Fighting Spirit Magazine Monday Night Raw Survey


Brian and I over at FSM are conducting a poll to look for trends in the recent bottoming out of Raw’s ratings. While the forthcoming answers won’t be too surprising, I’m sure, we’d like some solid numbers to back up the perceptions.


If this was WCW, they’d do this kind of poll themselves and do whatever the opposite of what it told them.​

Freak Injury Friday: Susie Spirit

Was watching some ancient Simpsons when I saw Homer watching a video called “Football’s Greatest Injuries” and wondered, “Why hasn’t anybody ever tried to make a wrestling column out of that?”  How about we all find out the answer together?

We kick things off with what was perhaps the most horrific Diva injury of all time, and possibly the most celebrated.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) was a national cutural juggernaunt in the 80’s, a gritty low-budget, exploitative, decidedly non-PC all-ladies wrestling show that might be considered the ECW of its time.  It would take an entire documentary to talk about the impact GLOW had on wrestling, so if you’re so inclined I suggest that you watch this one.

By far the most famous match in GLOW history was this tag team match between Susie Spirit and Debbie Debutante va Meena and Mika, aka The Headhunters.  The following match contains some very graphic footage;  parental discretion is advised.

The injury in question occurs at around the 3:15 mark.  Spirit attempts to do a Sunset Flip on Mika, when things go horribly, horribly wrong.  In fact, they go so wrong that GLOW shows this same footage again and again and again, from as many different angles as possible for many months to come.

Far from killing the promotion, this injury seemed to make GLOW and its clumsy wrestlers even more popular.  Sadly, like ECW, management blunders ultimately led to the demise of GLOW at the height of its popularity…yet somehow, David Mclane is never thought of in the same vein as Paul Heyman.

P.S. Susie Spirit would go on to recover, but as The Headhunters were no longer with the company upon her return, they had to create a new one to allow Susie to get her revenge.

QOTD: The Spirit In The Sky

It’s 2008 and I’m in Chicago’s Old Town. Home to the Second City, Bijou Gay Porn Theatre, and St. Micheal’s Church / Cathedral. Our assignment was to produce a video highlighting the various aspects of Old Town.

The Second City wouldn’t let us in, The Gay Porn Theatre kicked us out for making the customers ‘uncomfortable’ and disliking that we were filming toward the door, and it came to our attention we very likely wouldn’t have a lot of good footage.

So we hit the Church. Standing outside, the doors were locked. “Hey, Boomer” I said, “Why don’t you say something like, Hey, I’m outside this church, whose doors are always open to the poor, etc, then try and open the door and find it locked,”. So he did.

I felt like an asshole about a minute later, worse when we used a ‘Former Altar Boy’ lower-third on the video piece for a cheap laugh.

What are your thoughts on Religion on a Micro and Macro scale. What’s your religious background? 

The footage was hilarious, and as we stood around laughing about it, we started talking about Priests. A gentleman came by and casually asked
what were talking about – so we told him – man it must be tough being a Priest, no sex, har har. “Oh okay, as long as you weren’t making fun of them,” he said as he removed his wind breaker and stepped off his bike to reveal his frock, “Superman” style.

The Church was closed for renovations that day. But he let us in and gave us access to the very
top of the church in order to get some absolutely incredible shots from
the inside. The organ lady kicked us out almost immediately, but the footage was worth it.

Later in the year we came back to film for a different thing, and He
said we could happily use the church, on the condition that we do not
bug anyone that came in, and to direct homeless people to the secondary
little chapel, where they could seek rest and free canned goods in peace.

Later a couple comes in, and lights a candle for their family member with cancer. None of us dare kick them out.

Hoods: Old Town


When my Mom was growing up, her Dad left the family when she was 3 years old, leaving my Mom and her two brothers to raised by a 30 something year old single mother without a drivers license in the 60s. She was religious, but because my Mom’s dad left, the church wanted 500 dollars from my grandmother to rejoin. Eventually they went to another organization, SPOA (maybe?), and found community and support there. That always stung my mother, and as a result my church going experience was limited growing up, though we always had a prayer before Thanksgiving dinner, and I did attended church once or twice, for a baptism.


In Community College I was taking a course about public speaking and there was an Officer of the Law in the class. Nice guy, very straight-and-narrow, the kind of guy who’d demand your respect if he pulled you over, but not be a dick about it, either. At one point he was talking about the best moment of his life.

He and his wife were going to a Joel Osteen sermon. They bonded over the guy years ago, and ironically enough it turned out The cop and his girlfriend pretty much asked the other to marry them at exactly the same time.


I’m working for Ebert Productions. I develop a bond with a director at the Station. Multiple Emmy awards, nominations, all that good stuff. Good friends with Mancow. Super religious guy. completely genuine and kind, and offered me lots of work throughout my stint in Chicago.


Bill O’Reilly says that he believes Marriage should be between a man and a woman, but thinks any two people should be allowed the legal rights married couples enjoy.

Because this makes complete sense, everyone forgets.


I’m on my school’s speech and debate team. I’m tasked with tutoring religious, homeschooled, students on Parle debate and various individual events. These people are whip smart. They’re reciting stats and figures and historical items from memory. They pray before every event. Their frame of reference is veggie tales and other religious-focused media, stuff I never knew existed.

These kids had their head on straight, even if their mind was clouded with evil religion.

I’m dating a divorcee with a 4 year old son and a pain-in-the-ass ex-husband. To get out of her situation her church gave her enough money to get into a decent apartment.


The Crusades. 


Pat Robertson


The woman at Wendy’s says “Have a blessed day,” every time I order the fast food that will surely lead me to Heaven’s Gate sooner than I’d care to imagine.

I like it.

The Salem Witch Trials


The Salvation Army.


My high school Electronics teachers tasks me with doing a food drive. Me and my good friend Josh take too it, collecting food, harping on folks to bring in everything they have, and offered five dollars for the weirdest donated item (It was fish oil).

We collected over 1000 pounds of food for the St. Vincent De Paul society to feed families for Christmas, etc.

The following January Josh tells me his family actually *received* some of the food, along with a note saying ‘generous students at BP-Tech’ donated it.


I’m not a
part of any church, I don’t subscribe to a specific religion, but I’m
also not someone so narrow-minded as to think all religion is evil, nor
are all religious people small-minded and bigoted.

And I generally believe the amount of things we THINK we know about our world and universe is about .001 percent of what is actually possible.

is religion? It’s like any other community. There are good aspects and
bad aspects and it just so happens to be the BIGGEST community, so the
BAD is so huge a lot of the GOOD is brushed aside. 

Thus I am of two minds on the subject of religion.

a macro scale it’s kind of a dangerous thing, like any mass media
entity with a captive audience. It can brain wash and direct and cause
people to not think for themselves. It can make rational people fear in
an irrational way, and turn the irrational into lunatics.

But It brings me comfort to thing that a soul continues on into…something after death. I currently like to think it’s the ‘Enter the Void’ / ‘Down to You’ model, where you float about the world until you’re brought back in another body in someway. I also don’t like tempting fate, and the idea of hating people who have the very real faith and optimism to believe in something I don’t quite…baffles me. That kind of commitment is to be admired, if you ask me.

QOTD 51: Spirit Animal!

Who’s your “spirit animal”? Pretty much anything that you ‘see yourself’ in. I.E”Socially Awkward Penguin is my spirit animal” “Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal”, “Triple H’s purple tights are my spirit animal”, “Stone Cold Steve Austin’s middle fingers are my spirit animal”, and so on. Feel free to elaborate. 
FWIW, Gene from Bob’s Burgers is my spirit animal.

Konnan on the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast

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From: "Smells Like Human Spirit" > Hi Scott,
> Love your work and the blog. Just thought to pass on this news item:
> Former WCW star Konnan recently appeared on the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast at In a wide-ranging one hour interview, he spoke on everything from wrestling, to politics, and beyond:
> On his time in WCW:
> "[WCW] was the only company in the history of wrestling to beat WWE, [it was] 82, 84 weeks in a row in the ratings. We had all the big names – Hulk Hogan, Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, we just had all these big stars. Roddy Piper, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair. It was really, really good TV. It's a time that I can say that I was proud to be a wrestler. When you see some of the cheesy things they're doing now on TV, it's very embarassing."
> On AAA's expansion plans in the United States:
> "When we come [to the United States], it's gonna be raw, it's gonna be a whole different thing that's never been seen. I'm gonna expose the United States to what I was exposed to when I was 23, and they're just gonna be like holy [expletive]."
> On his experiences in the Navy:
> "They sent me to Lebanon…and you start hearing all these things [like] we were there helping other [people's] interests. I started to find out the truth – I had this Cuban guy come up to me, he was an officer, and he started to open up my eyes, 'cos I would ask him 'why are they saying this' (on transmissions), 'why are they saying that', 'what does that mean'? He goes, "this is all bull[expletive] dude, we're not here to protect American interests, we're here to protect some oil companies' interests, and that's all you're here for."
> On the current state of the American Political system:
> "It's not like we really control anything in the United States anyway, so why would our vote be taken into account? This is what I feel is going on in the United States: I just think that the richest guys in the [country] get together, make policies, say 'this is what we want, this is what we don't want'. We don't really have power over anything."
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