Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – August 15th, 1992



– Last time on SMW TV, we covered the “Fire on the Mountain” Super Card that took place on August 8th, 1992 from the Freedom Hall Civic Center in Johnson City, TN. It’s been a while since we’ve covered some Smoky Mountain Wrestling. In the last recap I published, I noted there might be a delay in the follow-up episodes due to Hurricane Irma, and yes, for a couple of weeks, I did lose electricity, and doing recaps was the furthest from my mind. At the same time, I found out my fiancée and I were expecting our first child together, and suddenly my time to watch wrestling has dwindled. I continued to do projects elsewhere, but the coverage of SMW went quiet… until now. Due to unpopular demand, we shall pick up where we left off, almost 16 months ago, as we cover the fallout from Fire on the Mountain. Hopefully another natural disaster doesn’t interfere with things.

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