Greatest Successful Title Defenses

We always make a big deal out of title changes but it this was a real sport, I think a great title defense would be valued more than it is. There'd be title defense compilations on youtube along with all the title change compilations….or maybe not. 

So what would be some of the greatest successful title defenses? Hogan defeating Andre at WM3 seems like the clear winner but here's some other matches I'd nominate…

-Austin over Dude at Over The Edge '98 (Talk about the deck stacked against you)
-Shawn over Diesel at In Your House '96 (If this was all real, that's a tough first title defense)
-Miz over Cena at WM27?? (Foil for The Rock or not…a win's a win right?)

​I'd add Flair over Luger in 88, both at the Bash and Starrcade, because in both cases it was considered a foregone conclusion that Lex would win and become the star of the future, and yet Flair managed to win both matches fair and square.  ​