NWA World Championship Wrestling, October 25, 1986

Tragedy strikes as Magnum T.A. suffers career-ending injuries in a car wreck, forever changing the future of the NWA. Plus, one of the most legendary Four Horsemen beatdowns ever, one of the most shocking turns in JCP history, and the Road Warriors issue a dangerous challenge to Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express…

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Rock Star Gary reflects on the Great American Bash ’87

Taped from several cities

Airdates:  several dates

Attendance:  varied by location

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross with token appearances by Bob Caudle and David Crockett

As you can see, this was not so much a one-night extravaganza as much as a “best of” tour with blockbuster matches. Of course, the most historical portion of the tour was featured prominently to provide everyone with arguably Dusty Rhodes’ greatest idea.

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