The Sporting News: Who is likely to challenge Brock Lesnar at WM?

In my newest Sporting News column, I examine the odds of various people challenging the Beast should, say, an airplane fall on Roman Reigns and manage to penetrate his flak jacket.  

Sporting News: TNA’s Interesting Times

Figured I should bang this one out ASAP before anything else crazy happens tonight. I imagine I'll need to write something up when the Network numbers are released on Friday as well, but one crisis at a time.  Apologies for any errors in the timelines or major omissions and such, it's late and I wanted to make sure I hit the big points while the iron was hot.

QOTD 45: Sporting Event Tips and Tricks

So this is a selfish one for me. I’m going to the Pats game tomorrow and would love to get some quality stories, tips, tricks, and ideas for making my Pats game adventure quality.

What are your sporting event dos and don’ts? Do you pregame? How do you pick up chicks at a game? What’s the best way to be a quality fan? 

I’m not intending on drinking for I gotta drive after, but fully intend to be adjourned to an herbal dimension by the start of the game.

Have at it, Blog Of Doom!