Sting-Triple H


Just thinking how WWE has more than likely booked themselves into a corner with The Sting and Triple H matchup. On the one hand, if Sting goes over it's two straight years of Triple H not getting the win on the grandest stage of them all. If Triple H jobs again this year doesn't that seriously devalue his status? I mean, Sting has gotten the better of Triple H on all occasions:

— At Survivor Series, he cost the Authority the win, hitting Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop.

— On the 19 January RAW, he distracted the Authority/Triple H, allowing Cena to pick up the win and get Rowan/Ziggler/Ryback their jobs back

— At FastLane, Sting again gets the upper-hand, backing Triple H into a corner, nailing him with his bat (after an attempted sneak attack) and then hitting him with the Death Drop.

— On the 16 March RAW, Sting assists Orton, fending off the Authority

On the other hand, if Sting jobs, people will see it as a waste since it will likely be his first and only match in WWE.

But It's just been colossally one-sided. Seems as if Triple H should get his revenge at WM31, yes?

​Not really. Aside from the fact that there's zero reason for HHH to ever win a match again, Sting is supposed to be representing everyone screwed over by the Authority in general​, so really the "revenge" needs to be his.  I certainly don't put it past HHH to win, but Sting's whole deal is that he's supposed to be the one guy who the Authority can't bully or intimidate, which would mean Sting wins.