Protecting/making someone

Hi Scott,

Short & sweet: with Kevin Owens, and to an extent Neville, being protected on arrival to the main roster, how come people haven't been treated so in the past when new blood and stars needed to be made?

Other than The Shield (as a unit more so than individually), I can't think of anyone that has been protected so well on arrival like Owens has. It's great to see. Already Owens seems like he could genuinely be a top guy sooner rather than lately!

Why is this the first time in, what seems to, years that WWE have given thought and attention to giving someone actual protection?

​Yeah, aside from Great Khali, this is really the first time since the Hulkamania era that they've brought in someone and shot them to the top like this out of the gate.  I'm still amazed that Rock, for example, was so charismatic that he was able to thrive under a 50/50 booking scene like he was.  And ​Owens is completely against everything they look for in a guy, which makes their sudden confidence in him all the stranger.  And the thing is, when you shoot a guy to the top like this, you can actually do the 50/50 part later and it's fine.  Jump him to the top for three months against, say, Roman Reigns, take 5 or 6 months away from the feud once he's a top guy, and then come back to it and have him lose the big rematch to then make Reigns into a big star on his level too.  The territories used to book like that all the time and it almost always worked.  The key is that you need more than a week between matches, which has become the central problem with their writing.  

A way to not break the streak and still put someone over


> Hey Scott,


> Firstly, I want to say that I'm firmly in the "the streak should never be broken" camp but I think there's a way for them to have their cake and eat it too. What if, say Daniel Bryan takes Undertaker to the limit and the match ends in a draw, double pin, time limit expiry or however you want to book it. But 'Taker and Bryan won't have it and the match gets restarted. And then after a couple more false finishes, 'Taker finally wins after a tombstone.


> This way, the streak can still continue and Bryan can claim to be the only man to finish a match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania not having lost.


> Thoughts?

No buys. Either break it or don't break it. If you want to do that game, just put Taker over where it matters (WM) and then he can job a million times clean as a sheet every other day of the year if you want. Taker knows how to make guys look good in losing and could sell Bryan as a threat and then win in the end.

Fanwank alert: I'd tie in the Authority stuff by having HHH tell Bryan to prove that he's an A+ guy once and for all and he has to win every match from now until WM or join the Wyatts again for good. And of course with four weeks to go in his winning streak, HHH reveals that his last challenge will be breaking the UT's streak. So that gives you a guy in a massive win streak challenging Undertaker with real stakes (since fans HATED the Wyatt turn so much) on the line. If Bryan wins, great. If he loses, Undertaker can vouch for Bryan and stand up to the Authority on Bryan's behalf and destroy HHH or something.

Or they could just do Brock v Undertaker yet again, whatever.

Because someone needs to send it…

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Ultimate Warrior returns as the WWE 2K14 pre-order bonus (Official)

I think we've realized by now (Bret, Bruno, etc….) that you can never say never, but any thoughts on seeing Hellwig do business with WWE again? Any place for him to pop up as a Legend, or do you think the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits?

He's not technically doing business with WWE, just the video game company.  He would likely ask for way too much money and control than a standard Legends deal would afford,and I don't see him being worth more than a few nostalgia appearances and the game deal.  
Funny commercial, though.

Introducing someone to pro wrestling

Hi Scott,
Long-time fan.
Question: suppose you meet someone who is vaguely familiar with pro wrestling, but has never really watched it and knows very little about it (I work with a lot of people from foreign countries, especially China).  I was wondering, if you could offer this person only one match to show them what our so-called sport is really all about, what wrestling is when it's at it's best, what would it be?
Then I got to thinking: there are so many different choices for this because there are so many different types of wrestling styles in the world.  If this hypothetical person was patient, could you think of example matches in each of these sub-sections (feel free to add or ignore groups as desired)?
* the best lucha match
* the best puro match (e.g., Misawa vs. Kobashi)
* the best "WWE Main Event Style" (e.g., Rock vs. Austin)
* the best wild brawl (e.g., something from ECW, Benoit vs. Sullivan)
* the best ladder match / TLC / MitB (e.g., Michaels vs. Razor)
* the best cage match / HiaC (e.g., Michaels vs. Taker in the very first HiaC, the Mankind vs. Taker one)
* the best tag team match (e.g., R 'n' R Express vs. Midnight Express)
* the best good vs. evil match (e.g., Hogan vs. Andre)
* the best comedy match
* the best WCW cruiserweight (e.g., Pillman vs. Liger, Mysterio vs. Eddie)
* the best from Ric Flair's prime (vs. Steamboat; vs. Sting)
* the best from other big names like Savage, Jericho, Benoit, Angle, Guerrero…

I'm going to artfully dodge the question by noting that showing someone matches rarely works.  That's generally how you hook someone on legit combat sports like UFC, but wrestling is a different animal.  I would opt instead for showing them a really awesome ANGLE, because that's what hooks new viewers.  Like the early nWo stuff, or Batista turning on Rey, or something very soap operatic like that.  The matches are generally a means to an end for newer fans, I find.  But if readers want to come up with a list, have at it!  

Someone from NBC thought it was a good idea to interview the Iron Sheik about the olympics… This will be fun for everyone. You can play mad libs with all the deleted expletives.

I’m shocked he didn’t mention his fake experiences in the Olympics in 68 or 72 or whatever year he’s remembering this week.  Or maybe he did and we couldn’t tell, who knows.