Grab the Popcorn – AJ vs Stephanie

AJ Lee calling out Stephanie McMahon on Twitter regarding wager equality for Divas. I never was a fan of using social media for story lines, but I'm 100% on board with this one!

Between the #givedivasachance trending on Twitter for over 24 hours and now aj calling out steph on Twitter two questions
1) will the wwe actually care? ( about anything other then Twitter)
2) is aj trying to get canned so she can join punk in the leisure life? Or is she firing back for their videos of punk?

I think it's probably a storyline, because at the very least Stephanie isn't 6 weeks behind pop culture like Vince is and probably wanted to run an angle based off the Oscars.  And AJ has been rumored to return for a while now, so this is as good a chance as any.  Probably won't lead to anything other than Stephanie wearing 8 inch heels and talking down to AJ on RAW while the announcers mock "Phil" and make jokes about lawsuits, but it's something at least.  

When gets revenge on Stephanie?

Eventually someday, maybe Daniel Bryan gets his revenge on Triple H. What about Stephanie? Over the years she has attacked Paul Heyman, told a ring full of divas she is really the top diva and has now slapped Daniel Bryan around – all with zero consequences. I only recall Randy Orton ever doing anything to her, and Lita and Trish wrestling her was years ago.

Who do you see being her foil or extracting some sort if revenge on her. Once upon a time possibly AJ, but that was maybe a year ago and pre-dating CM Punk. I don't exactly see Brie attacking her to any sort of reaction other than "ho hum."


Daniel Bryan will bring in Tito Puentes, who will deliver the best revenge possible:  A FIERY SALSA!

HHH without Stephanie


Realistically, how do you see HHH's career going if he hadn't married Stephanie? He was obviously talented in the ring and his mega push started happening prior to him hooking up with Stephanie, but do you see him sustaining his spot as a top guy for the 10+ years he did without marrying the boss's daughter?

Yeah, he's a smart guy who already had Vince's ear before the banging of the boss's daughter started, I honestly don't think things would have progressed much differently.  Had he, say, married Chyna, then that probably would have fucked things up for him from a political standpoint, but it's not like Stephanie accelerated his push or anything.  That was happening no matter what.  It's more that being Vince-in-law helped him go up the corporate side of the ladder, which he probably wouldn't have accomplished as one of the mere pieces of talent, no matter how many titles he accumulated in that role.  

Stephanie selling shares

At work, wondered how WWE stock was doing, checked the company news and see that Steph has sold like 113,700 shares since Dec 5.  Almost 50% of her holdings sold seems strange.

It seems strange to a lot of people, as does her cover story of building a new house.  However, you can't exactly put her on the stand and question her true reasons if the story is a feasible one.  Given I know nothing about the stock market I can't really speculate on what her true motivations might be, but it strikes a lot of people as kind of weird and shady.  

Stephanie Saved a Writer!

Hey Scott,

While the world ponders why Kane now wears a suit, here is an interview with the man responsible for the Custody of Dominic and Jimmy Wang Yang. Judging by his ideas that never got past the writer's room, we could have enjoyed a helluva lot more over the past 7 years.

That job is like being thrown into a yard full of Rottweilers with sausages hanging around your neck.  I have no idea how people like Ed Koskey or even Michael Hayes can hang on with their sanity for years and years.  

Stephanie sells a mighty fuckload of stock

I believe that's 65% of her company stock sold. Is that…..good?

You're asking the wrong guy about that.  I still don't really understand their whole stock system and how they can sell millions of shares and still be majority shareholders.  Maybe she needed cash for a new boob job or leather protector for her skin?