Bottom Drops Out of WWE Stock

The Network's initial subscriber count is 667,000 and stock is dropping like a rock.  And not the awesome kind.  It's still a very respectable number, but obviously all the people buying up the stock were counting on a million.  
So if 700,000 people in North America have the network, that's not gonna leave much for the buyrate for WM, I'd assume. 

More On WWE Stock[email protected]=53

tl;dr version for those like me whose eyes glaze over with this stuff:  The stock should be at 11 or 12 dollars, not 30.  Basically the article wonders why WWE hasn't been as insanely profitable in the past as they claim they're going to be in 2014, given a monopoly since 2001.  He raises a good point.   

Stephanie sells a mighty fuckload of stock

I believe that's 65% of her company stock sold. Is that…..good?

You're asking the wrong guy about that.  I still don't really understand their whole stock system and how they can sell millions of shares and still be majority shareholders.  Maybe she needed cash for a new boob job or leather protector for her skin?  

New low for WWE stock

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Thought this was interesting: It will be interesting to see why investors are fleeing despite the rumored good WM buyrate when the Q1 numbers are out. The real question is when does the WWE take note & change what they're doing.
Note – the stock is down another 2% today as I'm writing this, so on its way to setting another record low.