What the World Was Watching: Sunday Night Slam – March 26, 1995

Sunday Night Slam was a show that the company aired a couple of times in 1994 and one time in 1995.  It served as a lead-in for big pay-per-view events like SummerSlam and Survivor Series and tried to entice fans to buy the shows by showcasing the major feuds and angles in various matches.  It was not quite a Clash of the Champions concept that WCW was using but it did provide the company with additional exposure on USA Network outside of its usual timeslots for Monday Night RAW, WWF Mania, and The Action Zone.  Later on, the name of the show would be used to hype other pay-per-view events before the Free for All was created in January 1996, but it never again featured original matches.

Vince McMahon and Jim Ross are doing commentary for the event.  The matches were taped along with several episodes of Monday Night RAW on March 13 in Stockton, California.

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