RF Video Shoot Interview with Scott Steiner

This was filmed in 2005. This copy I watched was remastered by Highspots but the shoot was conducted by RF Video. You could hear Feinstein asks questions along with Doug Gentry. The Highspots guy was asking questions too.

It runs at one hour and fifty-five minutes long.

Scott is asked about his amateur background and said he was recruited and an All-American at Michigan and the time of his life. He joked that he did not go to class a lot and again said it was a great time. He also said “you know” a few times, which happens frequently throughout the interview. Scott said he received a few football scholarships from schools in the MAC conference. He wanted to stay close to home.

He said that he practiced with the Olympic team in 1984 and still keeps in contact with his coach then says “you know” several more times and talks about how it was a lot of dedication and he was burned out on amateur wrestling at that time.
Before he became a pro wrestler, Steiner said he did not watch it until college and growing up only had three TV channels. He said he looked at the wrestlers on TV and knew that he could beat them up.
Scott said that his brother went up to Brad Rheingans camp in Minnesota and trained there but at the time, he was in college and working as a bouncer at a bar called “Good Time Charlie’s.” Scott said he always knew that he was going to be a wrestler at that point.
He was trained by Don Kent and had his first match against him. He said he did most of his “learning” inside of the ring.
After five months, he went down to Tennessee and wrestled for the Jarrett’s. The interviewer brings up a rumor about how he broke Tommy Angel’s nose in two different places during a tryout match his brother got for him in the NWA. Scott was unaware that he broke his nose and said he had a tryout match but does not remember that. He said he wrestled a tryout match once against Chris Adams but forgot about the details. Scott does not remember a lot and that is the theme of the interview, you know.
While in Tennessee, Scott said it was brutal and it was the first time he saw guys use cocaine. He lived with Billy Travis and his girlfriend there but he had a huge problem with drugs. Scott said that the money was s--- and the crowds were awful but they got to improve and wrestle almost every day. He was there for ten months.
In Tennessee, he rode with Jeff Jarrett. He is asked about how big he was and if he was lifting a lot. Scott said that he had been lifting since he was a freshman in high school. He said he was about 235lbs in Memphis.
He said that he wound up in WCW when Turner bough the NWA. He came in at the same time as Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, and a few other guys.
His first match was against the Samoan Swat Team, teaming with his brother. Scott said at that point, he had no desire to be a singles wrestler. He loved tagging with his brother and they traveled together with Sting and Lex Luger a lot.
Steiner is asked about any “food fights” on the road and he tells stories about the Samoan Swat Team driving the wrong way down the highway and how the Nasty Boys were a good time.
When asked about Jim Herd, Steiner said he never had a problem with him but that he had some wacky ideas. He said a few guys did not like having to answer to him.
Now, Steiner is asked about the Varsity Club and he gets a little irritated and says that he has no idea what he is talking about then says “cut.” He then asks again if they have seen him wrestle them and they said yes but Steiner said he doesn’t remember at all. This was pretty funny.
Steiner said that he had some good matches with the Freebirds and said that the Skyscrapers were good. Steiner then said that the most fun in and out of the ring was with the Nasty Boys. The interviewer mentions how in his book, Ole Anderson killed off the mystique of the Road Warriors. Steiner said that they weren’t going to destroy them and said they were doing the same thing for ten years. He said that they wanted to be “King Kong.” He liked working with Doom, calling them nice guys and good athletes.
They asked him about the Frankensteiner move. Steiner said he thought about using it in Tennessee but thought everyone would steal the move if they saw him use it there so he waited until WCW and put his name on it so it could be is but that others use the move today.
He is asked if the company changed when Bill Watts joined WCW. Steiner said that he was an “asshole” and an “old, piece of s---” then said that he told him how he felt in front of everyone at Center Stage in Atlanta. When asked, Steiner said that he was speaking for a lot of guys and that Watts responded by sticking his tail between his legs. Steiner said that their contracts were up shortly and did not get heat from the office.
He is asked about Ric Flair and how he worked with him. Steiner said that Flair was never an athlete then adds how the biggest “pussies” are always the ones who want to have the belt. He then tells a story about Flair that Dick the Bruiser told him when he first got to NWA to drop his bags in front of Flair and tell him to carry them as Flair got into the business by carrying guy’s bags. He says that you cannot trust Flair as he will stab you in the back. He then says that he is the biggest pussy you will ever meet backstage.
In another funny moment, Steiner is asked about Missy Hyatt and how in her book, she said that the Steiner’s stole her dog. He said it could have happened but he doesn’t know.
When asked about working with Terry Gordy & Steve Williams, Steiner said that Williams was legit but that his brother wanted to kill Gordy because he was always f----- up. Steiner said that they always had good matches in Japan against Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow.
He is asked about going to the WWF and Steiner said they never should have went there as it was miserable with Vince going through the steroid trial and only the WBF guys had guaranteed deals. They said that they could get more money in Japan and went there instead.
When asked, he said there first program was with Money Inc. He talks about having a few matches against Bret and Owen Hart, who Steiner traveled with a lot and said that he was a good dude. He said that the Quebecers were “f------ horrible” and when asked if the finish was not what it was supposed to be and Scott first said that he never heard anything like that then starts to freak out and even calls a timeout!
Steiner is asked about Vince and he said he had a meeting with him as they were pissed about payouts and thinks Vince felt sorry that he couldn’t pay them what he promised. Steiner said that Vince was facing jailtime and that they were not his top priority.
He said that they wound up in ECW after Paul Heyman called them up. Another funny moment when Rob Feinstein asks him about the Dudley’s and Steiner said they were not even a team yet and when Rob said they were just starting out, Steiner said that they were not but that Rob would know better than him.
Steiner is now asked about an incident in Japan when they roughed up someone and if they got heat from the office. Rob mentioned that it was in all of the dirt sheets back then. Steiner said that they got it from Dave Meltzer, who gets his information secondhand and that what the f--- does he know because he is not there in the locker room. He said that the guys who stooge off to Meltzer are those who are trying to bury people.
He is asked about returning to WCW and how things were getting better there. Steiner puts over Eric Bischoff as the best thing that ever happened to WCW and if you say otherwise, then you are “f----- up.” He puts him over for bringing up the pay scale and if your agenda is not to make the most money you can, then you are a mark. He said that Bischoff never took any s--- from people and fired Greg Gagne for going behind is back.
Speaking about the “Monday Night Wars,” Steiner said that they wanted to beat the WWF. He said that they all looked at the ratings each week and it proved a point that the WWF was not the only wrestling organization out there.
When asked about his “Big Poppa Pump” character, he said that Bischoff initiated it and that it was his idea to have him join the nWo. He talks about being similar to Superstar Billy Graham and trying to copy his beard but said it was too hard and that he only had it for a week.
Steiner is asked about the backstage politics that took place in WCW and said that there were politics from day one. He said that he could have been a 16-Time World Champion like Flair too if all of his friends were booking. He said that he picked on Flair in an interview while with the nWo because that is what they did at the time. He then said that he went backstage afterwards and found out that Flair was legitimately crying. Steiner then talks about Flair trying to get him fired by going to JJ Dillon and Bill Busch. The next day, Steiner said he got sent home and he ran into Flair, who told him that it wasn’t his fault and Steiner said you have to be an idiot to believe whatever Flair tells you. He said that Sean Waltman did the crying stuff from the nWo Horseman Parody because he was crying all of the time. He then says f--- Flair because he got so many people fired and f----- over a lot of guys.
He said that Hulk Hogan is the master manipulator and the best worker outside of the ring of all-time.
When asked about the promo he cut on Kimberly Page, Steiner said that she was “messed up” and said that the women could draw. Steiner said that she got fired as a stripper because she was terrible at that. He calls the Nitro Girls “Tramps from Atlanta” and denies that he ever harassed them because he never gave them the time of day.
He is asked about being suspended prior to the June 27th Thunder tapings and he doesn’t remember that and said it could have happened.
Steiner said that a lot of the stuff he was doing was his own thing. He said Bischoff approved it and said that Kevin Sullivan was the booker and doing the same old s---. He then said that Bischoff would always listen to Hogan and one day when Hogan was late, no one knew what to do.
The interviewer goes back to Steiner getting suspended and ask if it was for threatening Terry Taylor. Steiner said that he didnt get suspended for dealing with him and said he had a short temper and when the played the wrong music, Taylor was nearby and he took out his frustrations on him.

He said that he was there in Buff Bagwell broke his neck and thought that it was “weird.” Steiner then denies that there was legit tension between them.

Steiner said that the only reason DDP got pushed was because of his friendship with Bischoff. He did say that DDP had a little bit of tension.

He said that Sid’s broken leg was one of the worst things he had ever seen. At the time, Steiner said he had no idea his leg snapped as his back was turned and the ref told him that Sid thought he broke his angle. Steiner then said he went over and kicked him and then pinned him after that. Steiner then said that when he went backstage, the guys all saw what happened to Sid and Chuck Palumbo asked Steiner why the f--- was he kicking him then when Steiner saw the replay of what happened, he understood why he was saying that.

They talk about steroids for a few minutes and Steiner denied that he ever took them. He also denies ever taking any growth hormones.

He talks about how he ruptured a disc in his back then took time off only to have it happen a few more times and he ended up needing surgery.

When asked about his series of matches against Booker T, Steiner did not think much of them and said people popped when he one the belt, despite being a heel.

Steiner said that he was not emotional after the last Nitro as everyone knew that the company was f-----. Steiner declined a buyout from the WWE as his contract was good until November and he sat home to heal from injuries.

When talking about the WWE, Steiner said that they originally wanted him to return at WrestleMania 18 to team with Steve Austin against Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. He said that he let is lawyer take care of it and not call him until they came up with the right number financially. Steiner said the WWE was s--- at the time and was watching Austin singing in the ring from home on television.

Steiner said that he heard rumors when he did sign with the WWE that he was just going to be there to put over HHH. He said they did not let the WCW guys do their own thing and said they were control freaks. He said they had a bunch of short guys trying to write TV and appear cool.

Next, he is asked about his match at the Royal Rumble against HHH. Steiner said that they took it too long and that the match was only supposed to go on for eighteen minutes. He hinted that they made it go longer in an attempt to bury him. Steiner said that he was not blown up in the match. When pressed a little by the interviewer about why they would try to bury him in the match, Steiner said “you tell me” then said who is dumb, him or them, adding that he was getting paid the same either way. He said the match wasn’t very good and it takes two to have a bad match.

He said his angle with Test and Stacy Keibler was brutal and thought that Stacy should have dressed like Midajah.

He was then asked about Jerry Jarrett writing in his book that it was disrespectful for Steiner to not help out a friend when he and Jeff were trying to get TNA started. Steiner said what the hell did he ever do for him. He said that he is friends with Jeff.

They ask him if he has a desire to wrestle in TNA. Steiner said he just finished a our of Italy but doesnt want his career on a bad note.

Steiner is asked about appearing on the TV show “Charmed” while working in WCW. He said that while explaining to Shannen Doherty’s stunt double that he would have to put his hand in her crotch to perform a press slam, Shannen came up to him and said that she would do that and when Steiner told her that he would have to put his hand in her crotch, Shannen told him that is why she asked. Steiner says that she was cool and gets a lot of bad press.

He is asked about JBL and if he was a bully. Steiner said that JBL tried to do that with Chuck Palumbo by stiffing him in a match and when they got backstage, Palumbo told him off and challenged him to a fight and JBL backed down. Steiner himself denied ever purposely stiffing someone in the ring. He said cheapshots like that are b-------.

Steiner said that he had a lot of great times on the road but when asked, could not come up with a story.

When asked what he would be doing if he was not a wrestler, Steiner did not know.

He then said it is extremely difficult to get over today as a wrestler in the WWE because you have the same “weasels” in the back trying to script out things for everyone and they all have the same voice.

Steiner is asked by Feinstein if the decision by WCW to put the belt on David Arquette a good one and Steiner went “are you f------ kidding me” before saying it was the biggest piece of s--- that he was ever involved in and said it was all because of “Ready to Rumble” which he called a horrible movie. He said that Arquette meant nothing and still doesnt mean anything.

He is asked about the Ultimate Warrior and Steiner mentions how he met him while working in the UWF and that anyone who legally changes their name to “Warrior” has to be f----- up.

Final Thoughts: This interview was something else. Steiner came across as a combination of brain-damaged and high on drugs. Some of this interview was brutal, some of this was funny, and some of it was unintentionally funny. Steiner probably said “you know” about 500 times too. The beginning of this interview was painful as Steiner barely able to recall the beginning of his career.

Steiner certainly dislikes Flair and his bashing of him was the most interesting part of the shoot. There was not a whole lot of insight but Steiner’s brutal honesty was actually refreshing at times. It was tough for the interviewers to ask Steiner questions as he did not remember a lot and even asked for timeouts and edits at times.

As far as a recommendation for this shoot, I really cannot recommend it unless you want to watch/listen to two hours of proof as to how Steiner is a lunatic with a poor memory. The beginning and end of this was painful to watch but there was some entertainment in the middle. Not the worst shoot I have ever seen but I would never want to watch it again.

Scott Steiner in WWE?

Scott, What are the odds we’ll see: A). Scott Steiner return to the WWE as a wrestler? and/or B). Scott Steiner in the WWE Hall Of Fame within the next 5 years?

Hmm, that calls for some high-level math.  Let me consult someone. I think that should give you all the answers needed. 

Scott Steiner 2003

When Scott Steiner returned to WWE in late 2002, were there plans for bigger matches with top WWE guys?  It seemed like feuds with Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels would have been fresh match-ups, not to mention Steve Austin (before WM19 ended up being his last match) and a variety of mid-card opponents.  Yet all they really did was the initial HHH feud and some stuff with Test, as I recall.  Did his terrible matches with Hunter derail bigger plans, or was he just brought in with no real plan.  A feud with Lesnar seemed to make sense at the time, even if just for a one-time PPV match.

Oh yeah man, they wanted to push Steiner to the MOON, and the HHH debacle absolutely killed it for him.  Not only did he have a terrible match with the top guy, but the top guy who was basically booking the company and routinely buried people for "not knowing how to work".  I think that WWE brass was kind of snowed by Steiner's previous WCW stint in that they were at least reasonably able to disguise how limited he was, whereas once he got into WWE he no longer had his safeguards and it became brutally obvious that he could barely work a match anymore.  

Scott Steiner


Just rewatched the Hart Bros vs. Steiner Bros tag match and, what the f---, early 90s Scott Steiner really should have been the biggest thing since Hogan.  Was it really because he didn't want to "break up the tag team" that he didn't get the rocket strapped to his ass as a singles guy?  Or was there another reason?  Roids?  Politics?  Rick would have done just fine for himself as a sympathetic babyface mid-carder, but Scott seemed like the next big main eventer who could have succeeded where the "Lex Express" did not.  Any thoughts?
There was a lot of stuff going on with Scott at that point.  It's not as simple as the WCW thing where Scott didn't want to break up the team.  The Steiners wanted to continue working for New Japan and that wasn't going to happen while they were with the WWF, and there was disputes over money going on I think.  I'll have to dig up the WON from that time but basically it was going to take a lot more than just giving Scott a massive singles push in order to keep the team around.  Here's a quick quote from the March 28 1994 issue:
"Don't know what the status of the Steiners is other than they don't appear to be part of any current plans, but are under contract until mid-December. They were sent to Memphis by WWF which shows the relationship still exists, although the primary focus for the Steiners is clearly their New Japan dates. Jacques Rougeau did an interview over the weekend talking about how they had run the Steiners out of the WWF."
Also, the thing is also that you can't just take Scott and give him Luger's spot.  Look at how long it took WCW to find a character that worked for him when they finally did split him off as a single — he turned heel in 1998 and didn't win the World title until 2000.  By 93 it was becoming obvious that Scott was injury-prone and not the kind of person you'd want to take a shot with the big belt at without any insurance or past history as a top guy. Do I think that it might have worked?  Yeah, of course.  But I can totally understand why they didn't.

Bischoff/Hogan vs. Steiner

Hey Scott, I hope all is well.
I wanted to get your two cents on the most entertaining rivalry in wrestling today (although only on Twitter), Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner.  I’ve been following this for a few weeks on Twitter/through the wrestling websites.  My assessment thus far (and for some insane reason), Steiner actually appears to be making more valid points in regard to the current state of TNA’s product than Bischoff/Hogan (which could only mean that the world is truly ending in 2012).  I will say that Bischoff definitely had the best hash tag with #steroidjunkie.  Any opinion on the Bischoff/Hogan vs. Steiner feud?
http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/236725 – Steiner list of tweets
http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/236724/ – Bischoff list of tweets
Zach St. Pierre

Why couldn't Steiner find a way to be that entertaining in WWE?  They should hire him to snark on RAW and Smackdown during the show, it would be epic.  

Triple H vs Scott Steiner – For The Fate Of The World

Hey, guys. The three of you who read my site, you’ve already read this article. But for those that haven’t, I hope you enjoy. 
One of my most well-known articles is my
recap of the Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Warrior feud from 1998. I won’t
lie, it’s damn good, but I have to give as much credit to the idiots at
WCW for thinking that people would want to witness Hulk Hogan having an
hallucination that Warrior is in the mirror. Even though he really was
in the mirror. Anyways, recapping feuds is a series I wanted to keep up,
but honestly, it’s taxing, baby! There’s a ton of research that
goes into it, not to mention you’ve gotta bring the funny, and I put a
lot of pressure on myself. Really, that’s all just a ruse to mask me
being lazy. You guys are really good to me, so I owe you the goods.
Now, what’s the only feud that could
follow something as completely idiotic as Hogan v Warrior? None other,
than Scott Steiner vs Triple H.

The setting is WWE, 2002. Triple H had
been awarded the Heavyweight Title in September, and lost it to a
returning Shawn Michaels in November. Mean while, after the bomb that
was The Invasion, Vince started trying to sign up every other major WCW
star he didn’t initially. One of those guys, of course, is the last
person ANY wrestling company should ever sign. The unprofessional,
borderline psychotic, juice-addicted, sputtering moron, Scott Steiner.
Both Smackdown & Raw were trying desperately to sign Steiner, when
in reality both sides were praying he’d end up on the other person’s
show. Well, he ended up on Raw, just as Triple H was regaining his belt
back from Shawn Michaels at Armageddon.
And away, we go….
December 16th, 2002 – RAW – Orlando, FL
It’s Triple H appreciation night here on
Raw. The main event is Bischoff with Val Venis bringing out Triple H,
who the night prior defeated Shawn Michaels to regain his World
Heavyweight Championship. HHH comes with Ric Flair by his side, and
we’re shown a Triple H video package. He says it’s hard to be humble
when you’re the best, and you keep proving it again and again. This is
really Introduce-The-New-Challening-Babyface-Promo 101, as Triple H
rattles off the names of people he’s beaten. It’s truly a shame that
after his quad injury he was absolutely terrible until 2009-2010. Oh,
here comes the sirens! Now, when it comes to Steiner v HHH in promo
land, I will type them up verbatim. Oh, and all of Scott’s incredible
Steinerisms will be in bold.
Steiner: You’ve beat a lot of guys, but you can’t beat me!
Bischoff: Scott, I thought we had an understanding?
Steiner: The only understanding is, this crontract says I get a world title shot. If not, I’m outta here.
HHH: Hold on a second, hold on a second here, lemme get this straight. You think because you walk
down that ramp and get in this ring that you deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? Why
the hell should you get a shot? Because you’re Scott Steiner? Because
you’re Big Poppa Pump? Now, pal, I know where you came from, and I know
how they did business down there, but this place is different – here,
you EARN your shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! And uh, quite
frankly, you haven’t proven anything to me. So uh, no Eric, Big Poppa
Pump doesn’t get a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion. You
understand me?
Steiner: Did you think I
came to the WWE to start at the bottom? See I’ve been watching you talk
trash, and I don’t like it! Cuz you think you’re gonna be the greatest
of all time, I’M gonna be the greatest of all time. And I guess now that
we’re standing face to face, you’re a little scared, cuz you realize
when I’ve said I’m the genetic freak, I wasn’t lying! See, I’m as big as
I say I am, and now, you don’t wanna fight me! You call yourself “The
Game”? I say you’re “The Game”, with no balls.
HHH: Is that so? Is that
so, huh? I tell you what, tough guy, you want your shot so bad? I tell
you what, Eric, you go ahead and give Scott Steiner his world title
match, but it’s your funeral. Hold on, hold on. Before you sign that, I
want you to understanding what signing that means, you see, I understand
you’ve been a big fish in a small pond for a long time, you sign that
paper and jack, you jump into the ocean with both feet and you’re gonna
be standing face to face with the biggest shark of’em all, and I will
eat you up!
Steiner: You say
I’m a big fish in a small pond? Well unless you consider the world a
small pond, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?

Cuz in case you haven’t noticed, I have the largest arms in the world,
not you! Nor, will you ever…have the largest arms in the world, as long
as I’m around, and as long as I’m around, I’m the man, not you! Now I
said world title shot, he said Royal Rumble, I say, tonight! See why I
don’t I bish slap you right now, cuz there’s not a damn
thing you could do about it! You’re suppose to be a tough guy, you take
the first punch! TAKE THE FIRST PUNCH! And see what happens! Cuz I will
rip you…from limb to limb.
They then go face to face, with Triple H eventually backing out…before being bish slapped.
Scott: You’re not the
man, you’re not Big Poppa Pump, you’re not The Big Bad Booty Daddy,
you’re not Freakzilla! And I’m gonna kick your ass! This goes to all my
freaks in Orlando, Big Poppa Pump’s your hook up, hollar, if you hear
My absolute favorite thing in the whole
world is Triple H saying that you EARN your shot at the title, despite
the fact he was just given the belt on TV.
December 23rd, 2002 – RAW – Oklahoma, OK
[the only video I can find of this has Triple H in the ring already, then Steiner’s music hits]
HHH: Hold on a sec, hold
on, hold on hold on. Now, I’m not backing down from you, I’m being
smart. And since smart is not something you’re accused of all the time,
lemme explain that to you. See, you and I have signed contracts to face
each other at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship,
MY, World Heavyweight Championship. And what that means is, 4 weeks from
now, you and I stand to make a whole hell of a lot of money. And I for
one, am not willing to give up one dollar of that cash, so these people
can get a taste of Scott Steiner vs Triple H. But, but, I do have a
proposition for you, you call yourself Big Poppa Pump, the Genetic
Freak, you call yourself, The Man, well there’s a saying, Naitch, I
think you know what it is, how does it go? To be the man, you’ve gotta
beat the man. Well the way….[Scott grabs the mic]
Steiner: Lemme smarten
you up a little bit. These people here in Oklahoma didn’t come here to
see you, they came here to see ME, kick your ass! and I hear you
correctly, last week you weren’t feelin’ a hunren cent
but tonight you’re feeling pretty good? And you think you can go 1-1,
man to man, with Freakzilla? I say, let’s stop wasting time, talking
about it, I say let’s do this right now! [HHH tries to grab the mic, can’t take it from Steiner]
HHH: Is that what you think huh? Is that what you think? Prove it! Right here tonight! Prove it! In an arm wrestling match! [you can honestly hear the ENTIRE crowd go “AHHH” in utter defeat.]
you guys bring that stuff down here, bring that stuff to the ring,
c’mon, get down here get it in this ring. Woah woah, hey where you
going? What’s the matter Scott? You afraid? Huh? You scared? I thought
you had, I thought you had the largest arms in the world, huh? Now
c’mon, those guns are pretty big. But they don’t compare to me. You know
it, and I know it. Let’s face it, Scott. You’re built for show, I’m
built to go! Now, I mean, unless you’re scared, that I’m gonna embarrass
you in front of all your freaks?
Scott: The only one that’s gonna be embarrassed, is you!
 Seriously, from the faces they’re making,
if I was watching this live, I would honest to God think they were both
about to turn into the Hulk, or that their skeletal systems were trying
to jump out of their respective mouths.
Triple H is about to win, but then Scott
smiles! He’s been playing him! Big Poppa Pump takes HHH to the limit and
wins! Well, great, now the wad is blown. Why would I want to see The
Rumble after this!? I mean, unless the rematch is with the other arm.
They go again, and Scott beats him 3 times in a row! GREAT. Now what
would they do with Wrestlemania!? Triple H backs off…
Steiner: This goes to all
my freaks in Oklahoma, Big Poppa Pump your hook up, and the next World
Heavyweight Champion, hollar if you hear me!
This is just some classic stupid. Although
to be honest, I’ll give them points for not being completely cliche’
with it. Triple H didn’t do 7 false-starts, and no one was beat up
afterwards. But then I have to remove the points, just because they
aren’t obvious, doesn’t give them the right to be really freaking boring.
When Superstar Billy Graham was doing the arm wrestling deal in the mid
70′s, it made sense, and it got heat. When I tune in to see two guys
WRESTLE, I don’t want to see them competing in some other sport or
activity. I don’t care how many Double Word Point throwdowns are
January 6th, 2003 – RAW – Phoenix, AZ
Well, the arm wrestling contest settled
things once and for all, at least that’s what I believe we all thought.
However, it wasn’t to be true. Triple H has slapped on the fake tan,
lubed up, and selected a group of guys from the audience to be judges.
They first bust out the double bicep.
 I’m a fan of bodybuilding, and Triple H’s physique blows Scott Steiner’s
away by miles, especially when it comes to his posing routine. But
there are few wrestling fans who are also fans of bodybuilding, so man
was this segment stupid of them. We get the side-chest pose, which
Triple H actually does, and Scott just flexes his arm. Third is most
muscular, known as the crab. They then go face to face, and start
fighting each other with poses. It’s honestly one of the oddest things
I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised Scott Steiner wasn’t put in the hospital
with the way Triple H hit him with the double bicep pose, I mean, RIGHT
TO HIS FACE. Brutal. The judges all vote for Triple H, and I’m thinking
something is afoot. This may be rigged. I’m still shocked that they
allowed Scott Steiner to take a DOUBLE BICEP POSE right to the head. I
mean, c’mon guys, he has a family, we don’t need to pop the buy-rate at
the risk of a man’s life!
Scott: You tell me, not
one of you voted for me? he won every one? You tell me this ain’t a set
up, you don’t know these guys? Never met’em before in your life? Well
I’ll tell you what, I’ll let all my freaks here in Phoenix here decide
who the REAL winner is! HOLLAR IF YOU HEAR ME! Now you go up, and see who..who thinks who…you won or not
HHH: I don’t need to go
up on some turnbuckle, have a bunch of idiots tell me something I
already know. Listen to me, hey, this is the judging panel, right here,
unanimously across the board, they said, I was the winner. This is as
fair, as any Mr. Olympia judging panel that I have ever seen. Now,
listen, I can understand that you’re a little bit embarrassed [crowd starts to chant you suck].
I can understand that you and your freaks are a little bit embarrassed
that cha’ got beat, I mean, clean, right through, so, listen, hey, I
understand, bodybuilding is a subjective sport, it’s apples and oranges.
Listen, I’ll make the excuses for you, alright? It’s an opinion, these
opinions think I’m better than you. Now, that bodybuilding is subject, I
tell you what, let’s come up with something that’s more objective you
still aren’t convinced I’m not the better man, let’s come up with
another contest, let’s say, I know, here, push ups. That’s your gig,
right? That’s your gimmick, that’ what you do? Your the guy that does
push ups, that’s what you do, right? Well I say this, one for one, we do
push-ups, cuz I know, when it comes to push ups, I’ll smoke you.
Alright then, let’s do it.
They start off doing push ups, get to
about 10, when the judges all get up and start beating the hell out of
Steiner. Triple H laughs and claps…which leads me…did he know one of
these judges? Could he possibly have known them all?! No, sir, no. If I
can’t believe in a pose-down on Raw, then there’s nothing left to
believe in.
Steiner beats up all 6 guys, then leans on the ropes and says..
Steiner: C’mon, Dipple H!
Alas, Dipple H will not be coaxed into a fight, good sir!
January 13th, 2003 – RAW – Uncasville, Connecticut
So, they have the bench set up to the left
of where the wrestlers come out. Steiner says he wants to warm up with
585lbs. Since I actually do work out, I can tell you that’s the biggest
load of BS ever. Not even Arnold was benching 500lb on the
regular, if ever. To do so would require a special bench suit and
everything. Anyways, so Triple H comes out with a suit, and I believe he
has dubious intentions, and doesn’t seemed prep to bench.
HHH: Let me explain
something to you Steiner, I don’t give a crap about bench pressing, I
don’t give a crap about arm wrestling, don’t care about pose-downs, I’ve
been playing games with you, couple of weeks stringing you along,
having a good time, laughing. The fact is, I don’t give a care about any
of that stuff. What I care about is sitting right on my shoulder, It’s
the world heavyweight championship, it says that beyond a shadow of a
doubt i am the best, not at arm wrestling, not at posing, not at bench
pressing, but at wrestling. In this ring, in this world, I am the best
that there is. Now, I’ve heard you talkin’, and you think you’re the
guy, you think you’re the guy who’s got my number, you’re the one that
can knock me off that perch, sitting on high. Let me ask you this, you
think you’re the first one, cuz there’s been a whole long list of guys
before you that thought they were the guy to. That thought they were the
man. Hogan, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Austin, they all
thought at one time or another that they were the guy who could knock me
off the top of the mountain. Huh, yet here I stand, in the center of
this ring, still the world heavyweight champion. Not them. Me! You see
it’s real easy to say you’re the best, this proves it! Now, what makes
you think you’re different than anybody else? Nothing. Nothing. You are
the same as they are. You will talk a good talk, until we get to the
Rumble, and this Sunday I will do what I always do, I will make an
example of you in front of the whole world. I will prove to you that I
am the man, and that I am everything I say that I am. That I am the
best. That I am the WHC. And that I am the game, and that I am that damn
Steiner: Well if you’re
that damn good, why wait till Sunday night? See I don’t think these
people came here to see a bench press contest, what I think they really see…came to see, is me come down that rile, and kick your ass!
Well, Scott starts coming down the rile,
and Triple H takes off his jacket. They start throwing punches,  and
Scott gives HHH a belly to belly suplex. Triple H gets beat down as
Steiner starts to strip him down, ala Ric Flair. Triple H tries to mount
a comeback in his BVDs but no go. He gets sent to the outside as
Steiner starts throwing his clothes out of the ring.
Scott Steiner: C’mon Triple H, I’m just
getting started! *does push-ups* just like Sunday night, this brelt is
gonna be mine! C’mon, get your ass back in here!
It’s an absolute shame that the Rumble
match wasn’t that long. Will Steiner win the brelt this Sunday? Will the
activity Steiner did in the ring tonight still have him gassed by the
time Rumble comes around? Keep reading, brave souls…
January 20th, 2003 – The Royal Rumble – Uncasville, Connecticut
Look, I know we smarks tend to be harsh on
wrestler’s who either suck, or are assholes. Those who are both get
double barrels. Well, this time I wanted to go a different route.
Everytime Steiner botches something, I won’t mention it, instead I’ll
say that he won the lottery. Because winning the lottery is positive. 
I strive to be positive. 
Triple H is the first one out, and I find
that shocking. Steiner is out and he’s got a #1 on his tights colored
with the red, white and blue. I imagine he wanted to show support for
“the Americas” while we were in the middle of World War 2 or something.
The bout starts with some punching, as Steiner does this combo of chop,
slug to the back, chop, slug to the back, chop, slug to the back. After
that, he does some more punching. He whips HHH off the ropes and
executes a punch. He then tries to press slam HHH but he’s so gassed, he
can barely hold him up as he WINS THE LOTTO! and drops him. They get to
the floor, and Steiner gently pushes HHH into the post. Most wrestlers
use force when doing something like this, Steiner treated it more like a
polite suggestion. Back in and we get a suplex [1], a Boston Crab, and
then some elbows. Steiner goes for a bearhug, but Triple H escapes, only
to get another suplex [2]. They go back outside, then get back in as
HHH hits a neck-breaker for two. Pedigree is reversed into a catapult,
but it’s more just HHH leaping into the turnbuckle. We get another
suplex [3], and Steiner is so gassed that he WINS THE LOTTO! and just
 They try a Tombstone reversal spot that at one point looks like Steiner
is so tired that he’s mid-tears. HHH does a neck-breaker that Steiner messes up so bad he WINS THE LOTTO and lands side by side, face up by
Triple H.
Steiner does another suplex [4], and then
has to pull himself up via the ropes like he’s Rocky Balboa at the end
of Rocky II.  Another slug fest, Steiner gets a backdrop, then does
another suplex [5]. And then ANOTHER [6]. And then ANOTHER [7]. Steiner
tries a tigerbomb and WINS THE LOTTO by tripping over himself and
falling down. Steiner hits HHH with a superplex [8] for two. Crowd is
definitely chanting “STEINER SUCKS” at this point. Flair & HHH bail,
but Steiner chases’em down and draws blood on HHH by cracking him in
the face with the title. Back in, Steiner hits a 450 splash! Nope,
sorry,  I mean he hits another suplex [9]. After HHH tries to draw a DQ,
Steiner teaches him a lesson, a suplex lesson [10]. HHH finally goes
out to get the sledgehammer and we FINALLY get a DQ. At 18:13.  Steiner
is so bummed, that he puts Triple H in the Steiner Recliner, and he’s so
upset that he just grabs Triple H’s head, and forgets to do the rest, so
Triple H has to put his arms atop Steiner’s legs. Steiner is the richest wrestler ever. Lotto stud.
Rating: -***
With Hogan & Warrior, it was at least
so bad it was entertaining. This one, is just so bad. Although it is
incredible that Steiner has the had the balls to call himself an
athlete, when he’s literally gassed before the match begins. This was
slow and pathetic. What really makes me mad, is if Chris Jericho were to
main event, and turn in a performance 1/100th this bad, Triple H would
have done EVERYTHING in his power to make sure that Jericho got stuck
wrestling Chyna and then apologizing to her. Oh, wait…
Why on Earth these idiots tried to have
Steiner as a face is beyond me. He’d probably work just fine as a heel,
look what they did with Mark Henry, it could have worked, perhaps. This
feud is beyond bad, with them trying to keep the two apart for weeks to
mask Steiner’s limited abilities, but serving up some of the stupidest
and least interesting things that they could have possibly think of.
I’ll bring up Jericho again, with two examples of him creating awesome
feuds all by himself, out of NOTHING. His feuds with Dean Malenko and
Goldberg were all him, and pretty much little to no involvement from the
others, and the feuds got OVER. Yet here we have two former world
champions who couldn’t even make one evening interesting.
In the end, they drew no money, and did
absolutely nothing for themselves or for the business. Of course, this
feud chugged along, and was built for only one man, the same man that
was the sole reason for wrestling existing in 2002, 2003, 2004, and part
of 2005; Triple H. The guy who tore up the ring in 2000 and 2001 until a
leg injury put him out for a year. When he returned, he never really
returned. Long gone were the days of ***** matches, and having awesome
feuds. In their place was a stupid hair cut, different colored boots
& tights, and the “it’s all about me” attitude. Man,  those were
some dark days.
Now, I know that the article ends here,
yet the feud didn’t. The reason I’m choosing to end it after The Rumble
is because the feud had nothing going for it after. I mean, sure, it had
nothing going for it initially, but at least there was some absolutely
wretched programming to laugh at. This time? Nothing, really. Steiner
& Triple talked at each other a bit,  but that was about it. There
was one week where it was hardly addressed. Steiner beat Jericho to
become the #1 contender. They wrestled at No Way Out in a match that was
only slightly better than their Rumble bout, and not worth recapping.
The only point in the feud that is worth notice, is Evolution forming.
Alright, guys, that’s it. I hope you
enjoyed the trip, and learned that if anything is true in life, it’s
that Big Poppa Pump is your hook up. Hollar, if you hear him.
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