Roman Looks Stronger?

So, the scuttlebutt at other boards I've seen is that, ironically, they did the best job of making Roman Reigns look strong in defeat.  Having him smile at Lesnar's attacks, spit in the ring at him, beg him to bring more, etc., actually made him look like he was a fighter.  I was reminded of The Thing vs. The Champion in comic books, in that Thing is almost never the underdog but the one time he was it was more awesome for him.

Agree or disagree?

​We'll see what the followup entails, but the best analogy I've heard is that Reigns is Tommy Dreamer, who the fans resented because he was a "pretty boy" with a push forced on them.  So Heyman booked Dreamer to take hellacious beatings from Sandman, over and over, until the audience had their catharsis and no longer wanted to boo him.  Unfortunately Reigns has a host of other issues holding him back from the top spot, but the beating at WM was definitely a step in the right direction.  ​