch

She is whore, no?
​y sunny do porn?
I mean, I thought that getting traded to Ahmed Johnson for a bag of coke or doing Skype phone sex calls for internet nerds was as low as someone could sink​, but here we are.  

Tammy Sytch Arrested Again…Again


Jesus, they let this psychopath out on bail and she goes back to Darling's house AGAIN?!  How many times can they give her bail before she does some actual jail time?  And isn't the intent of bail supposed to hinge on an assurance that the person isn't going to do the same thing again?  If Tammy has a history of arrest for the SAME CRIME, why would they let her bail out?  This is almost as much the fault of the legal system as it is Tammy's messed up brain, I think.

Fwd: Tammy Sytch is a mess- Film At 11

———- Forwarded message — http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/14/ex-wwe-diva-tammy-sytch-arrested-3-times-in-3-days/ I know she's completely screwed up her own life and this is essentially all her own fault, but damn… I still can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her. It would've been nice to see her make some kind of return to the WWE but I'm sure that won't ever happen.  -Paul. ————————— Never say never.  She is a hall of famer,  after all.