Stuck in a limo with Vince

Hey Scott,

I think your readers would enjoy this interview I conducted with former WWE Magazine editor Brian Solomon to promote his new book, PRO WRESTLING FAQ.

Solomon shared some funny stories about being stuck in a limo with Vince McMahon and wearing Freddie Blassie's slippers. He also discussed working for Shane McMahon, why Smackdown Magazine failed, and the problem with getting advertising on RAW.


OK, but if my readers DON'T enjoy it, I know where you live.  

Sudden face turns that stuck + BoD Fantasy Baseball plug

My name is BonzaiDBSM. I'm a top-5 commentator and a three-time BoD fantasy sports champion AND YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've all touched on our displeasure on endless Authority/heel authority figure angles, and it made me think about how I miss Teddy Long running the ship on SD (back when I actually watched SD, unlike now), because how refreshing when an authority guy comes out to make a logical match to benefit the show and its fans (usually in the form of a TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA) and not just screwing over a face for the zillionith time. 

But it also made me think about Teddy Long, who played that persona for about a decade, which was amusing because he was just randomly turned. He spent all of 2003 as the black-power heel manager, with Rodney Mack (remember the "White Boy Challenge"?), Jazz, and Mark Henry, went off TV when his guys were injured or released, then pops up on SmackDown in the summer of 04 to relieve GM Kurt Angle of his duties in his now-familiar HOLLA HOLLA GM role. What would you and the other BoDers say were the more notable random, overnight face turns for previous heels that stuck for a long time?

Also, could I get a plug for year 2 of the BoD Fantasy Baseball League? I've sent out e-mails to most of last year's participants (mainly the ones who were active all season) but have room for at least 2 more. I can go into more detail in the comment thread for those interested, but was hoping you could get the word out with a post.

As for overnight babyface turns, Sting's initial turn in 87 was pretty sudden and stuck for 30 years.  Randy Savage in 87 was also a case of "One day he started fighting One Man Gang on Hogan's behalf".  ​

Stuck in a Blizzard, a question for your Blog

Good afternoon Mr. Keith.  I am currently stuck in the narrow band of 5-8ft and counting of snow that is dumping upon Buffalo right now, and bracing for another one.  Just to pass the time, I know i'm not the only Western New Yorker reading your blog, and plenty of Canadians have felt this wrath before, the Network has become a GREAT way to pass the time.  Mostly i'm just going through my all time favs.

So, it replace Being trapped on an island with Being Snowed in, Driving Bans, No Plows etc. etc., what are some of the Blizzard Victims out there watching these days?  My Blizzard List:

Michaels/UT: WM25
Guerrero/Mysterio Havok 97
Steiners/Sting & Luger
ALL Wargames available in order
Benoit/Angle Rumble 03
Bash at the Beach 95 to warm me up in the worst way
and ofcourse, Royal Rumble 92

​Please, they don't even call a snow day up here until at LEAST 12 feet of snow have fallen.  And then anyone who doesn't show up gets called a pussy later.  
OK, that may be exaggerating.
You know, were it me, I would personally start going through the 2006-2009 PPVs where I giving zero fucks about the product at the time, because it would all be new to me and probably more interesting in a lot of ways than the current product.  ​