WWE streaming competition

HBO Now launched it’s new streaming service last Wednesday, and this week WWE added ALL the ’98 Raws to the Network. Coincidence? How much is WWE paying attention to other competitors in the online streaming space? You’d think that it wouldn’t really matter, but between Netflix + Hulu + WWE + Amazon + HBO Now, I mean something’s gotta give, right?

And have you checked out HBO Now? Pretty fucking sweet deal. It was awfully hard for me to choose between 98 Raws and Game of Thrones tonight, but… Winter is Coming.

– Joe     


​I don't even know if there's a way around geoblocking of HBO Now in Canada.  Aside from Game of Thrones, though, HBO isn't really a big player in Canada anyway because the rights to their stuff is pretty heavily divided among all the pay TV broadcasters.  I'm not even sure how they'd pull off the Now service legally up here.  ​And no, I don't watch Game of Thrones.  
I don't know if WWE cares about their service or not, but interestingly enough Crackle is now adding a live stream like the WWE Network, so maybe other people are paying attention to them.  

Post Smackdown Video Game Streaming

Hey there guys, if you need something to do after Smackdown tonight. I’m streaming again over on Twitch TV if you’re up for watching some simmed Fire Pro Wrestling Returns matches. Originally I had plans to sim extreme rules in WWE 13, but apparently the servers are down and I couldn’t download creations for the shield.

Here’s the link if you’re so interested.