Brainy match submission

Hi Scott. i recently saw this match on the network. It's not great or
anything but it's interesting because it's not a comedy match. On a
related note is Bobby Heenan run of the most underrated bump takers in
the business?

I don't think anyone was underrating him as a bumper.  He was well known for it all through his wrestling and managing days and it's what destroyed his neck in the end.  Even in his matches with Warrior he was bouncing all over the ring for him.  If anything he was underrated as a worker, period.  

Heels with submission finishers

Hey Scott,

After watching Alexander Rusev for a few weeks, I have to wonder, just WHY does WWE bring heels in with nothing but a submission finisher? Clearly, in Rusev's case, they are high on the guy, but he is destined to crash hard.. You can only make Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods tap so many weeks in a row before you have to give him an actual program with an upper Mid Card face. If there's one Rule in the WWE since the beginning of time is that Upper Tier Babyfaces are protected, and don't tap. Knowing this, you can already see the ceiling for the guy. He will graduate to beating up Dolph Ziggler and then his character will stagnate because he wont ever be allowed to make a Upper tier babyface tap, and he will get shuffled down into the Lower mid card because "he couldn't get over". This is pretty much the same thing that happened to Alberto Del Rio, another promising guy with the curse of being a heel with a submission finisher. I cant think of more off the top of my head, but that's kind of the point! These guys start out impressive then They get shuffled down after not being allowed to crack the upper babyfaces on the roster.
Maybe a better question would be, why does a 320 pound freak athlete with a lot of strength not have an awesome Finisher?
What do you think?

​We clearly already know his ceiling because Lana is the one who's going to get the big star push of the deal, but I do appreciate them at least trying new people in the midcard.  Even if it fails, you can't say they haven't at least tried with him.  I do think that some sort of slam, like the spinning one he does to set up the camel clutch, would be a better option for a finish.  They could also go with the original Brock Lesnar ref-stoppage finishes, where he just wants to beat on the guy until the ref has to step in, although again that has a limited shelf life on it.  ​

Random submission

———- Forwarded message ——- > Hello again Scott. This isn't a match, but something far more
> interesting. It's footage from the home movie Jimmy Garvin did while
> bored backstage at the Great American Bash one year. Sadly it's not
> the whole video which seems to have vanished from youtube, but there
> looks to be enough there to make it interesting. Anyways Enjoy
> Mark Boomer I saw that on YouTube a few years back,yeah.  Awesome stuff.

Random match submission

> Hello Scoot, I think your Blog o' Doomers might like this match:
>  It's Jerry Lynn vs The Lightning Kid for the GWF Light-Heavyweight
> Title. It's interesting watching Sean Waltman in the years before the
> drugs and injuries took their toll. I was actually going to track down some of their Indy stuff on Youtube one of these days, so this saves me the trouble.

Random Match of the day submission

Jack Gallagher Vs Davey Richards

I MUST declare an interest. Jack's a pal of mine and this was a solid match. Hopefully one day he will be a name that the fan base on the blog is familiar with. Please forgive the constant Future Shock links on the video but I guess if you're going to plaster logo's over everything it might as well be for a good match.

Well I'm of course always happy to provide cheap plugs, and if it's wrapped up in a great indy match, all the better.  

Submission Moves

This might seem like a silly question, but I've always wondered what submission moves actually hurt those involved? Obviously the ankle lock can easily be faked, but growing up I had my brother do the Sharpshooter on several occasions and it always hurt terribly. Now, obviously you can adjust for that, but was just curious which moves you know tend to be painful?

Both the figure-four and the reversal are notoriously painful if done in real life.  Any of the MMA-based holds are of course painful.  Although really, given that wrestling as we know it evolved from the "hookers" doing submission-based grappling back in the old days when you had to know how to make an opponent give up for real, it's not surprising that things would evolve from actual painful moves.  Even simple things like a heel hook or kneebar were often used to break legs when someone was out of line.  

I would of course be remiss in not bringing up the most devastating submission hold of all time:  Big Bully Busick's stump puller, which was rumored to draw a quick submission 100% of the time due to Busick getting an erection while doing the move.  

Submission victories

Hi Scott –

While watching Raw last night, I was compelled to see if Daniel Bryan would tap out to the STF when Cena had it locked in.  That got me thinking further about submission wins.
While I love a tap out as it clearly defines who won the match, sometimes it can be either too quick or too slow – leading to a unsatisfying finish.  Sometimes it seems like the victim taps out before the hold is even locked in, therefore eliminating some of the "will he or won't he?" aspect of the move.  And since a submission victory is rare in a main event match, usually a submission move leads to a dramatic escape.
My question to you is:  what are some of the best match endings involving a submission you can think of?  Clearly the Benoit/Michaels/HHH Wrestlemania match has to be near the top, but what else? 

Note for Blog people:  Last night was my birthday supper and movie (The Campaign!) so I didn't get a chance to watch Impact yet.  Hopefully this morning, but then we're out of town for the long weekend so it's pretty much now or never.  
As to the topic, I really liked Batista's tapout to Cena at Wrestlemania whatever, where he immediately tapped to the STF and was in so much pain that he actually kept tapping even when Cena released the hold.  That was such a great heel touch.  Shawn tapping to the anklelock against Angle at Wrestlemania 21 was also a phenomenal moment, even though it stretched too long.  But man, people in the theater were losing their SHIT wanting Shawn to tap.  Of course, Benoit-Angle at Rumble 2003 is the gold standard for that struggle finish, showing that someone can submit and still come out looking better than they came in.