I randomly saw your old rant for WCW "Great American Bash" 1999 and, during the main event Sid Vicious returns to attack and you seemed legitimately surprised by it.  Whether that was the case or not, it got me to thinking: what are some of the best surprises for you in terms of legitimate surprises?  Warrior's return at Wrestlemania VIII is at the top of many people's lists of surprises, along with the Hogan turn (many guessed it not many actual KNEW).
To take it further, do you think it's even possible to be shocked at this point?  I mean, between Twitter, blogs, and other leaks, I don't know that a company could bring in a guy (Brock Lesnar's return?) without us hearing before hand.  Whether true (Brock Lesnar) or false (Batista), no return/debut/turn ends up being a shock because we've heard the rumors already.  We're also so conditioned at this point to look for a John Cena heel turn, a McMahon return, or a swerve just for the sake of it that it makes me wonder: are there any legitimate surprises left?

TNA could always make money on something.  
Anyway, yeah, Warrior at Wrestlemania was gigantic.  I remember Rude debuting in 97 as Shawn Michaels' new bodyguard sending my roommate and me into a frenzy for some reason.  Rude as the WCW Halloween Phantom was also pretty great in 91.
I think there's still some left.  JoMo could pop up literally any day now for either company and have a big impact.  The Brock thing was only leaked the day before, so that was a pretty big one and of course Batista is still lurking as a free agent now.  So's Lashley, although his star power is rapidly dropping.  

Extreme Surprises?

Dear Scott, So as we head into Extreme Rules, with very little set, most people are at least pretty sure about the outcome of the WHC match:  this match represents the blow off and final face victory in the Bryan/Sheamus feud.  Bring on Alberto del Rio. I’m not so sure.  Between the face victories in the tag matches (including the legends tag), the response to the Bryan/AJ angle and the very underwhelming (through no fault of Sheamus’) response to the Ginger Champion, I’m smelling a title hot shot that wasn’t in the works before Mania. As for the feud, Bryan hasn’t dominated nearly enough to make people foam at the mouth for his loss, and I think WWE was already pretty high on Bryan even before the Vanilla Spring and the rise of the yes chant. So my question from all of this: “what does it take for WWE to scuttle their plans?”  We saw it in the Summer of Punk and it does feel like they are admitting on one level or another that they need to start relying on fan reaction, but do you think that they are ready to admit defeat on Sheamus?  Is this looking to you like their ready to re-write their script for the next few months? Also, fodder for discussion, what are some major title changes or title runs that were scrapped because of fan reaction or lack thereof? Finally, my bold predictions: Bryan wins the opening fall in 18 seconds with the Yes! lock.  Sheamus taps quickly because he has another fall to spare, and wants to prevent long term damage. Second fall ends with a thunderous Broque kick and the 1-2-3 Bryan is still out from the previous fall, Sheamus rolls off and rolls back on for a near 3rd fall, just to catch the IWC in a moment of rage. AJ turns heel and wins Bryan back with interference leading to the 3rd fall It has it all.  Poetic justice, overbooking, and a little “Gotcha” moment for the IWC. 

They’re moving AJ onto other things as far as I can tell.  I think they’ve purposely cooled Bryan off a lot as of late, and like it or not you’re getting Sheamus v. Del Rio for the next three or four PPVs.  Sheamus is just going to beat him two straight falls and that will be that.  He’s the big project and HHH’s boy, so no matter how much the fans reject him in Chicago he’s getting pushed and that’s it.  And hey, as I’ve said before, I have absolutely nothing against Sheamus.  I’m glad he’s getting a run with the belt and really had he just won the belt in a competitive match at Wrestlemania I, and most of the fanbase, would have no problem with this reign and Daniel Bryan moving down for a bit.  His appeal is being hurt by something totally out of his control, and it’s kind of a shame because the Del Rio program is going to be brutally ignored by the fans.  But because Sheamus and Del Rio have already been chosen as the next big stars, they’ll keep getting pushed and pushed until they stick.  That’s just the way it works, sorry.