Interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister

Here's a pretty insightful interview about the Benoit murders straight from Nancy Benoit's sister. This quote especially stood out to me

"The medical examiner told us after the autopsy that Chris was on his way to death within 10 months. His heart was huge, about 3 times normal size, and it was ready to blow up at any moment."

That's just frigthening. Here's the full interview below.

Yeah, the "roid rage" angle always gets overplayed with the Benoit deal.  He had drug problems WAY worse than steroids.  Plus a neck that was falling apart and a brain that was turning to mush.  Much like Eddie Guerrero, even if he hadn't died on that particular occasion, the clock was pretty much at midnight for him.  
This is a really great interview, by the way.  She's very well-spoken and actually comes across as knowing about the wrestling business.