Russo’s stupid tweet


Vince Russo tweeted this about Bryan Alvarez RE: the Death Of WCW 10th Anniversary Edition (which Vince seems to have a big problem with)….

Gotta go to bed. Word of advice–If wrestling books aren't written by the WRESTLERS—don't believe a word in them!

He posted a few other whines about Bryan and the book if you care to read them. 

Let's see, now…Vince Russo is by anyone's definition not a wrestler but he has written two books about wrestling. 

Bryan Alvarez is a former indy wrestler and has co-authored two books (I'm counting the two editions of Death Of WCW as two different books because of all the new/revised content in the new edition) as well as a regular writer for a long-running, well respected wrestling newsletter. 

So by Vince Russo's own standards, we should disregard his books completely.

Sounds good to me! 
By that logic, no one should buy MY books, either!  

Wait, what's that uncomfortable silence about?

Also, please don't forget that all the good stuff that happened with Russo around was his doing, but all the bad stuff he either can't remember or wasn't responsible for.  So it's not like he has much more in the way of credibility.  Not to mention his entire WWF gig was predicated on blowing up the old way of former wrestlers doing things that way that they always did and needing a fresh outside viewpoint and all that bullshit.  Frankly I'm shocked he has time to tweet, because those MVP backstage segments don't write themselves!  

Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?

Read more about DC’s PR disasters at The Outhouse.

They’ve really been on a roll of bad decision-making since the New 52 started.  I was reading GLC #20, which is an “epilogue” to the First Lantern story, and I was like “Wait a minute, did I miss Green Lantern #20 where all these important plot points were supposed to be revealed first?” but no, they’re just shipping it TWO WEEKS after the Epilogue to the big crossover they’ve been doing for the past two months. 
Every month makes me more of a fan of Marvel, and the Marvel Unlimited app finally coming to Android helps with that even moreso. 

More Stupid Shit To Play With

Oh, Google, always coming up with fun stuff even while killing things like Reader for no real reason.

Anyway, in the “things you can play around with if you want” category, you can actually render a Blogger site in any of seven different wacky “dynamic views” without having to alter the source code, which is handy for anyone wanting to preview different looks for their site without messing things up.  Now, I dislike all of these, but just for fun you can see what the BOD would look like in all these radically redesigned ways:

Some of them are obviously super-specialized (like “snapshot” for photo blogs) but it’s nice to see what things would like with with a change of pace.