Rats leaving the sinking ship

James Storm
Austin Aries
Sam Shaw
Gunner (…)
Probably forgot someone (there's also rumours about Angle and Lashley…) I've never experienced so many wrestlers leaving a company in such a short period of time (AWA in 1990?) Does this bode well for TNA?

​I'm pretty sure everything is fine.  This sort of thing happens all the time with well-organized and financially solvent companies.  ​

Douglas vs. the Kliq in Titan Sinking

Got busy at work, but I'm just about done with Titan Sinking–awesome read indeed. In the second half of the book, Dixon thoroughly covers the Douglas/Kliq beef.  In short, he surmises Douglas didn't do much to deserve it outside of a lousy gimmick, bad first match with Waltman and finally, not working through a back injury.

Does that fit with everything else you've heard or has been rumored?  It seems to me like the Kliq had SERIOUS venom for Douglas that can't be explained by just protecting their spots and seeing he was an easy target due to his misfortunes.  Then again, they were (are) pricks so maybe that's all it took.

​I would surmise that perhaps Shane Douglas was one of Dixon's sources and thus we're getting a bit of a biased viewpoint on it.  Certainly the Observers at the time made it sound like Douglas had some of the abuse coming due to his attitude, but he and Candido REALLY got shit on by the Kliq.  Often literally.  I think there was a lot of resentment towards Douglas for the whole "ECW legend" thing that he projected around himself, where they wanted to prove that he was still small-time or something.  ​