Fighting Spirit Magazine Monday Night Raw Survey


Brian and I over at FSM are conducting a poll to look for trends in the recent bottoming out of Raw’s ratings. While the forthcoming answers won’t be too surprising, I’m sure, we’d like some solid numbers to back up the perceptions.


If this was WCW, they’d do this kind of poll themselves and do whatever the opposite of what it told them.​

WWE Year-End Survey Plug Request

Hey Scott,

You've been kind enough to plug a few of my links in the past and was hoping you'd be willing to post a link for my WWE Year-End Survey on your blog.

The questions/nominees are pretty straight forward, but I'm interested in getting a wide range of responses.  Perhaps you can vote as well!

Thanks in advance!

Hope that helps.

A quick MMA survey for the BOD.

Hey Scott!
I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting the link to a survey looking at the 1st Quarter of 2012 in the World of MMA. It’s a little something to discuss since there has been a big lull in major MMA action the past month or so.
Results will be announced on this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fight Show (
Thanks for the support!

Chris BraggThe Ultimate Fight Show

Yeah, but there’s UFC Sweden on Saturday, so that’s pretty…something.  Hopefully no one tests positive for lingonberries.