The monumental IYH “It’s Cold!” IC title switch

Hi Scott I'll just quickly get the "cuz you're simply the best/better than all the rest/ better than anyone/anyone i ever met" stuff out of the way…

What was the ORIGINAL plan for the monumental IYH Winnipeg Shawn-Dean-Douglas-Razor switch? Was Shawn going to drop it to Dean? If so, how would they have gotten the title to Goldust?

So many questions…

But what a great show. Billy's haircut and all.
​Shawn was always dropping that title to Dean Douglas, yes.  They had a battle royale on RAW the next week (which I just covered) and Owen won it, but you could just as easily have seen Razor win it and get the title shot instead, which is how I think they would have done the transition if not for stuff happening.  The forfeit just sped up the process by doing the Shawn-Dean-Razor sequence on the night of the show to keep fans happy and put a babyface over.  
Now, [Vince mode] NOTWITHSTANDING THAT [/Vince mode] , what are the chances of Shawn actually doing that job in the ring if he was healthy?  I dunno.  But certainly the plan and belief was that Shawn was dropping the title that night.  

Vader/Simmons Title Switch

Hey Scott,

Curious about the Vader/Simmons title switch in 1992. WCW/NWA always had long heel runs as chance, or at least normally. The face runs seemed to be pretty short. So why the Vader/Ron Simmons switch? Vader had just destroyed Sting not even a month prior and was a huge monster. In less than a month, Ron Simmons wins giving us him vs. Barbarian at Halloween Havoc? Doesn't make any sense. My only guess was either a: Vader's Japan schedule, or b: Watts was so sick of the racist talk that Simmons was given the strap as political play (not saying Simmons didn't deserve a run, the pop was pretty big after he won the belt).

He was trying to recreate the magic of the Junkyard Dog from 10 years before in Mid-South, where the black champion turned the territory around.  Needless to say, Ron Simmons did not have the charisma that JYD did.  Plus, as you noted, Watts was trying to show how not racist he was.  As with most things in Bill's reign in WCW, the whole deal didn't go very well for him.  

Switch Companies

If you could switch two guys in their prime to a different company, who would it be, where would they go and why?

This is purely from a fun what if scenario.

Off my head, I would love to have seen Bret in WCW circa 93-95 and see him feud with Sting, Vader, Cactus Jack, Flair, Arn Anderson, Pillman, a younger Austin, Rude and others.


s I'd said many time, 1986 Nikita Koloff switched over to the WWF for a run against Hogan would have been EPIC.  And then maybe send 1987 Savage to the NWA against Sting and Luger.