The virtue of Super-Cena?

Hi Scott

I'll get this in before MITB in case they ruin it, but as much as we all hate the Super-Cena act, does the subsequent impact of Owens winning clean (and Brock's Summerslam destruction last year) vindicate it?

As bored senseless as I was watching Cena beat Rusev for months on end, I do wonder if that kind of thing is a price worth paying for the OMG moments when he does get defeated. Or is there a way of having our cake and eating it too?

​Cena's US title open challenge was fine, it was the PPV matches with Rusev that were annoying people.  If Cena just did his challenges on PPV it would probably juice the numbers a bit because they could hype up mystery challengers and use random guys that they had no intention of keeping around.  Bring in one of the nostalgia guys like Sean Waltman or Honky Tonk Man for a one-shot, beat him​, move on with your life.  Cena stays unbeaten, it's fun for the fans, everyone wins.  Putting Cena in "real" feuds for four months because they have nothing better to do with him is the real problem.