Song about Chavo Guerrero

Hi Scott

You might have already been sent this but I thought it could potentially be of interest to you and / or your readers.

The Mountain Goats have announced a new album dedicated to professional wrestling. The album is called Beat The Champ and is out on April 7th in North America.

And the track The Legend of Chavo Guerrero is streaming at Soundcloud now:

I think this is the highest profile wrestling name-check in music since Johnny Grunge put New Jack through a table in El Scorcho by Weezer.

Keep up the great work.


That time Hacksaw Jim Duggan sang the song from “Frozen” to my stepdaughter

Canadian Bulldog here (don't pretend like you don't know who I am!!!). You and I are the last surviving members of the Hart Dungeon; Tyson who?

I recently posted an article on my website about meeting one of my wrestling heroes that I feel may be of interest to your readers. It's one of hundreds of pieces on about wrestling books, DVD's, action figures, comic books, Top 50 lists, magazines and other merchandise and memories.

Thanks for your consideration, Scott. I'll never forget this – just like I won't forget that time you put Smith in your patented reverse armbar and made him tap like a woman.
I already forgot who wrote this e-mail, sorry.  

Theme Song Lightning Round

Scott, Thought this would be some fun discussion for you and the blog. Which theme song you liked best for each wrestler:

Austin Clearly the classic is the best.  When you hear the glass, it’s your ass.  Eddie Guerrero I’m partial to the “Lie/Cheat/Steal” theme myself, but they were all pretty close. Rey Mysterio The one that goes “Booyaka” took me a while, but I think it’s the best one now.  The energy just matches him so well.  Randy Orton Has he had anything other than “Voices”?  I honestly don’t remember.  HHH OUR TIME. Trish Stratus The classic one.  I’m not a fan of whatever she’s been using in her various comeback appearances.  CM Punk I HATE that screamo bullshit, so Cult of Personality is the only choice for me.  The Rock Really, he’s had a million different mixes of the same basic thing, but the one he was using by 2000 is the best combination of factors for me.  Once they nailed down the “If you SMELLLLL” at the beginning, the rest was easy.  Christian The operatic one with the curtain of pyro.  Edge Hasn’t he really only had two?   “You Think You Know Me” and “Metallingus”?  Given I was a fan of the band, I’ll go with the latter. 

SONG of the Day

 Yeah, you’ve talked about the Match, the Movie, but what about the theme song???  The video is so 80’s I’m surprised it doesn’t have Teen Wolf.  BONUS:  You get The Brain being awesome.

Oh! Oh!  This reminds me of another weird thing about the History of the WWE documentary — they're spending 5 minutes talking about shooting the video for Piledriver, complete with snark from John Cena, but they don't have the rights to the music any longer so they have to play the video clips with the sound muted on it, like it's on YouTube or something.  
Anyway, carry on with the bashing on the No Holds Barred song.